Some speed farming guides out there showcase fast Nephalem Rift clears, but use extremely unconventional gear to get there, often times requiring unusual rings/amulets or legendary gems to get the desired result. Here's a look at how simple it can be to take a standard Barbarian build and become an incredibly fast flurry of blades, clearing Rifts in a flash without needing to spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to first farm for new gear.


The build explained, and in action!



For those less familiar with the "standard" Barb build, here's a breakdown:

The standard gear

We'll be using the 6-piece set bonus of Wrath of the Wastes, making Whirlwind extremely strong while providing a valuable 40% damage reduction.


On top of that will be the 4-piece Immortal King's set bonus, keeping Call of the Ancients out permanently, and allowing us to constantly be under the effects of Wrath of the Berserker with proper Fury management.


To make the set pieces work, we need a Ring of Royal Grandeur. The second ring will be a Unity, with another Unity on your follower with the relic that makes them immortal. This will provide another 50% damage reduction, and we'll finish off the jewelry with any amulet that has either Strength or Physical Skill damage, along with Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. The final piece are the bracers, with Reaper's Wraps being an ideal choice to keep our Fury up. Again, we want Physical skill damage, Strength, Vitality/Armor/All Resist, and Critical Hit Chance.

Gems are going to be Taeguk to help with both damage and toughness, Bane of the Trapped for a bit of crowd control and extra damage to everything, and Esoteric Alteration for a huge boost in survivability.


The standard build

We'll be going with a Physical damage type build, as the best rune choices tend to line up that way. Whirlwind - Blood Funnel helps greatly with sustain, while Call of the Ancients - Ancients' Fury helps greatly with Fury generation. Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity is a no-brainer, as 50% extra damage that we can keep going at all times thanks to the IK set is too good to pass up. Rend - Bloodbath gives us quite a bit of damage over time and serves as a way to expend Fury to reduct the cooldown of WotB, while Battle Rage - Bloodshed gives several very helpful combat stats. War Cry - Impunity is another skill automatically included, useful for it's toughness boost and Fury generation.

The passive skills include 3 offensive choices, as well as Superstition for more damage reduction. These all work extremely well with the playstyle we're going for.


There you have it! The "standard" Barbarian build is pretty well-documented, but speed farming builds have been all over the place. If you want to go hunting for a bunch of unusual gear for the sake of the fastest possible speed farming build, that's certainly an option. However, all the time spent looking for that gear seems to defeat the purpose in my view, as that's time you could have been spending actually farming. Good luck out there, and may Kadala bestow good fortune upon you.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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