Now that you're ready to move on to the next tier of gathering, you will be
spending most of your time in Eltnen.  Unfortunately, as you will likely
find, the rifts don't always allow for unhindered gathering and you will become
the victim of the occasional band of Asmodians who have come through looking for
easy targets.  The best way to avoid unwanted PvP action while you're
trying to level your vitality extraction skill is by taking the time to travel
to Theobomos for vitality leveling.  There are less gathering node types to
choose from, but you won't have to watch your back every second either.

A couple of nodes to pay particular attention to are the Umblia and Omblic
nodes.  Umblia, an alchemy material, sells steadily on the broker and
Omblic drops the rare Omblic Petal that dyes armor the popular red color. 
If you are hurting for kinah, it's a good idea to gather from these nodes
whenever possible for resale.

You can find vitality and aether extracting for

skill levels 1-99 here
or check out our full list of gathering guides for
Elyos and Asmodian here


Material Collecting

Skill Level

Collection Node
100 Titanium Found nearly everywhere in Eltnen and Theobomos in the 20-30 level
range areas.
105 Lumesia Near Eltnen Fortress, Manduri Forest, Putrid Mire, and in the
Theobomos Ruins
110 Wiki Through out Manduri Forest
120 Rubashi Manduri Forest
130 Lapia In the water around Eltnen Fortress and in the Putrid Mire
140 Koa Log Found nearly everywhere in Eltnen and Theobomos in the 20-30 level
range areas.
145 Topaz Putrid Mire, Manduri Forest, Eiron Desert, Theobomos Ruins,
Theobomos Scorchlands
150 Fess Eiron desert, Ruberein wastes, Outpost Ruins, Drake Habitat, Mystic
Spring of Anathe, Eastern Eracus, Western Eracus, and the Theobomos
155 Aquamarine Outpost Ruins, Drake Habitat, Theobomos Revenge Valley, Theobomos
160 Gold Outpost Ruins, Eastern Eracus, and Theobomos Ruins
160 Omblic Mystic Spring of Anathe
170 Umblia Eiron desert, Ruberein wastes, Mystic Spring of Anathe, Eastern
Eracus, and Western Eracus
180 Ruta Mystic Spring of Anathe, Eastern Eracus, and Western Eracus
185 Zircon Kuriullu Mountain, Eastern Eracus, and Theobomos Ruins
190 Bacora In the waters at Mystic Spring of Anathe

Aether Extracting

There are quite a few varied level vortexes above Eltnen Fortress.  They
might be hard to find though because they are popular and frequently in use. 
At levels 100-150, I'd stick with the vortexes that are surrounding the
transportation platform.  The rings and floating island make great landing
spots to go back and forth.  You can also land on the cliffs above the
fortress and manage to stay pretty close to a few vortex nodes.  There is a
vine that sticks out of the southeast side of the cliffs above the fortress that
is a usable distance from a couple of 175 nodes.

Gathering from these nodes works a lot better during off hours, either later
at night or during the day so if you have free time during these hours, use them
to gather aether!

100 Big Vortex Near the transportation platform at Eltnen Fortress
125 Big Vortex Good nodes around the island and on the west side of the
150 Big Vortex A couple of spots on the south side and west side along
the cliffs
175 Big Vortex A couple on the southeast side of the cliffs

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016