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Patriotic Measures:
Mission 1 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Fly close to any structure you find so your instruments can
scan it.

REWARD: 27000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 29000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp in and you'll immediate see a few groups of pirates
scattered around a large structure. Approach in close to the structure and this
is all you really need to do. Once you've gotten close to it, you get your
update and can warp out. If you have a nicely equipped frigate or better ship,
you can kill off all the pirates for fun and loot.

Patriotic Measures: Mission 2 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Safely transport the data chip.

REWARD: 8400 credits

BONUS REWARD: 9100 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Pick up the data chip from your items window and place
it into your ship's cargohold. Set your destination via your journal entry of
this mission and travel to your mission location to drop off the data chip.

Patriotic Measures: Mission 3 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the research outpost.

REWARD: 17000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 18000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp to deadspace location and pick the closest group of
pirates to pick off first. If you're careful, you can get the first group before the furthest group is even aware you are there.
Once all the pirates have been destroyed, make your way to the structure, set
your orbit distance and start shooting! It isn't too tough of a outpost to take
out, most of the work was snagging the pirates.

Patriotic Measures: Mission 4 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the ships; bring scientist back to agent's station.

REWARD: 23000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 21000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Here you will need to collect a scientist from a
transport ship. The big ship is no threat so concentrate on destroying it's escorts first. Once you've taken out the small ships, destroy
the big one and loot the scientist from the cargo of the bigger ship and return
him to the station.

Patriotic Measures: Mission 5 of 5

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the prototype macroshield generator, plus any enemy

REWARD: 78000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 70000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp into the first area and you'll find a few pesky
pirate that need taking out. These guys are simple and easily destroyed. Use the acceleration gate to move on to the next area
where you'll see a bunch more pirates and 3 battery control towers. Take care of
the enemies first then destroy the battery control towers. Remember to loot the
cargo containers they leave behind for all sorts of goodies! Now you can destroy
the macroshield generator.  It's a little hard to hit at first, but they
will be exploding to bits quick enough. Loot those as well because there is
quite a bit of items left over from the wreckage.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016