CCP has a history of giving free gear to players on the anniversary of EVE Online’s creation, and this year is no exception. Usually, the gift is a frigate of questionable utility or with a unique capability to explore a newly added portion of the game (like the Zephyr or the Echelon).

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style="font-style: italic;">Quafe is a Gallente soft drink company that wields incredible political power within the Gallente Federation. It's more likely than you think.

This year, however, CCP is giving EVE players a six-pack of Quafe Zero, a legal booster with a very unique bonus. When consumed, the Quafe Zero gives a +5% bonus to speed and sensor strength. This bonus is incredible; it is difficult to find extra bonuses to either of those attributes and every extra bit counts when it comes to speed. It also has a multitude of applications, including fast tackling, probing, and high-end PvP using ships like the Vagabond or Zealot. Speed is especially handy for PvP these days.

The most extraordinary part of this gift is that, despite being a consumable for which there will surely be demand, it is unlikely that more Quafe Zero will ever be introduced to the game. That makes this an interesting economic experiment as well as a neat anniversary gift: people are going to want this just as much down the line as right now, but there will be a constantly diminishing supply. Needless to say, long-term investors are already offering kind of absurd prices for them via the contracts market.

If you are a newbie in need of some startup cash, consider selling now. You can get at least 30 million ISK for all six, as of this morning. But if you’re not desperate for ISK, wait a while. The value for Quafe Zero is likely to go up over time as these begin to see use and the supply wanes, though the prices are already kind of absurd given the high initial supply. You’d be wise to expect prices to crash to well below 6 million ISK apiece during the next year. But fear not: the prices for these collector’s items will rise again and stay above their current price levels for the long term.

Happy anniversary, EVE Online readers! Read more about this year’s gift from CCP here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016