The Oracle is one of the four new battlecruisers introduced in the Crucible expansion for EVE Online. It is made by the Amarr race, and specializes in using lasers to do unusually large amounts of damage for an EVE ship of its size. Read more about flying the Oracle in this guide.

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Why Fly The Oracle

As one of the four Crucible battlecruisers, the Oracle has a lot going for it: it is as easy to train for as any battlecruiser, can fit battleship-sized weaponry, and can be customized for many different configurations. Overall, it is a very neat package that can beat EVE missions, participate in EVE PvP, or even suicide gank.

This EVE guide, however, focuses on using the Oracle as a newbie-friendly way to do a lot of damage, over time, without running out of capacitor. This is a very useful way to utilize the Oracle, because many corporations need players that can damage big structures over the course of several hours. Doing so is needed for destroying starbases, player-controlled customs offices, and sovereignty infrastructure. It is also relatively cost effective, since tech I laser ammunition is not expended with use.

The Economics Of Flying The Oracle

The fitting below is probably going to get me a lot of hate mail. It is designed for players with very, very low skills to deal damage with battleship weaponry, without putting very much EVE ISK on the line. The idea here is to do as much damage with an Amarr ship as possible, while spending the least amount of ISK. Fleets of such newbies can make a big difference without making a huge dent in a corporate wallet.

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Newbies equipped with this fitting will do 241 damage per second, before skills are even factored in.With one exception, none of the modules below require training a skill to level 5 (the large-sized lasers require Gunnery 5). The result is that a well-organized corporation can field a fleet of disposable battlecruisers that can take out a low-sec customs office in a matter of hours, without needing to spend months training for tech II guns, and also without the bankroll of a much larger organization.

EVE Ship High Slots - Lasers Lasers Lasers!

  • x8 Mega Pulse Laser I (Multifrequency L ammo)

The point of Oracle is to cram as many oversized lasers as possible onto one ship. It accomplishes this, handily. Mega pulse lasers are the largest variety of pulse lasers, meaning that they are of limited range but inflict more damage with less fitting problems. In this case, they are tech I to meet the goal of having a newbie-friendly weapons platform, and use Multifrequency L crystals as ammunition in order to do the most damage possible.

Though this EVE ship fitting is not intended for pitched battles, it may behoove their owner to bring along some Microwave L ammo, just in case you end up needing to shoot at something farther than 20km away.

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EVE Ship Middle Slots - Power And Speed

  • x1 10mn Afterburner I (see below)
  • x2 Cap Recharger II

Flying a ship in EVE without a propulsion module is just asking for it. Really, flying without a microwarpdrive is asking for it, but that cripples your capacitor to the point where it's just not worth it. The old standby trick is to fit an MWD and offline it once you have arrived at your destination, but this leaves you a sitting duck if things should start tot get hinky. No, I think that for newbies the afterburner is a better idea.

The cap rechargers are a convenient way to help keep your capacitor stable. Note that the skill requirements for tech II cap rechargers are very low, and that the modules themselves are very cheap. Above all, this fitting should be disposable.

Because you will mostly be shooting structures with this fitting, there is a reduced need for things like tracking computers and sensor boosters. If the spirit moves you, however, feel free to swap out for some of those and improve your combat readiness. Don't use tackling gear though, you really aren't tanked out for it, nor fast enough.

EVE Ship Low Slots - Power And Damage

  • x2 Capacitor Power Relay II
  • x2 Heat Sink II
  • x1 Damage Control II
  • x1 Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I

While one could theoretically use smaller guns and field a respectable tank, that is not the way of the disposable Oracle. None of the tech II modules above take long to train into or cost very much. They should be within easy training grasp for any newbie.

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This baby has two additional capacitor-related modules in the CPRs, which are really only necessary with very poor skills. As you train up your Engineering skills you will obviate the need for one or both of them. Alternatively, you could eschew the cap rechargers in your middle slots and make better use of those, or use a microwarpdrive, after all.

The heat sinks are essential to getting the most damage out of your EVE ship, increasing both your laser rate of fire and damage. The reason a third one is not fitted is that the rig equivalents are cheaper than the tech II module versions. More than three would not be worth doing, and so here we are.

The damage control and EANM are both to apply the barest semblance of a tank. They are sort of like putting on your seat belt as your airplane crashes, since you do not have any armor plates or other hardeners, but are better than nothing. If you are like me, however, and prefer to completely glass cannon your ship, you might see if you have the CPU to fit tracking enhancers in their place. They will not matter so much against structures, but in a fight you might prefer being better at hitting targets to an extra couple thousand effective hit points.

Rigs: Lasers All Day

  • x1 Medium Energy Collision Accelerator I
  • x1 Medium Energy Burst Aerator I

The former rig increases your damage, while the latter increases the speed that your lasers fire. Since they are both so cheap and require very little in the way of skills, there is really no reason not to have them.

EVE Ship Strategies For The Oracle

Your job is to fly to wherever the big thing is and shoot it. That big thing may be a customs office, a starbase, or a station. It could be an infrastructure hub or a tackled Avatar titan. The point is that you get there, and you shoot whatever it is way better than a two-week-old newbie has any right to expect. Hell. Yeah.

Alternative Fittings

There are several other ways to fit out and fly this ship, which we may explore in the future. This is simply the cheapest way for a newbie to fly a ship without much in the way of skills. As your skills fill out and your bank account swells, you can stop making concessions to your newbieness, and start fitting the ship to its full potential.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016