Welcome to our spoiler free guide to Firewatch. This spoiler free guide only offers you with vague tips and hints for each day on how to solve various tasks. This isn’t a complete guide, but simply advice on each day to help you at the tricky spots, without solving the game for you or taking the fun away. If you’re stuck at a certain point / day in the game, then this guide is for you.

The guide doesn’t have pictures, so you’ll need to find everything in the game still, nor a map which would spoil 99.9% of the game. You can extend your own map (which is already pretty complete starting day one) by finding the various caches. We only spoil one thing in this guide: where there is a jumpscare at.


All choices here will impact your conversations with Delilah. This is more about thinking about how you want to craft your Henry for your playthrough and what his background story is.

Day 1

Learn how to use the compass / map, everything but two different objects are labeled on the map and there are a limited number of viable paths to get to each location.

All caches have the same keycode, except for one.

Head west and focus on the lake.

To return back from the lake, you’ll want to take a path east a little bit north of the way you came, through a canyon of sorts.

Remember where the cave is.

Day 2

You’ll be going north, past the cave you found before.

You’ll need the hanging backpack when you return southward. The rope is necessary.

Return back to the lake, then proceed south.

Day 3

Get all of the boards at once, it makes it a lot faster and you can carry all 3 that you need.

Look for them on the ground level. They’re all close to one another.

Day 33

You’ll be going all the way north. Follow the same path from day 2.

Day 76

You’ll need to find an object on the ground, its making noise. Be aware that there is a mild jumpscare when you pick the item up.

You’ll want to go all the way south after you’ve gone north to the meadows.

You’ll need an axe to end this day.

The axe is in the southern campsite, just keep looking for it, its there.

Day 77

The first part just requires you to be in the meadows. Once there, explore everything before you leave.

You’ll need to move some things around to find what you’re looking for.

The second part, the item you want is at the medicine wheel. The indicators glow green when you’re pointing in the right direction.

Day 78

Explore the cave (go left at the first drop).

At the end, explore all the items (be sure to move some around) before you leave.

Once there get the pitons and then look for a crack in the rock.

You can’t return to the cave the way you came, you’ll need to continue back around.

You’ll return to the cave. You can now climb down, again using cracks in the rock.

Day 79

Head west out of your camp to the first path you took ever to get to the lake. Once you pass the long drop, your objective should be a smidge north of there.

The ending occurs once you get on the tram north.

That should be everything to completing the game! Good luck.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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