Everything is interconnected in EVE Online. If a player blows up a miner, that miner will not be able to produce as much ore, and the market will have slightly less minerals on it. If thousands of players blow up miners, as during Hulkageddon, then the ripple effect is rather more significant. Add to this the thousands of other miners refraining from practicing their craft for the duration of the event, and you have some major market ramifications.

This is a list of five commodities that are likely to increase in price before, during, and after Hulkageddon. Keep an eye on them, and buy in if you think there is profit to be made.

5. Low-End Minerals

Though it is probably a bit late to get in on the hoarding, even a week before Hulkageddon goes live, it is quite likely that the low-end minerals will increase in price during the event. This is especially true of pyerite and tritanium, whose main source is the high-sec mining that will be disrupted during Hulkageddon.

Counterbalance this with the knowledge that many miners store up minerals all year in anticipation of Hulkageddon price increases, and many traders buy up supplies during the month prior to the event. These will be dumped on the market when the prices increase even a bit, because low-end minerals can be profitable to resell in bulk even with very minor price increases. So there will be significant competition with regards to cashing in on this. Will supply exceed demand, or vice versa? Only time will tell.

4. Hulks

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style="font-style: italic;">Hulkageddon is as lucrative as it is fun.

The actual hulk ships have already raised at least 40mil ISK over their selling price, a month ago. Will they go even higher during the event? It seems likely. It may be better to make these, than to try hoarding them, though, as buying in at such inflated rate seems too risky. Better by far to check out our Ton Ton Hammer guides to inventing hulks and manufacturing them. There is still time to make a few of them, especially if you do not make all of the tech two components, and rely on the market for some of them.

3. Destroyers

As the most cost-friendly suicide ganking boat, destroyers will certainly see high sales during Hulkageddon. The most likely candidates for price hikes are Cormorants and Thrashers, though Coercers will likely also see brisk trade.

The neat thing about destroyer hulls is that the market is likely to be somewhat localized. If, for example, you know of a solar system that is constantly filled with miners. Perhaps the system contains an ice belt. In any case, listing destroyers and the associated modules for sale in that system will quite likely sell, even if the prices are higher than those found in Jita. Even if a ganker comes through that system with a suicide vessel, he will likely desire a repeat performance necessitating the acquisition of additional hulls. Who wants to go all the way to Jita and back to kill miners that are right here, right now? Is not a small price hike worth the time saved? So it seems likely that well-chosen local markets will do quite well.

2. Covetors

Covetors serve a triple role in this whole Hulkageddon mess. First of all, they are an entry level mining ship for people cannot fly a better ship, yet. This is important because the kind of player flying one is also the kind of player that is likely to have never heard of Hulkageddon. They are a frequent sight in asteroid belts, and are a most popular target for suicide ganking.

Secondly, covetors hulls are an ingredient for building hulks. When the demand for hulks increases, it seems likely that the demand for covetors will, as well.

Third and finally, there will probably be a portion of the mining player base that normally would use a hulk, but that will trade down for a covetor during hulkageddon in order to limit their financial exposure without completely interrupting their operations.

1. Covetor Blueprint Copies

The thing about tech one ships is that they are easy to make en masse, in a hurry. Just throw some minerals together and use your blueprint, and you can meet most small-level demands within a few hours. Blueprint copies, however, are much harder for most players to produce, in a hurry. Copying slot back logs can take weeks, and most players will not have access to a POS for unrestricted slots. To say nothing of owning the 2bil ISK covetor blueprint original.

These blueprints are needed not only to meet the demand for the hulls themselves, but are also a critical ingredient in inventing hulk blueprints. Players are also much less likely to stockpile them during the run-up to Hulkageddon. Helpfully enough, if you have covetor blueprints and the right skills, you can also invent hulk blueprints. If your covetor blueprints are made in-house or purchased wisely, you can produce your hulk blueprints at well below others that are forced to buy their ingredients at inflated costs.

All in all, the blueprint crunch was probably the most inflated portion of the hulk production chain, aside from hulks themselves. As such, it may be one of the most likely prospects during the next few weeks. Time will tell.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016