Have you
just been selling those mob drops to any ole merchant?  Stop right there then! 
There is kinah to be had and some of what you have floating around in your
inventory can be sold to other players to net you some much needed coin.  If you
haven't used the player store or broker yet for selling though, it can be a
complicated process and it isn't always clear which feature you should be
using.  We are going to take a look at player stores, the broker, how each
works, and what advantages each method has so that you know how to sell your
items to get more kinah quicker.

Broker Me
This Batman

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Just drag and drop from your inventory right into the
broker window.

players are familiar with the brokering process from other games, and this
process is very standard.  Brokers are located in the major cities giving you
accessibility when you’re out adventuring.  The broker has three tabs labeled
"Buy", "Sell", and "Sold".  To sell an item, it's always a good idea to browse
the market for the items you are selling so that you have an idea as to what
they are going for.  Once you have a price in mind, click on the "Sell" tab,
drag and drop the item you wish to sell into the window and another window will
pop up asking you how much you'd like to sell the item for.  There will be a
suggested price, but these really don't reflect the current market so it is
unwise to use this number without doing a little bit of research.  You will
notice that there is a cost to using the broker selling service which will also
be displayed at this time.  Put in your price and accept the broker fee and your
item will be immediately removed from your inventory and listed.

Now that
your item is up, it will stay on the broker until it sells or for 8 days.  If it
doesn't sell, the item will be returned to you.  If it does sell then you will
get an on screen message that tells you that you have a sale to settle at the
broker.  You'll see this message as the item sells if you are logged in, or you
will see it as soon as you log in if it sold while you were offline.

retrieve your kinah, visit the broker and click on the "Sold" tab.  It will list
what items have sold and for how much.  The kinah is not given to you
automatically and you must click on each item that was sold and then click on a
small button at the bottom of the window that says "Sold Item" to get your coin.

expense and process of using a broker is this method's downfall.  It costs both
time and money making it sometimes inconvenient when you have a bagful of stuff
and no plans to travel back into town anytime soon.  The upside is that you can
put your items on the broker and forget about them until they sell (or don't). 
Nearly everyone checks the broker so you are reaching a wide audience and if you
have needed and reasonably priced items, they will likely sell.

the Corner in a Whole New Way

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Click the button at the bottom to get your kinah!

stores have gotten a bad rap since the launch of the game.  They were
unfortunately abused recently to prevent players from logging out of game
prompting the developers to put a 30 minute time limit on their use when a
player is AFK.  They also tend to become this sea of never ending characters
that clog up busy areas making it difficult to even see what is up for sale. 
Player stores do have some benefits though; most notably the lack of cost
involved and the convenience of being able to set up shop anywhere and at any

To open a
player store, either hit your "Y" key or click on the menu icon and select
"Player Store".  This opens the store window where you can drag and drop items
into your store and add the sale price.  There is a dialog box that allows you
to put a message up for potential buyers to see when you activate your store. 
This message should give an idea as to what you are selling or a reason why
other players will want to take a look at your goods, but you can pretty much
put whatever strikes your fancy.

your own player store is free and always accessible, this makes it appealing for
the average seller.  However, it is very limited on how long you can utilize
this feature and the only people you can sell to are those that can see you. 
This ends up working well for things that people need when they are out and
about; consumables, such as potions, are great to see at a good price no matter
where you are but truly, well priced items are always welcome.  Chances are you
won't get as much kinah for items sold in this manner, but the ability to
quickly unload a few things from your inventory when you're taking a real life
dinner break is priceless.

Which Do
You Use?

Both!  If
you don't have a preference, then you can easily use both in certain
situations.  If you're not close to town but have some nice items in your bag,
stop in at the nearest outpost, toss up your store, and go for a bio break. 
Save your biggest and best items, such as green or blue armor and weapons, for
the broker as these tend to fetch quite a bit on the market but feel free to
unload your smaller items wherever you happen to be and you will be rewarded
with lighter bags and a heavier purse.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016