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by: Taea

Tabula Rasa finds the Humans of Earth homeless, and seeking new worlds to inhabit. The Humans’ first stop on the Planet of Foreas, introduces them to the alien race: Foreans. As they fight together, the Humans and Foreans begin to develop a level of trust, and find ways in which the two species are similar. Now it is becoming possible to combine the strengths of each other into a new Hybrid race.

The ability to create a Forean/Human hybrid must be unlocked through a mission series that begins in Concordia Divide, in the Forean village of Thoria Das. Once the mission series has been completed, Forean Hybrid race choice will be available to the account’s future clones and newly created characters on that server.

A Fading Signal: The mission begins with Elder Q’uoa in Thoria Das at 210,167,944. A scouting party that was looking for Bane infiltrators has gone missing. You need to run back through the last known locations the teams were going to check, and see if you can find any clues. 2100 credits and choice of level 15 net gun, level 16 rifle or level 18 polarity gun. The three locations, that will be marked on your map are:

  • 139,139,721
  • 358,87,653 by the Summon Logos
  • 382,113,506

A Dying Forean

Note: When traveling from the second to the third stop, try going up and over the top of the mountains, rather than running through the mobs of Xanx.

At this last stop you will find a Dying Forean. He tells you they have failed, and the traitor made off with the artifacts. You need to return to Q’uoa with the news. A traitor you say? Didn’t Q’uoa say it was Bane they were looking for? Back in Thoria Das, Elder Q admits to the slight lie he told you, but hopes 2100 credits and a new weapon will restore your trust. Now, are you ready to do them a favor?

Stolen History:The traitor has taken some very important Forean artifacts. The Eloh brought the Foreans from their high tech, but highly polluted world. They had to leave their advanced technology on the planet, and they don’t want the Bane to find it. You need to find the 3 missing items to prevent the Bane from invading the Forean home world.

With all 3 items, return to Elder Q’uoa in Thoria Das. He admits that it was foolish to retain these records of their lost world, even though it is hard to leave behind everything you have ever known. He feels it is time to destroy the information, and thanks you for your efforts with 2100 credits and new boots. Now, about that Forean traitor.

Traitor on the Run: Voska the traitor has to be stopped from joining the ranks of the Bane. Scout Horlo is waiting for you inside Minos Caverns (yes, you’re going back again!) with some information to help you locate the Forean Traitor. Before you leave, make sure you pick up a personal waypoint generator from a medical vendor, as you may need it for this mission. Head back to Minos Caverns in the southeastern part of Divide. Inside the zone, head south down the first hallway, and make a right. Scout Horlo waits at -47,29,19 to give you information on how to reach Voska. Return to the beginning of the zone and create a waypoint (or use the game-provided waypoint if it is still there) to a new hidden area of Minos, called Rendezvous Point.

Oops, Did I Disrupt Your Meeting?

Warrior Voska is found inside the Eastern Perimeter Substation, along with a Bane Technician. Note that behind the Thrax is a Bane transporter. Voska complains to you about living in a hut in the jungle and chasing boargars. He misses being technological gods and being the masters of their domain on the homeworld. It’s simply not fair. At this point in the conversation, you meet an ethical parable. You can either attack and kill Voska for being the traitor, or you can reason with him to stay with his people, and eliminate the Bane scum. We chose to convince Voska he is wrong, at which point the Thrax Technician, Taskmaster Wrax, will run to the transporter. Hit him fast before you lose him, and take him out for your mission update.

Take the portable waypoint back to the entrance of Minos Caverns, and exit to Divide. Return to Elder Q’uoa in Thoria Das. He tells you that of all the info they possess, the Forean genetic code was not stolen. The Elder has come to trust you and your people, and he now entrusts the genetic code to you, to create your own Forean/Human hybrids. You have now earned a clone credit, and the ability to create Forean hybrid characters on your account. Congratulations!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016