by: Tony "RadarX" Jones


At the entrance to the eastern and western trenches, far south of what any AFS soldier would call civilized, sits a small fortification attempting a meager defense of the passes between the Bane Forward Command and Foreas Base. This is not currently a control point, so while you can find relative safety within the confines of the Fort, make no assumption that Bane forces won't attempt attack anyone wandering outside

Just outside the outpost a consistent battle with Thrax is clearly visible providing immediate combat opportunities to anyone looking for a fight. To the west you'll find the volatile Hydro Plant, to the northeast the Crossroads, and the north of course the towering Foreas Base. While you'll certainly have your basic needs here such as a hospital, vendor, and teleporter there are also a number of missions to complete.

  • The Tallest - This mission begins with Dr. Kibner just outside the medical facility. For some reason, the good doctor wants a few Stalker scraps. Stalkers aren't too common in the area and only one has been spotted to the northwest just before you get to Delta Outpost. Once you've collected enough scraps return to Kibner for some credits and experience.
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    When in doubt, protect the glowy thing

  • Nest to Nothing - This mission begins with Sergeant Hicks around 68.2, 84.7, -59.1 right next to the teleporter in the outpost. He wants you to destory a series of Warnet nests. Personally the easiest way I found to do this was teleport over to Crossroads area. They sit in various locations mainly to the east although a few may be visible from the teleporter. Return to Hicks for your reward when you are done.

  • Retrieving the Logos Information - This mission begins with Specialist Clifford in Nidu Dav at -572.2, 162.1, 447.9. Clifford is "busy with the Treehuggers" so he asks you to investigate some Eloh Ruins and report to base. Head to the southwest where you'll run into some light resistance and retrieve the Friend Logos in a shrine near -762.1, 365.2. Now it's time to continue your journey to the hard to miss Foreas Base and find Specialist Kerr in the medical building around 8.8, 116.1, 536.6. You'll receive your choice of Olympia Motor Assist Armor Gloves or a Vextronics EMP rifle.


  • Through the Trenches - This mission begins with Lieutenant McDowell in the Delta Outpost at 476.1, 81.3, -338.3 It's relevant to Foxtrot Outpost because it is one of the potential spots to turn this mission in. Private Qiong Bi needs to be located and escorted back and you can find them at one of the following locations ony your map: (250.6, -302.3), (211.0, -282.5 ), (-9.7, -206.2), (-71.9, -129.8), or (-91.7, -53.4). The spawn is completely random and could put you in the middle of a battle so be prepared to move quickly. You can escort Bi back to Lieutenant McDowell at Delta Outpost, Sergeant Zulke in the Hydro Plant (-289.7, 31.5), or Sergeant Spencer (80.8, -56.2) in the Foxtrot Outpost for your reward.
  • Scientific Escort - While the mission doesn't begin in the Foxtrot Outpost, this will very likely be your first visit here. This mission begins with Field Officer Hogan in the Medical facility in the Foreas Base just outside the Hospital around -0.7, 116.9, 535.4. Hogan wants you to escort a team all the way to the Foxtrot Outpost to the south. Head out one of the gates and make your way through the battle to Sergeant Hawthorne at 106.1, 84.6, -77.2. Your reward will be a choice of Phoenix Motor Assist Armor Boots or Phoenix Motor Assist Armor Gloves.


  • Receptive Liaison Brice/Noonan - Most of the Logos in the Divide are marked on the map by these two Liaisons located in the Northwest Highlands tower and Foreas Base Command Center. You'll receive individual missions for most of the below, but this area is an odd location where only one Logos is really close by.
Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Negative Between Foreas and Foxtrot 184.9, 119.9, 134.4

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016