If you've been kicked out of LOTS of guilds, you might be beyond helping.

Have you ever been in a guild and been kicked out? Have you
ever dealt with people in a guild that just made you want to tear
your hair out? Have your guild experiences been farther from perfect
than you would have liked? Well now's your chance to see if you
were doing something wrong! Regardless of your reasons, you're
still not going to want to miss our Gods and Heroes Guide to Guild Etiquette!

Since guilds fulfill gaming and social needs for their
members, it makes sense for you to know what it is you need before
you start looking for a guild or decide to form your own. Remember
that if you can't get what you need from the guild you join, you
won't be happy or have much fun. Realistically, fun is what it's all

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016