A GM PM'd me while I was LFM about the thing I WTS because he thought our 1337 MT may have duped it.

Words, words, and more words. Gaming terms and terminologies can confuse newcomers and veterans of MMOs alike. Gamers have created a new language of sorts and it takes some learning to figure out what they are talking about sometimes. This week Martuk takes a look at these terms and offers an explanation into the meaning of them. If you are confused by words you hear in-game this should be of great use to you.

If you’re new to an MMO you just might be hunting with a group of allies one day when someone says something that completely loses you. Well fear not, for I am here to lend you aid in understanding these confusing words. There are many terms and terminologies we use in MMOs that may confuse a player. Players have technically invented a new language and it can be confusing to newcomers.

You can find the informative list at Ten Ton Hammer's LoTRO site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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