Beckett is a mid-range Hero that's capable of dealing high AOE damage. She's incredibly mobile thanks to her Jetpack and because of that, she's often difficult to pin down. Her Jetpack not only allows her to escape, but it also lets her access parts of the map some Heroes typically can't (such as secret passages to the enemy Guardian).

In spite of her vertical mobility, Beckett is also a highly versatile hero that offers a diverse playstyle. Having the opportunity to switch between her Machine Pistols and Cannon allows her to excel in close quarters, or from afar. She’s also incredibly strong in team-fights due to the damage of her Grenade and its radius.

With the right positioning and rotation between her weapons, Beckett can not only continually deal damage, but also acquire Focus. When she has, her Airstrike can comfortably wipe an enemy team that are too grouped together.

If Beckett has any weaknesses, it’s that she’s reliant on good positioning, is vulnerable to crowd control and miss-use of stamina can see her struggle to survive if her Jetpack is on cooldown.

Guide Updated: 30 June 2017



A highly versatile Hero capable of working in any composition 

She's vunerable without her Jetpack or Stamina

Her Jetpack is invaluable at escaping or reaching difficult locations 

Missing a Grenade is a big drop in her damage potential 

High AOE damage on her Grenade

Reloading or switching her weapons takes time 

Her Pistols are invaluable at killing creatures and securing Wounds

Needs good aim to make the most of her Cannon


This section of our guide contains a list of Beckett skills, what they do, which upgrades you should choose (and when).


Machine Pistols/Cannon (LMB) - Like any Hero, Beckett's LMB allows her to fire your projectile, depending on which weapon you have equipped. Each weapon has different amounts of ammunition and when it runs out you can either wait for the reload (which is automatic), or switch weapons. It should be noted that Machine Pistols have fairly poor accuracy so should only be used from close range, and if you are in that range, they deal much higher damage than her cannon. The cannon in contrast is very accurate and has a reasonably long range on it. Your cannon is there to burst opponents from afar. Key to playing Beckett well is regularly switching weapons depending on the circumstance.  


Grenade (RMB) - As you might expect, Grenade allows Beckett to throw a grenade in an arc ahead of her. The Grenade explodes after a couple of seconds, so it's important to time when you throw it, so the enemy is in its blast radius. Grenade deals high damage and when upgraded, is capable of leaving a poison field or breaking an enemies armor. If possible, try to always save your Grenade for group fights over an objective, where you expect the enemy team to group up. Using your Grenade 1 on 1 is fine, but it has much greater value when used against more players. 


Switch Weapons (Q) - Your Q is key to Becketts playstyle and allows her to switch between Machine Pistols or Cannon. There's no other purpose to it, and you're free to swap weapons any time you wish, though there is a small cooldown inbetween swaps. Just remember to change to the most appropriate weapon based on the encounter. If your current weapon is empty of ammunition, it's often a better idea to change weapons than wait for the reload. Ideally, try to use Cannon from afar and Machine Pistols up close. 


Jetpack (E) - As your primary form of mobility, Jetpack allows Beckett to fly for a small duration. Lasting around 4 seconds, you can boost upwards twice and because of that, reach almost every area in the game. Be aware that you can be pulled out of the sky and without your Jetpack, you're very vulnerable. It's also worth noting that your ability to boost upwards is staggered, and your vertical ascent isn't especially fast. When upgraded, Jetpack can provided Beckett with an amazing boost forwards, that offers her an incredible escape. 

Air Strike (F) - Airstrike is a huge AOE attack that launches a series of missiles into one location. The Air Strike does move slightly (usually towards a target), but for the most part stays in a fairly large radius. It's damage is enormous and can, at the very least, snag several kills if the enemy is low health. I'd also advise that because of the slight delay on the bombs landing, try to cast it a little early so that players you want to hit don't move out of position. 

Skill Upgrade Paths/Order


Level 1: Crack Troops (RMB Left)

Level 2: Flame Cannon (Q Right)

Level 3: After Burner (Q Left)

Level 4: Rocket Pack (E Right)

Level 5: Ignition Switch (E Left)

Level 6: Sharp Shooter (LMB Right)

Level 7: Painfully Accurate (LMB Left)

Level 8: Frag Grenade (RMB Left)

Level 9: Precision (Focus Left)

Level 10: Engarde (Focus Right)

Clash Talent (accessible at level 5): Outgunned


This section of our guide contains a list of tactics for fighting against other Hero's with Beckett. Please note that only the Heroes that are the highest risk and threat to Beckett are included in this list. 

Aisling is particularly challenging to face for Beckett because Cador harrasses you so easily. Her invisibility, mitigation and interruption can be a headache. Although you can escape her melee, she can quickly be back on you if she fires Cador in your direction. Try to keep away from her as much as possible and use a well placed Grenade to crack her armor early. 

Threat: 6/10


Charnok is always going to be a challenge for Beckett because his ranged poke is so much stronger, especially when he uses Hot Hail or causes burning from his LMB. If he has taken the Detonate upgrade that allows him to dive bomb you, there's very little you can do. Stay back, aim your shots well and be sure to land your Grenade. It's the best you can hope for.

Threat: 8/10


The Margrave is only a threat on the basis that if he gets you in a stun, you're pretty much doomed. His stun combined with his slow from Hellburst leaves you with no means of escaping or taking to the sky. Just stay back as much as possible and keep hitting him with your Cannon and Grenade when it's off cooldown. If you do manage to avoid his Leap, switch to pistols and try to kite him. 

Threat: 9/10


Encounters with Tripp are hit and miss. Sometimes she’ll destroy you near instantly, other times you can land a well placed Grenade and at the very least she will retreat. As long as you can avoid her kick and switch to your pistols, you should manage to play around her. If you're out in the open, all the better. You can then Jetpack to safety and shoot her from above.

Threat: 7/10


Similarly to Tripp, Tyto can kill you instantly if he lands his Swoop and Blade Dance. Before you've even got chance to Jetpack to safety, you'll be near death or bleeding out. Keep an eye out for him and place a Grenade early so he runs on it. When he does, Jetpack away and shoot him with your Cannon until he dies or retreats. If you have your Focus, lay it at your feet when he gets close and switch to your pistol. 

Threat: 7/10


Wu is challenging for Beckett. He’s fast, hits incredibly hard and has lots of mobility. Worst of all, he can pull you out of the sky with his Tongue Lash. If he's got his rotation down, and already has several key upgrades (notably his cooldown reset) you're pretty much doomed. Drop a Grenade, use your Sprint + E to zip away and keep kiting him. If you can force him to miss his Tongue Lash, he's in trouble. 

Threat: 8/10


A single Cripple from Xenobia's Words of Spite can ruin you. A 60% slow, combined with an armor break, can gaurentee your death. Try to dodge it or fly up to safety. If you can't, she'll place a Mark of Despair at your feet that then detonates to cause burning. It's then game over. Avoid her Words of Spite at all costs. 

Threat: 9/10


This section of our guide contains a list of tips and tricks we think will help your Beckett play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Always use your Cannon for ranged play and your Machine Pistols when fighting up close. They're both designed to do these specific things, so don't try to chase people down with your Pistol's when they're far away: switch weapons.

2. Your Machine Pistols deal more damage to targets if you can land their shots, so using them against Creatures or the enemy Wound is a perfect way of burning them down quickly.

3. Try never to miss your Grenade. Its cooldown is long and its cracked armor debuff invaluable (including its huge damage). Only use it when you know you can land it.

4. You can jump and then use your Jetpack for an extra boost in the air for hard to reach places. This is particularly useful on Sanctum Falls during Clash when you can reach up to the upper gantry (also known as River).

5. You cannot bypass the reload animation or Weapon Switch animation. Be sure to factor this in when fighting.

6. Beckett is strongest when she's on the edge of a fight, attacking from medium range against squishy targets. Staying on the edge of a fight also means you can quickly escape if needed.

7. Your Jetpack is amazing at allowing you to access "secret". This is typically the tunnel leading from your side of the map to the enemy Guardian. Make use of it during Wound.

8. Your Cannon has a relatively generous hit box. It's hard to miss targets with it at times, especially the likes of Charnok or The Margrave. Make use of this to land all your shots for maximum damage.

9. It's important to maintain your stamina as Beckett so that if your Jetpack is on cooldown, you can still sprint away. Keep an eye on it at all times.

10. To use Rocketpack (Sprint + E) you need some stamina. Be sure to save some so you can zip away if a fight turns south. 

11. You need to hold your Focus key down, target when you want Airstrike to appear and then release the key for it to work. This can take at least a second or two (for optimal placement) so factor this in when you rush into use it.

12. Try to use your Grenade, followed by your Airstrike against a Creature or enemy group. It'll deal absolutely enormous AOE damage.

13. Beam Heroes such as Xenobia are a real threat to Beckett because you cannot duke their shots on the ground or in the air. Take greater care against them. 

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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2017

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