Charnok is, unquestionably, one of Gigantic's strongest Hero's. His damage output, combined with his AOE potential and survivability make him a formidable opponent. In the right hands, Charnok can single-handedly carry a team, and is more than capable of killing anyone in a 1 on 1 situation. Although his primary attack requires that you have excellent aim, his other skills are relativly forgiving and provide conal or large AOE damage that are hard to miss with. Unsurprisingly, Charnok isn't a damage sponge and can be focused and killed quickly if out of position or caught without stamina and Detonate. Fortunately, if you have either of these things, escaping is fairly  easy. 

Charnok is best suited to a composition that allows him to remain shielded so that he can deal as much damage from afar as possible. The Margrave or Knossos compliment him particularly well as they can soak the frontline whilst he rains fire from the back.

Updated: 4 August 2017



Incredible damage output, especially when some skills are upgraded 

Relies heavily on positioning to maximise his damage potential 

Burning is an incredibly powerful DOT that can finish off players quickly

Often needs a frontline set of Hero's to ensure he can deal damage continually 

He has a brilliant kit that grants him damage, survivability and crowd control 

Is regularly the target for many teams due to the danger he poses

His Hot Hail is incredible during team fight, regardless of upgrade path you choose 

Requires a good level of aiming to land his primary ranged attack


This section of our guide contains a list of Xenobia skills, what they do, which upgrades you should choose (and when).


Fireball (LMB) - Fireball is Charnok's basic attack and when powered up, similarly to Voden's Arrowed, deals more damage. It's a projectile that fires straight and deals high damage to the target and those in a small splash around it. There should rarely be a time where you're not using this ability, but you should also ensure that you maximise its charge before releasing. Just be aware that when you do begin to charge it, you'll be in combat and won't regenerate stamina. It's also worth noting that it's acceptable to quickly fire off Fireball, without charging it, if you need immediate rapid damage. This is typically done if someone is moving erratically, or needs finishing off in a hurry. 


Dragon's Breath (RMB) - As a short range conal attack, Dragon's Breath allows Charnok to breath fire immediately in front of him. It's damage is high but it has an incredibly short range and needs to be channeled. Ideally Dragon's Breath should only be used when someone is in melee range of you, and although you can use it aggresivly (running into combat at point-blank-range) before Detonating out, you need to see this ability defensively as and when you need it. At higher levels and when upgraded, Dragon's Breath can knock enemies back and also cause burning for far greater damage and utility. 


Detonate (Q) - One of the best escape skills in the game, Detonate allows Charnok to propel himself instantly into the air. Depending on your movement will determine which direction Charnok will fly, meaning if you're running forward and hit Detonate, you'll leap forwards high into the air. It's invaluable for surviving against Hero's such as Lord Knossos or Tyto, but it also allows you to reach upper areas of maps that you'd normally have to take a long path to. If you can, try to always save Detonate for escaping rather than engaging. Unless you can secure a kill upon landing (if you're using it aggressively), you'll be incredibly vulnerable, especially if you don't have stamina. 

Hot Hail (E) - Undoubtedly an incredible ability, Hot Hail deals damage in a large area for 3 seconds. Its range is long, its damage high (even by default) and its cooldown relatively short. Whether you're purely zoning the enemy or using it aggressively to deal damage a secure a kill, using Hot Hail in confined spaces or on a Control Point can cause huge problems for the enemy team. It should also be noted that both upgrade paths for this skill are brilliant, it just depends entirely on your playstyle as to which you'd prefer (one offers utility, the other more damage). It's also important to note that Hot Hail causes brief burning, allowing Charnok - with the right upgrade paths - to deal significantly more damage with his Fireball. 


Flame On (F) - Without doubt one of the strongest Focus skills in the game, Flame On creates a series of burning areas infront of Charnok that travel incredibly fast. It does little else besides raw damage, but its damage is so high that it's more than capable of clearing an entire room leaving only dead bodies behind. Used in particularly tight spaces, enemy players will be unable to avoid it and will take huge damage in the process: anyone who's low health will almost certainly die. I

Skill Upgrade Paths and Order

Active Link

Level 1: Burn Notice (LMB Right)

Level 2: Stoke the Fire (LMB Right)

Level 3: Blazing Fast (Focus Right)

Level 4: Precision Flame (Focus Right)

Level 5: Hot Coals (E Left)

Level 6: Blast Off (Q Left)

Level 7: Burniation (E Left)

Level 8: Make It Rain (Q Right)

Level 9: Turning up the Heat (RMB Left)

Level 10: Scorching Flames (RMB Left)

Clash Talent (accessible at level 5):


This section of our guide contains a list of tactics for fighting against other Hero's with Charnok. Please note that only the Heroes that are the highest risk and threat to Charnok are included in this list. 

Aisling is a threat to Charnok because of her heal from Cador and her ability to slow and interrupt your attacks. Fortunately your ability allow you to quickly deal damage to both her and Cador, so I always tend to open with Dragon's Breath. Follow this up with a Hot Hail ontop of yourself (Aisling will come straight back at you) which slows and deals damage to her. Detonate away, turn and use Heat Wave again as many times as possible.

Threat: 8/10

Griselma is a very annoying foe for Charnok. Her self-healing, Portal Beasts acting as body blocks and a strong Focus skill make her a challenge to beat. I know when I play Griselma I play aggresivly and almost always beat Charnok 1 on 1. Try to keep your distance and burn down her hands first. Once these are dead, turn your attention to her. Try to keep burning on her at all times and use Hot Hail when she uses Displacement where you think she'll pop out.

Threat: 8/10

Knossos can be a challenge because of his basic attack damage and Gore. A good Knossos will force you to use Detonate early and unless you've landed on a ledge out of his reach, he'll then use Bull Rush and Immobilizing Taurus. The best thing to do is to get burning on him early as he approaches you and once he has, use Dragon's Breath to keep the pressure on. Apply a few more Heat Wave's and once he comes at you again, cast Hot Hail at your feet.

Threat: 7/10

The Margrave is a pain to fight as Charnok because he's relentless. His Hellburst shield provides amazing mitigation and his Charge Forth/Staggering Leap combination will see him arrive at your location in seconds. Only use Heat Wave against him until he's used Hellburst and once he has, keep attacking until he's near you. Once near, use Dragon's Breath to deal damage, followed by a Hot Hail at your feet. If he comes at you again use Detonate to gain distance.

Threat: 8/10

Tripp can annihilate Charnok if played well, but your ability apply burning does level the playing field a little. Once she uses her kick, you need to Detonate away immediatly. Try to hit her with Heat Wave at least once and use Dragon's Breath to keep damage on her. Placing Hot Hail at your feet will gaurentee she'll take huge damage if she's near you but a skilled Tripp can often dodge out of it in a heartbeat. 

Threat: 9/10

Tyto The Swift, similarly to Tripp, is difficult to deal with. His speed combined with his damage make landing Heat Wave very difficult. He'll almost always open with Fang > Swoop > Blade Dance so be sure to A) Dodge the Fang, B) Use Dragon's Breath when he uses Swoop towards you and C) use Detonate when he activates Blade Dance. This should keep you damage free and give you enough time to hit him multiple times with Heat Wave. Be ready to drop Hot Hail down on yourself. 

Threat: 8/10

Xenobia is a weird one versus Charnok. She's capable of delivering a huge amount of crowd control, as well as damage. If she breaks your armor and follows this up with an slow, you're pretty screwed. Having said that, if you keep her at range there isn't really a lot she can do. Success against her depends on when you engage one another and who else is around. The main two things you have to remember are to avoid Words of Spite and stay far back enough to not be hit by Wall of Sorrow.

Threat: 7/10


This section of our guide contains a list of tips and tricks we think will help your Charnok play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Your Heat Wave is key to Charnok's power, especially when it causes burning. Try to hit as many people as possible to pressure the enemy team.

2. Hot Hail isn't just used for damage - it's fantastic at area denial and pressuring a Control Point.

3. Try to always save Detonate for those "Oh, shit!" moments instead of using it to climb to certain locations.

4. Dragon's Breath is an ability that you'll predominantly use when another Hero is ontop of you. Try to strafe around them whilst using it to try to avoid damage, but still deal it.

5. If under huge melee pressure, you can take the knock-back on Dragon's Breath for less damage but more survivability, you can then release it to push foes back. Don't feel that you have to wait for its entire cast before benefiting from the push back.

6. Hot Hail when upgraded provides a slow and has a larger radius. Make the most of this in team fights by placing it in locations where it'll deal the most damage. 

7. Your Focus skill is outrageously strong but can dodged if there's room. Try to use it in enclosed spaces or when enemy players are low health to maximise its potential.

8. You can use Detonate offensivly to chase down players that are escaping - just remember to have enough stamina so that you can run back into position.

9. Remember to stay near your allies as Charnok is much stronger when there are others to distract the enemy whilst he deals damage undisturbed.

10. Arriving late to a fight sometimes works in Charnok's favour as if the enemy is low health, a single Hot Hail can kill multiple foes.

11. Try to always save your stamina. A Charnok with no stamina, without Detonate, is a dead Charnok. 

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Last Updated: Aug 04, 2017

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