Uncle Sven is one of Gigantic's most powerful Hero's because his combination of support and damage make him a nuisance to fight against 1 on 1 but he also provides valuable utility for the team. His use of armor break on his Acid Flask, combined with his Elastic Ooze for a super jump and knockback mean his team can deal more damage and escape easily. Combined with Healing Waters and you've a Hero that's more than capable of keeping a team alive but also one that can regularly deal high damage through burning. What makes Uncle Sven unique is the throwing method of his flasks and the fact they travel in an arc. This allows him to bypass terrain or hit players hidding behind walls if he angles his throw right. 

Guide Updated: 1 February 2016.



A powerful armor break on a low cooldown 

 Outside of his Elastic Ooze, he has no reliable means of escape 

Capable of applying burning stacks quickly to multiple enemies 

 Can be challenging to play well if you intend on dealing damage and looking after your team 

His "arc" method of throwing flasks allows him to avoid terrain or obstacles to still hit players 

Positioning is incredibly important with his play

Can super jump and heal allies 

He has short range, so can be poked heavily by Voden, Charnok and Imani

Valuable in any team composition



This section of our guide contains a list of Sven skills, what they do, which upgrades you should choose (and when) as well as what those upgrades are for. 

Base Skills

Fire Flask is your basic attack and allows you to lob a flaming projectile at your enemy. It's range isn't huge and you need to take account of its travel arc to really maximise its travel distance. It's important to remember that by default, it doesn't cause burning and it only deals damage when it directly strikes a target. 

Acid Flask is a powerful armor break that leaves a pool of acid on the floor. It deals some damage on impact, but it's the armor break and pool it leaves behind that's most important. Anyone who touches the pool will have their armor broken, so try to use Acid Flask strategically if there's enemies incoming. 

Elastic Ooze allows Uncle Sven and his allies to super jump. You can use it to reach high ledges, avoid enemies if they're chasing you or to quickly reach a part of the map that needs defending. It takes a little practice to get used to, but it's well worth the time doing it. 

Uncle Sven will throw a flask that creates a Healing Waters field. Allies who stand in it will be healed and when upgraded, allies directly struck by the flask will receive a significant amount of health back. Don't waste healing waters in combat - it's too valuable to miss-throw. 

Uncle Sven's elite is Chaos Quaff and allows him to transform enemies into a mini Motiga. Enemies polymorphed are unable to use skills for its duration and you should ensure you use this against high damage targets to remove their threat. 

Skill Upgrade Paths and Order

Below is the upgrade path I would recommend for each skill. It offers Uncle Sven area denial, burning and survivability. There are one variables (which I'll discuss below) but for the most part, this build allows Uncle Sven to perform as a very strong hybrid. 

Level 2: Bounces Off Me (Q)

Level 3: Absorption Matrix (Q)

Level 4: A Mean Ole Acid (RMB)

Level 5: Acid Reflex (RMB)

Level 6: Double Dose (E)

Level 7: Healthy Glow (E)

Level 8: Igniter Fluid (LMB)

Level 9: Acid Reflex (RMB)

Level 10: Chaos Theory (Focus)

View the full build here. If you're specifically seeking a more offensive Sven, use this build.

3,2,1, Contact boosts Fire Flask's damage by 33%. It's a significant boost and considering it's the one skill you use constantly, it certainly helps increase your damage. Igniter Fluid builds on this even more and allows your Fire Flask to cause burning for 3 seconds to anyone you hit. If enemies are grouped together or knocked back 

A Mean Ole Acid causes Acid Flask to deal higher impact damage. It also means that when combined with Acid Reflex you can cast it more often. Considering the strength of Uncle Sven revolves around his ability to Break Armor (thus improving the damage of everyone) it's invaluable to be able to cast them often. 

Bounces Off Me provides 30% damage reduction to all allies you hit with your Elastic Ooze. It lasts for 5 seconds and reapplies if you go back into the pool. It's absolutely incredible and if you use it just before a team push, it gives your team so much survivability. Combined with Absorption Matrix, if you hit your team with Q then E, they'll gain a 10 second heal over time. It's a ridiculous amount of healing and mitigation.

Double Dose allows Uncle Sven to provide healing to allies after they've left his Healing Waters. It basically turns his skill into a heal over time (and doubles up with Absorption Matrix). Combined with Healthy Glow, any allies affected by his heal also heal allies next to them. It effectively means you can tripple heal your allies (Double Dose, Healthy Glow and Absorption Matrix). 

In all honesty, either of these upgrades are useful but I tend to take Chaos Theory because it allows your Chaos Quaff to hit a larger area. When you want to snag multiple enemies, it's a must. 


Level 1: Another's Keeper

Another's Keeper provides 10% additional healer power and allows Sven to gain Focus when he buffs or heals an ally. Considering you'll constantly do this, it allows you to earn Focus incredibly quickly. 

Level 5: Potent Medicine

Increasing your healing by 50% when you use Healing Flask is a huge burst, even more so when you hit players directly with it. It's a must talent.

Level 7: Sustained Abilities

Sven relies heavily on his stamina and Elastic Ooze to stay alive. If your Ooze is on cooldown, you need to be able to sprint away. Having your skills cost less stamina use means you've usually got stamina left in the tank should you have to make an exit. Sustained Abilities is a must.

Level 9: Hero's Vitality

Hero's Vitality increases your health by 15% giving you an extra chunk of health that allows you to survive for much longer. 


This section of our guide contains a list of tactics for fighting against other Hero's with Uncle Sven. Please note that only the Heroes that are the highest risk and threat to Uncle Sven are included in this list. 

Charnok poking you from range is always going to win because his damage is higher and your flasks can't reach that far. Most Charnok players will begin to make their way to you and attempt to use Hot Hail on you once you've used Healing Waters. The key is to save enough stamina to dodge Hot Hail and only use Healing Waters when you're behind terrain or if you know you've enough of a distance between you and Charnok. Keep Acid Flask on him, duke his Dragon's Breath and keep applying burning. 

Threat: 7/10

Imani, as always, is super easy to kill if she's caught out of position but unfortunately, she's near impossible to pin down. If she's sniping you from afar and manages to knock you back, you're in trouble. Try to find cover if you're against her. 

Threat: 7/10


Tripp is a challenge because she can quickly burst you before you know whats hit you. Fortunately for Sven, his self heal buys him time to recover. Once you've healed (if needed) break her armor, cause burning and cast your Ooze somewhere you can escape to. Don't stop throwing Flasks at her and try to keep as much distance as possible. After her opening burst, she's pretty vulnerable. 

Threat: 6/10

I think Tyto The Swift is a bit trickier to deal with than Tripp because of Fang, his Swoop and the damage of Blade Dance. It's hard to stop him from attacking you, regardless of whether you plant Ooze or not. The best you can hope for is to dodge Fang, plant Ooze before he reaches you so that he's knocked back and proceed to kite him whilst using Acid and Fire Flask. He'll continue to run at you so you'll need to duke him, cast your heal at half health and Ooze again as soon as it's ready. 

Threat: 7/10

Voden is a good counter to Uncle Sven because his range combined with poison (that reduces your healing output) really neuters your survivability. Unless you rush him and force a short range fight, he's always going to win. In a mid range fight you'll come out on top because your burning and armor break allow you to deal huge damage to him and his clone. If he's upgraded to Hungry Spores where his poison cloud follows you, just be sure to dodge it. 

Threat: 8/10

Xenobia is a good counter to Sven because her immobilize, burning and armor break mean you'll take huge damage if caught in her Mark of Despair/Words of Spite combo. I'd recommend you try to get to high ground, use your Ooze if possible and if she tries to follow. As long as you keep out of her range, she really can't do much to you. 

Threat: 7/10


This section of our guide contains a list of tips and tricks we think will help your Uncle Sven play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here

1. Your armor break from Acid Flask is one of your most powerful abilities as it allows you and your allies to deal significantly more damage to an opponent and anyone who touches its field. Use Acid Flask first. 

2. Make use of Uncle Sven's attacking arc when he throws flasks. On maps such as Canyon you can comfortably lob flasks over obstacles to still deal damage. 

3. Fire Flask when upgraded leaves a burning field that is amazing in tight corridors or for when escaping. Just throw the flasks down at your feet and anyone chasing you will be set on fire. 

4. Remember that your Healing Waters heals for the same amount regardless of whether they're hit directly or caught in the field. 

5. Although you can deal huge damage by yourself, remember that you're a support Hero. You should always be with your team, defending Control Points or aiding in a push with The Margrave or Knossos. 

6. Remember that Elastic Ooze provides you and your team with a super jump. Make use of this to access hidden paths (notably Mistforge) so you can go for a sneaky wound. 

7. Even if you don't use Elastic Ooze for the super jump, it's invaluable at knocking back foes and can be used aggresively by placing it at an enemies feet. Once they're knocked back, it's an invaluable opportunity to hit them whilst they're distracted. 

8. Chaos Quaff turns enemies struck into a Motiga and duration increases the more Focus you have. Try to always use it on high threat targets such as The Margrave, Knossos or Tripp. 

9. Any ability you're intending to use, use LMB first and it'll speed up your follow-up attack (it sort of animation cancels).

10. You don't have to have amazing aim with Uncle Sven as most of your attacks have splash damage.

11. Elastic Ooze bounces back as a pool - if you know the direction of travel for the enemy, you can place it down and if they touch it they'll be knocked backwards. 

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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