Wu is considered an assassin but unlike Tripp and Tyto, he plays a very different role. He can't really back-cap effectively (stealing opposition Power Orbs) not can he burst enemy players down with incredible mobility. Instead, he's a bit of a brawler who can lock down a single target and kill them if he successfully utilises his most powerful rotation. His ability to pull enemies towards him when using his Tongue Lash makes him particularly powerful at picking out squishy targets and allows your team to capitilize on it.

Despite his strengths, Wu is difficult to play well and mechanically he's very challenging to master. It's also fair to say that unlike Tripp and Tyto that can obtain kills easily, Wu has a slightly different role and although you can get kills you need patience and a competent team around you.   

Guide Updated: 1 February 2016



Very challenging to learn and master 

Very challenging to learn and master 

His Tongue Lash is amazing for singling out enemy Heroes 

He's rather buggy at the moment 

He's capable of dealing high damage skill rotations

It's very difficult to complete your skill rotation perfectly 

Has some mobility with his Splash Kick

Deals less burst damage than Tripp 

Has a very useful armor break 



This section of our guide contains a list of Wu skills, what they do, which upgrades you should choose (and when) as well as what those upgrades are for. 

Base Skills

Raid of Blows allows Wu to deal a rapid melee attack. Its range is short and its base damage isn't particularly high when compared to other Heroes. Despite that, it's particularly strong once upgraded with Flowing Fists. 

Splash Kick has two uses. If you use it in melee range of an enemy, it will kick them into the air and push them upwards. If you press the skill again, you'll splash down and deal a powerful area of effect kick. Splash Kick is arguably Wu's most useful skill as it's also his best means of escape and reaching hard to reach areas. It's possibly, with practice, to use Splash Kick to leap up and then press it again to direct where you want to land. Doing this allows you to access a variety of locations you might not have thought you could. 

Crashing Waves is a twin attack that allows Wu to interrupt. On use Wu will attack in a straight line, dealing damage and interrupting the first target struck. It's also possible to jump and use Crashing Waves in the air.

Tonguelash is Wu's signature skill and allows him to pull one enemy towards him. Its base range is relatively short but if you hit someone and with enough practice, you'll be able to begin your skill rotation on them for massive damage. Missing a Tonguelash puts it on cooldown, so be sure to land them. 

Typhoon's Fury allows Wu to launch an enemy and deal massive damage. On use you also gain additional armor and bonus damage, with the duration of this prolonged every time you use a skill. It's important that you use Typhoon's Fury when you have the cooldowns to follow it up, so that it lasts as long as possible. 

Skill Upgrade Paths and Order

Below is the upgrade path I would recommend for each skill. It offers Wu high early damage output as well as a valuable armor break. There are some variables which I'll discuss below but for the most part, these upgrade paths make Wu a formidable and flexible Hero. The numbers below on each image correspond to when you should upgrade that individual skill, and for ease it's listed below in order. 

Level 2: Flowing Fist (LMB)

Level 3: Burst the Dam (RMB)

Level 4: Intercepting Fist (Q)

Level 5: Whet Your Appetite (E)

Level 6: Flowing Stance (LMB)

Level 7: Splash Down (RMB)

Level 8: Dim Mak (Q)

Level 9: Whiplash (E)

Level 10: Night Invulnerable (Focus) 

View the full build here.

Flowing Fist is key to Wu's potential as it allows him to deal a powerful additional strike after each skill he uses (it looks like an uppercut). In order to maximise this upgrade and its potential, you have to use LMB once after each skill. Not doing so will result in a hefty damage loss and significantly reduce your potential to burst a player down. Flowing Stance builds on this and allows Wu to gain 10 armor every time he hits with his LMB, to a maximum of 30 (effectively a 30% damage reduction). 

Burst the Dam is a must as it allows Wu to crack a players armor (a weaker version of armor break) and as a result, deal much more damage to them. Splashdown builds on this and allows you to slow enemies caught in your Splash Kick (when you RMB + RMB). It significantly improves your chances of hitting enemies once you land on them. 

Incercepting Fist causes a heavy weakness on enemies hit, reducing the damage they deal by 75% for 3 seconds. Combine with your self armor from Flowing Stance, it makes Wu surprisingly hardy. Dim Mak allows your next LMB after using Crashing Waves to critically hit and considering you should use LMB after each skill, it's a good damage boost.

Whet Your Appetite allows Wu to reset his cooldowns when he successfully lands a Tonguelash. It affords him his strongest rotation but it does mean that if you miss, you've an extra 10 second cooldown on your E. Having two Splash Kick's or Crashing Waves' is amazing for bursting down enemies. Whiplash dazes anyone struck with your RMB after you Tonguelash, preventing that person using any actions.  

Nigh Invulnerable provides Wu with 90% damage mitigation during the animation which can be particularly useful if you're low health or about to die, as it can mitigate enough for you to snatch a kill and then grab a health orb. 


Most of Wu's talents bolster his damage or stamina. There are some variables that you can take depending on which Hero's you're facing, but for the most part I always attempt to increase my damage as much as possible - it's what he's made for. 

Level 3: Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum allows you to deal 15% higher damage when attacking enemies from behind or after dodging. It's a huge boost to your damage output and is surprisingly easy to maintain. Most of the time you should be positioning yourself so that you're behind the enemy or at the very least, to the side of them. 

Variable: Skirmishing allows you to generate stamina faster and gain your health back twice as quick when out of combat. For getting back into the fight, it's a great talent. 

Level 5: Tongue Tide

Tongue Tide significantly increases the range on your Tonguelash allowing you to pull enemies from much further away. It's amazing at picking off an enemy who thinks they're safe. 

Variable: Splash Zone is a good alternative as it means that when you use RMB+RMB to splash down on an enemy, you can crack the armor on multiple foes at once. 

Level 7: Dominator

Dominator is a risky talent but if you can play safe, obtain 15% extra damage is well worth it. Although it's lost on death, it's also fairly easy to get back just be sure to take care and not over extended. 

Level 9: Hero's Might

Hero's Might provides Wu with a further 10% damage bonus, permanently. Alongside Dominator and Angular Momentum, you can achieve 45% extra damage against targets.


This section of our guide contains a list of tactics for fighting against other Hero's with Wu. Please note that only the Heroes that are the highest risk and threat to Wu are included in this list. 

Aisling is particularly challenging to face for Wu because Cador harrasses you so easily and her melee damage, combined with Weakness is so strong. Her invisibility, mitigation and interruption can be a headache. Although you can escape her melee, she can quickly be back on you if she fires Cador in your direction. The key is to Tonguelash her early and begin your skill rotation to keep her locked down. 

Threat: 7/10

Charnok is always going to be a challenge for Wu because his ranged poke and damage is just so high. His combination of Dragon's Breath, Dive Bomb and Hot Hail can absolutely destroy you. Try to snag him when he's low health and save your stamina to avoid his AOE attacks. 

Threat: 8/10

The Margrave is only a threat on the basis that if he gets you in a stun, you're going to take a lot of damage. Even with a perfect rotation against him, he'll take a long time to kill and you'll take huge damage in the process. Just avoid him 1 on 1 if you can. 

Threat: 9/10

Tyto can be a headache for Wu because the speed of his attacks means he can often avoid your skills, deal damage to you and then zip away. He's generally a nuisance and although you can trade with him, he'll still be able to burst you down and at the very least escape without too much difficulty. If you can land an early Tonguelash, you're in a much better position. 

Threat: 7/10

A single Cripple from her Words of Spite can ruin you. A 60% slow, combined with an armor break, can gaurentee your death. Try to dodge it or use Splash Kick early. If you can't, she'll place a Mark of Despair at your feet that then detonates to cause burning: it's then game over. Avoid her Words of Spite at all costs. 

Threat: 9/10


This section of our guide contains a list of tips and tricks we think will help your Wu play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Wu's strongest attack rotation is the following: RMB + RMB > LMB (triggers Flowing Fist) > Q > LMB > E > LMB > RMB > RMB > LMB > Q - in total it only takes several seconds, but you have to be perfect with it. It effectively allows you to crack someones armor, interrupt them, regularly slip in uppercuts from Flowing Fist and then repeat the process with Tonguelash cooldown reset. Please note the last RMB if they're next to you will knock them into the air (dazing them) before allowing you to crash back down. 

2. Always try to Tonguelash squishy targets such as Mozu or Griselma. It'll force them to use their escape skills but with the right crowd control from your team, you'll interrupt them and secure a kill. 

3. Splash Kick is your only real means of escape, besides sprinting. It allows you to leap high if you press it once and it you press it a second time - while targetting - you can zip to another location that's sometimes even higher. 

4. It's imperative that when you take Flowing Fist you use LMB after every skill to maximise your damage output. 

5. Save your Splash Kick for secret, to go for the enemy wound, just before your Guardian rampages. 

6. You can pull trip with your Tonguelash even when she is stealthed - if you can, punish her for it. 

7. Remember that your Tonguelash resets your cooldowns once upgraded, but adds extra cooldown duration to it (+10 seconds). Be sure not to miss. 

8. Stamina is really important for Wu as if your RMB is on cooldown, you'll struggle to escape - be sure to only sprint when neccesary. 

9. Your LMB deals quite low damage, so don't continually use it when you have skills available that can deal much more. 

10. Using RMB next to an enemy will knock them into the air. You can use this time to chain your attacks or to sprint away. 

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