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In the northeast part of Torden Plains lies the Irendas Support Facility Control Point. If you’re lucky enough to see this base in AFS hands, jump on a waypoint to there to check out the Brann Water Refinery instance. The Refinery was once used by the friendly forces here, but the constant invasion of Bane has threatened its security, as they attempt to divert the water supply for themselves. Good for squads and soloers in their late teens to early 20s, this instance offers several missions inside with all purple gear rewards. Of course, a healthy chunk of XP is on the plate as well.

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I’m Going In!

The entrance lies just behind an automatic door in the building at 788,430,554. Automatic, that is, unless the server lag is heavy and you run around the outside of the building for 10 minutes trying to find a doorway that won’t open because it takes too long for the server to know you are there. *grumble* Before you run in, if you have a Specialist with a cipher tool handy, take a few minutes to gather up the party crates along the outside walls of the buildings. You may find some armor or ammo to aid your assault inside. When you’re ready, go through the doorway, down the ramp and jump through the portal.

The inside of the facility is a multi-level, spiraling mess of walkways, stairs and doorways that may start a panic. Don’t worry, though, the mission markers will keep you on track. You won’t have picked up any missions outside the instance, so your first stop will be Sergeant Kaliel at -35,423,-86. He greets you with a cry of We Need Backup!. Sgt. Kaliel is worried about the heavy casualties the AFS forces are taking, trying to keep the facility secure. Your job is to assist in taking over the Operations room. Make a quick stop at the vendor here, if needed, before moving on.

A few steps away is Field Officer Lagda, who needs an escort to the control station. He joins your squad temporarily; note the escort icon on your mini-map. Follow the hallway down to the south, watching out for Bane everywhere you turn. You come to a bridge that crosses west, over some very dirty looking water. Make use of the sandbags and barriers to dispatch the Bane soldiers that line the path here. You will notice a few AFS soldiers already in position and fighting, which will help a lot if you’re running solo. Lead Officer Lagda safely across and check in with Field Officer Melokan at -76,415,-135 for a mission update. Note: your mini map will now show you in Procurement Sector-West.

Take the stairs down, just beyond Melokan, taking out any Bane you see. Lead Lagda to Central Operations, at -98,407,-158 to get another update, and drop him off. Find Commander Killroy at one of the computer terminals, and accept the Brann Master Keycard he gives you for completing We Need Backup. You now have a way to open any locked doors inside this facility. Commander Killroy has received a radio transmission from Captain Jenks who needs some help in the sediment room. Take your keycard and see how you can help out.

Just outside the command center and up some stairs, you’ll find your first locked door at 79,415,-194. “Use” the scanner to the right of the door, and get ready; Thrax are waiting and ready to shoot. Take them out and head east along the hallway. Go down the stairs at 1,415,204, and meet up with Captain Jenks in Procurement Sector – East. Pick up your next mission, Cripple the Defenses, and Jenks will tell you that they have pushed the Bane back to a controlled position, but need your help. He has received intel that the enemy are using special modules to hack into the mainframe, which you’ll need to find and destroy.

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Sediment Separation Area

To the south lies a large and open oval shaped room housing some giant machinery. Narrow catwalks line the outside of the room, with friendly AFS on one side, and annoying Bane on the other. You’re going to have to move along the paths a bit to get line of sight to all the enemy targets. You’ll find a dozen or so Bane here to take out, depending on how many are in your squad, including plenty of Cavalrymen with RPGs. Maneuver to the south east part of the room toward a mission indicator, and shoot Bane Hacking Module that’s up against the wall at -29,399,-282. Head west to the Final Processing area, take the stairs up, then open your next locked door at -89,407,-300. A bunch of Bane are in this room, including a level 25 boss Technician named Commander Caolots. Lots of firepower or armor piercing will bypass his high armor regen. Killing Caolots will update your mission, and allow you to take out another Hacking module in the rear of the room.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016