by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Communications on the volatile planet of Arieki are important to AFS operations, explaining why there are so many facilities dedicated to them. Like the large relay tower in Torden Plains, it seems the Incline has an entire facility dedicated to passing on vital messages. Unfortunately it seems the Bane have not only assaulted, but overrun the Comm Tower east of the Nyxroq Outpost and it's going to be up to you and your team to take it back.

Comm Tower is a 27ish squad based instance which will require a little running around to advance. Unlike the more straight forward instances such as Devil's Den, Brann Water Refinement, etc... this will follow along the lines of Phanin Research Facility. There are many locked doors which you will need to unlock in order to proceed. Allocate yourself plenty of time to wander around.

Before you begin, make sure to head to Nyxroq Outpost to grab up a few missions. You'll want to start with Hard Driven given by Lieutenant Epp who will ask you to kill 10 Resconstructor Bots. After completing this mission he'll give you Reprogramming Evolution which will take you in the Comm Tower. Make sure to visit Field Commander Foletto at - 245.3, 232.3, -206.7 who will give you Attack of the Drones and you should be good to go.

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Head inside the Comm Tower and fight your way down to a group of AFS hunkered down behind some sandbags. Commander Ryder will update Attack of the Drones and you'll be charged with defending that position. Expect a fairly large wave of Bane infantry and bots to come heading your way. Be sure to use nearby cover and have a few friends handy to take them out. When you are done return to Ryder for 4800 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Bio Armor Vest, Vitalius Gravitron Armor Boots, or ChiTech Reflective Armor Vest.

Ryder will now give you the mission Radio Free Arieki, which is a nod to the CIA run Radio Free programs across the world in the 1950's (see you are educated here at Ten Ton Hammer), and Chaos Theory. Head around the corner and harvest the corpse for a key which will should open the first door. Just inside you'll find a room with a few Thrax and a leader called Commander Cho. Killing him will give you another key card.

Head along the bottom level ignoring the doors until you reach a door around 16.6, 224.5, 154.8 and help the Brann being attacked by the Bane. When you are done Prisoner Varsti will give you a mission called Gotta Get Out of this Place. Head back down the hallway and the first door on your right can be unlocked updating Radio Free Arieki. Follow this hall straight taking no side doors and you'll head up and then back down a ramp finally stopping at a door around 81.5, 248.5, -7.5. Clear this room and you'll find Taskmaster Guru with Facility Keycard #2.

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I Don't Think They are
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Run back the way you came and the first door on the right contains a set of prisoners to update Gotta Get Out of this Place. Continue along, avoiding turns until you see a locked door on your left around -42.0, 248.5, 58.3 which will update Radio Free Arieki and give you access to further areas. As you reach the top of the ramp you'll have a choice to go left or right. Head left and follow the hallway up to the top and you should find two doors. The first at -52.1, 264.6, 111.1 contains a computer inside called Teleporter Control which you'll need to activate. The other at -24.1, 264.5, 99.8 has a group of prisoners inside which should update the last part of Gotta Get Out of this Place. Another room just to the southwest around -92.2, 264.5, 65.6 contains Taskmaster Forva.

Once he is taken care of, head back the way you came avoiding the down ramp and go straight into a large room with a few robots in it. A named called Model STR will drop Facility Keycard #3 for you. On the otherside of the room at the top you'll find another hallway with a ramp leading up. Follow it up to a door at about -78.8, 272.5, -34.6 and this will complete Radio Free Areaki.

Head towards the ramp to the north and follow it straight to the top where you should see a Teleporter. If you don't see a yellow beam, you didn't actiave the Control computer earlier. Make sure you and your squad is prepared before you enter the teleporter because combat is immediate. The last named EX0 DU5 (that's Exodus if you aren't savvy) is just a tough little bot so use up your EMP on him. Once he's dead it will update Chaos Theory, just be sure to grab the black box over on the table at 2.7, 401.9, 27.6. You'll also update Reprogramming Evolution in this room and you are done! Head back to the beginning to turn in Radio Free Arieki at Commander Ryder for 6000 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Cryogenic Leech Gun, Vextronics Laser Chaingun, or Hellstorm Motor Assist Armor Vest. The rest you'll need to return to Nyxroq Outpost.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016