by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Nestled in a beautiful valley on Foreas, the Cumbria Research facility looks like a peaceful agricultural community with rows of corn lining the road and large dome buildings housing scientists.  All of this is offset however, by the AFS dropships swooping in every few moments to landing pads, the row of ominous watchtowers, and heavily armed patrols moving about the area.  So much for peaceful, how about secure?

Cumbria Research is the "hub" of the Foreas Palisades zone providing players with fast transport to other zones, merchants, and a number of missions to complete.  You can reach Cumbria by following a northeastern trail from Delta Outpost in Concordia Divide to a Tunnel.  You'll find everything you need here (minus trainers) including footlockers, vendors, crafting machines, teleporters and more.

Welcome Tour - This mission begins with Corporal Hutchinson near the landing pads west of the Cumbria buildings around -821.5, 139.3, 654.5.  He'd like you to run around and speak to a few of the residents in the base.  You'll visit the following.

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Derac Bensen (-567.2, 145.5, 707.5) who is upstairs where the weapon vendors are.

Kaven Corman (-596.3, 147.2, 706.7) who is near the armor vendors.

Corporal Orton (-512.7, 141.5, 716.0) who is in front of a tent.

Lt. Jamison (-765.1, 145.0, 775.8) upstairs above the crafting machines.

Back to Derac Bensen who will give you 1700 credits and your choice of a Class III Res Trauma Kit, Class III Basic Med Kit, or Class III EMP Grenade.


Noise Pollution - This begins with Yorma Brown near the crafting tables who will ask you to kill Shahrbaraz and a few Boargar. Now finding Boargar in Palisades is simple, but Shahrbaraz is located on a little hill above Cumbria next to an Eloh artifact around -596.7, 179.2, 814.6. You can also kill your Boargar up here or leave through the southeast pass and find plenty. Return to Brown for 2550 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Electric Polarity Gun a Vextronics Pulse Cannon or Vextronics Sonic Shotgun.

Temple Investigations - Captain Myles near the tents around would like you to report to Lieutenant Brody and learn more about the situation regarding Eloh temples. Brody is at the Walk of Giants standing right next to the teleporter at -572.8, 190.4, 167.5. He'll update your mission and send you to speak with Warden Brocail who will finish this mission. Collect 1800 credits and your choice of Class III Fragmentation Grenades, a Class III Standard Medpack, or a Class III Res Trauma kit.

Eloh Translations - Corporal Orton in front of the tents wants you to translate the Eloh artifact on the hill. You can go do so if you've got the motivation or you can just answer his questions in the following order:

Honor, Planet, Today, Have, Power, Tomorrow.

Orton will reward you with 1700 credits and the choice of Class III EMP Grenades, Class III Advanced Medpaks, or Class III Concussion Grenades.

Right on Bark - This mission begins with Sgt. Briggs inside one of the tents on the eastern end. He wants you basically to collect samples for him of Boargar and Treelurkers. Head east out of the area and you'll find tons, you'll just have to be quick on the Treelurkers because the Boargar tend to mob and kill them. Once you have enough samples head back to Briggs who will reward you 2700 credits and your choice of Olympia Graviton Armor Boots, a Vextronics Electric Rifle or Audiodyne Reflective Armor Legs.

Pieces of the Puzzle - This mission begins with Base Commander Matlin at -514.6, 142.1, 721.2 and will begin a very long mission series which will end in access to the Eloh Vale instance. While what you need to do is detailed in our guide, this will bring it all together. This First piece of the puzzle requires the completion of the mission protecting the Eloh artifact the second piece rescuing the downed Airman from Torcastra Prison, and the final completion of all the Eloh temples in Palisades.


Receptive Liaison Arizpe - This NPC hands out all the Logos missions for Logos within the Palisades zone, although note you won't receive missions for every Logos in the zone. You'll be able to find the following nearby.


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Knowledge Northeast of Cumbria Research -289.1, 984.5
Through Just outside Cumbria Research to the east -403.5, 633.1
Victory Southeast of Cumbria Research in a cave. Requires Power, Attack, Enemy, Enhance, and Transform Logos to access. -797.7, 457.3

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, if you have questions feel free to stop by our forums. See any mistakes or missions we missed? Email me and you'll get full credit!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016