Visit the Swamp Water Spa

by: Taea

Far to the North in Valverde Marshes stands a lonely AFS Base known as Falcon Hold. The esteemed AFS command in Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa, in their infinite wisdom, decided the marshy and dank area known as The Northern Mud Pit would be a fantastic area (Florida, anyone?) to build a fortified base.

Mox Attack the Gates

Nothing much happens up here, unless you count the occasional gate assault by the electrified rodents known as Mox. Behind the protective force fields you will find a waypoint transporter, armor and ammo merchants (upstairs in the lookout tower) and a medic manning the hospital station. Use this as your base of operations to assault the P'reo Das Instance to the northeast, and to make the required kills of Mox and Maw for the Marshes ToO. There are several missions divvied out here, and a good chunk of your mid 30’s experience will be gained.

The Lost Ones: Lieutenant Morrison is found on the west side of the base at -207,219,598. He is concerned about lost communications with the nearby Forean Villages of P’reo Das and beyond. You need to take the signal spike and place it in the correct area to reestablish a comm link. Head to the far northeast area toward the P’reo Das Instance entrance at -107,61,-355. The mission will update here, and direct you inside the instance. Once inside, make your way to the next spike location at 181,55,-118. The mission will complete by radio transmission, and give you 3500 credits and choice of consumables.

Reaping the Harvest: Researcher Vetter is in the middle of the base at -161,219,609. She wants to create an effective bio-agent to use against the Bane, but some more samples are needed from nearby Gas Harvesters. You’ll find these things all throughout the watery swamp area to the east. Swim right up to them, and “use” the small red contraption sticking out from the bottom of the harvester base. There are many different gas harvesters in the region, so pick any five. You’ll be in the heart of Bane territory as you work this mission, and be wary of the Bane squads that usually consist of a Shield Drone, Caretaker, couple Machina with massive EMP weapons and random Thrax soldiers. After your fifth sample, return to Researcher Vetter for a reward of 5400 credits and choice of Cryo Blade, Healing Disc, Cryo Shotgun or Virulent Staff. Oh, and find a shower – you smell like swamp water.

Head East, Young Man: Commander Figgins waits at -184,219,627 to send someone out to aid the eastern guard stations. Bane are trying to overrun the posts, and you will need to help them. Find Lieutenant Shaw at his guard station at 90,216,535, where he orders you to help him fend off the incoming Bane attack. Watch for the dropships to start coming in, and expect to see a Stalker or two. After a few minutes the mission will update, and the Forean Ranger Meeko will tap you on the shoulder. Meeko thanks you for your help in securing their safety, and reveals that we recently escaped from his overrun village to the northeast. The Forean will reward you with 5550 credits and choice of Bio Helmet, Hazmat Legs, Motor Assist Legs or Reflective Legs.

Guard Post

Rest and Recreation: Sergeant Elway, in the northwest section of the base needs someone to help escort the troops through their duty rotations. You will have several soldiers to escort, but because of the dangerous nature of the mission, only one member needs to make it to the posts alive. This mission is timed, so you’ll have 10 minutes to make it out to your first checkpoint. If you fail at any step in the process, the mission will end and you’ll have to start it over. The first stop is Lieutenant Belfast at the guard station at 110,216,405. Report in to Belfast, who then tasks you with taking the next group to Lt. Delaio’s guard post (again, there is a 10 minute timer). Next, he’ll send you with more troops to Lt. Urqhart and another guard post in the middle of nowhere. You’ve made it this far, and now all you have to do is take the final group back to Falcon Hold. Return to Elway with the last group of soldiers, and receive your reward of 5550 credits and choice of Armor Modification Recipe.

Tastes Like Grubber: Research Chemist Horsh wants to study the effects of the Bane Pollution on the native fauna. The Swamp Grubbers are the lowest level of the food chain here, and Horsh suspects the pollutants have already made it into their diets. You need to run out and harvest various parts of the creatures, and bring back the meat samples back for further study. Head out into the swampy area outside the base and look for the really big, purple crystal headed monsters wandering around. These guys are a fairly simple kill, you just need to watch for swarming Mox and Bane. Once you have received enough pieces, return to Chemist Horsch in Falcon Hold for 5400 credits and choice of Armor Modification Recipe.

Fixing the Food Chain: Research Chemist Horsch has determined the pollutants are harming the local food chain, and the Mox are starting to show effects. Horsch has prepared a mixture of antioxidants and nanotechs to help the Mox, and you need to toss the feed into the troughs spread throughout the swamp. Don’t think the Mox will be grateful for the free food; they will attack you while you try to help them. You need to fill 10 troughs, but you’ll see from the markers on your map that there are many more than 10 possible spots to visit. Make your circle through the swamp, then head back into Falcon Hold once you have enough filled Feeders. Horsch is very surprised that you survived the trip, and rewards you with 3600 credits and choice of consumables.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016