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In the far southern region of Concordia Palisades, stands the AFS fortification known at Fort Dew. This Control Point stands between the tunnel to Bane-held Skive Base to the east, and the peaceful Forean Viands Village to the Northwest. Skirting the edge of the Bane infested Deadwoods, Ft. Dew is constantly being attacked by the enemy.

Inside the base you’ll find a medical tent with a vendor for repairs and resupply, a waypoint for ease of travel, and a crafting table for those last minute adjustments. Ft. Dew is an authorized Hospital point, and you may choose to respawn here after death.

The NPCs stationed here have missions for you in the local area, and into the nearby Treeback Camp instance.

Ending the Fithik Menace

Clear Your Uherum
Just outside Ft. Dew to the east is a tunnel that is full of fithik. Captain Tayros wants you to run through the tunnel and clear out as many fithik as you can. The tunnel entrance is at 55,158,-742. The mission will update as you approach and clear several checkpoints inside the tunnel. Your fithik kills are tracked, and you will succeed once you hit 20; this is easily accomplished as the tunnel is packed with bugs. As you run through be sure to stop and pick up Logos: Have just off the main tunnel. You exit into Clearcut Field at 373,130,-617, just outside Skive Base. Once you’ve seen the sights, run back through the tunnel to Ft. Dew. Captain Tayros will tell you (and I quote), “You flushed that hole faster than prune juice flushes my colon.” Hey, at least this game has toilets. You can now awkwardly accept your reward of 3000 credits and choice of helmet.

Searching for Treasure
Note: This mission will only pop up when Ft. Dew is blue flagged, and Krimm is red flagged. You must complete the mission before either CP changes hands, or you will fail. Use of portable waypoints purchased from your local vendor will make this mission much easier to complete. Private Robertson is a sneaky guy that likes to pilfer stuff from his buddy in Krimm. Since he’s stuck on duty here, you’re going to help him play. Take the waypoint to Lake Elinor and run southeast to River Base Krimm. Fight your way into the Bane controlled base and find the hidden object as selectable loot on the ground. Cast a waypoint to quickly return to Ft. Dew and receive your reward of 3150 credits and choice of pants or vest.

Slow Delivery
Field Medic Olaera has a case of Ununbium Rods that were mistakenly delivered to her. Ununbium is extremely unstable, and will not survive a trip through transporters. The stalwart soldiers in Staging Point are in dire need of the rods, and you’re going to have to walk them there. Exit the base and head east to the tunnel entrance. Run the length of the tunnel and exit into Clearcut Field. Make your way around to Staging Point to make your delivery. Captain McShay at 888,123,-222 thanks your for your efforts and rewards you with 3000 credits and choice of pants.

Treeback Field Report
Inside Fort Dew, standing outside the tower north of the waypoint, stands Sgt. Longshanks looking for someone to deliver a message to the troops in the Treeback Camp instance. Be careful with it, because he’s overly concerned with the message’s security. Travel through the tunnel east of Ft. Dew, into the heart of Skive Base, and enter the instance. Lt. Galloway appears outside a forcefield just past the AFS camp. It sounds like she and Longshanks have been sending love notes to each other. Aren’t you glad you risked your life for love? Your discretion in not reporting their love affair has netted you 1800 credits and choice of vest.

Atop the Ft. Dew Catwalks

A Bottle of the Good Stuff
Captain Tayros lost a bet with Bagby in Treeback Camp. Tayros didn’t think that Bagby’s position could be overrun by the Bane, but slow ammo deliveries have hampered the AFS efforts there. You’re going to make your way to the Treeback Camp instance inside Skive Base, and deliver the bottle of liquor. Exit Ft. Dew to the east, and travel through the tunnel. Make your way through Skive Base, to the instance entrance in the southern part of the base. You’ll find Field Lt. Bagby just inside the Treeback Camp Instance. After complaining a bit about the ignorance of High Command, Bagby rewards you for delivering the liquor with 1800 credits and choice of boots.

Medical Alert Badge
On the southern end of Ft. Dew, standing outside the medical tent, Field Medic Olaera is looking for some help. She has heard of a Bane researcher named Amuaggor in Treeback Camp, and she wants the medical alert bracelet he wears. Rumor has it that he has some kind of disease that may be used as a weapon against the Bane. Researcher Amuaggor is found in the herd of Treebacks inside the Treeback Camp instance. When you have the bracelet, return to Olaera for 2700 credits and choice of weapon. Note: I believe this mission intends you to enter the Treeback Camp instance, but I received my update from a regular Thrax Technician while defending against a Bane assault on Ft. Dew. This is most likely a bug that will be corrected shortly.

Double Dog Tag Dare
Over near Viands Village, Private Fagan stands outside a lonely AFS Bunker at -320,171,-486. He thinks he's tougher than you, and challenges you to a few dares. Your first challenge is to "take a shower" under nearby Horsetail Falls. You have to get really clean, though, so you have to stay there for a 10 second count. Run down to the falls at -468,133,-463 and wait there 10 seconds while fighting off the swarms of warnets that harass you. Once your mission updates, return to Fagan for the next step. He now points you toward the high rock bridge to the north, and tells you to jump off. Your jump point is at -382,214,-370. It's a long way down, and you won't survive. After reviving at the hospital, return to Fagan (try not to punch him), and stand ready for part 3. Remember those warnets down there? You're going to jump in the nest of their leader, and take him and his buddies out. You can only get in from above, so run over the ridgeline to -501,169,-278 and jump down. Level 19 Buzzrup and a bunch of friends will be to your left. The only way to win this part is to kill them all, and don't run or leave the nest area. Return to Fagan (this time, you can punch him if you want) to receive his admiration, 2850 credits and choice of new helmet.


Symbol Name Area of Palisades Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Have Inside the tunnel east of Ft. Dew 277.0, -754 .1

Key Kills

Monster Name Area of Palisades Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Hygax Treeback nursery, outside Ft. Dew -330,170,-820 and wanders the area

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016