by: Odysseus

At least twice a week someone on the new player channel asks how their level 6 character can get past the level 38 Bane in Wilderness. The most common polite answer is "You can't get past them. Come back when you are older (i.e., leveled up)." Of course, the only level 38 Bane in Wilderness are the three guards standing watch in the entrance to the Guardian Prominence instance. . [And we must confess that our character died a few times trying to get in there when we were level 6 too. ]

Without being critical of the other zones, most players agree that the first three zones --Wilderness, Divide and Palisades -- are the three most polished zones in Tabula Rasa. So we were eager to see the day when we could come back to Wilderness and run the Guardian Prominence instance.

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Are they going to ask
me a riddle?

Guardian Prominence is a really fun instance. All the missions you need are contained within the instance. Please note, however, that you cannot obtain any missions in that instance until level 36. Also note that the Bane are level 38-41 throughout the instance so make an informed decision regarding grouping or going in solo. Unlike the Purgas Station instance, where you cannot even get past the front door of that instance until a specific level, Guardian Prominence will let you in before level 36. However, without being able to obtain any missions, you cannot grab the logos, and you miss out on a really cool surprise that is tied to a mission.

After you enter the instance, Researcher Anand will give you the "The Fate Of The Callisto" mission. Make sure to "repair all" at the medic and buy any supplies, and then off you go on your adventure. Most of this instance is outdoors (yea!), although you should be watchful of bombs going off at the top of the mountain. After you leave the entrance cave, some hunters and their pets will greet you as you wind your way up the mountain. Tip: if you have any virulent weapons, they bypass the hunter's new reflection ability.

At the top of the mountain, you could go across a bridge, but keep heading towards your mission marker for "The Fate Of The Callisto". On your way there, you may see some new missions that can be picked up, but skip them for now. Once you clear out the assorted Bane around the ship, find the find the Callisto's flight recorder (-150, 196). Your new objective is to find the Callisto's crew. If you are facing the flight recorder, turn the opposite direction, go straight until you slide down a little hill, and then turn left. You will go down into a cave system. After entering the cave there is a fork. If you take the left fork, you will go up and visit some level 38 Filcher Larcenists. If you take the right fork, you will go down to find Professor Anand. He will complete the mission "The Fate Of The Callisto".

Professor Anand will then give you the mission "The Chamber of Eternity". The text of the mission references the Book of Velonar. You may remember from a Plateau mission that the Book of Velonar is a sacred Forean text which was lost in the attack on Velon Das. You had to go to the ruins of Velon Das, recover the text, and return it safely to Luminary Sampei at New Velon Village. That Plateau mission was titled "The Book of Velonar". Additionally, Caretaker Tendahi references the Book of Velonar while giving the mission "A Voice From the Past" in Plateau. He says that it speaks of a prophecy: "When the Fallen Ones make war upon the face of Foreas, the Logos-touched child of a distant start will arrive, seeking its destiny. On that day the voice of Vogren will be heard, and the star child will be tested."

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Kinda Spooooooky

So, back to Professor Anand in Guardian Prominence…. He sends you to investigate the chamber which contains the logos. Leave the cave, follow the trail back up the hill, and once you reach the open field, veer to the right and go to the Temple of the Ages.

At the Temple of the Ages, you can pick up two missions. One from Lieutenant Danchekker, and one from Communications Officer Cronauer. If you are soloing this instance as a level 36 character (or you don't have much firepower relative to the higher level Bane), you should consider accepting and completing "No Soap Radio" as offered by Communications Officer Cronauer before accepting Lt. Danchekker's mission. "No Soap Radio" is not too difficult as you only have to destroy five biomechanical jamming towers. Two of these towers are in the open field by the Temple of the Ages, one is on the way back towards the bridge, and the last two are on the other side of the bridge. Return to Comm Officer Crounauer for your reward.

The next mission is Lieutenant Danchekker's "Breaking the Chain of Command". The Lt. wants you to kill three Bane bosses. Okay, that sounds pretty straightforward. However, at the end of his briefing he says: "Now stand back, I'm about to unleash the dogs of war!" We don't want to give away the surprise, so immediately turn around and face the open field to understand what he means. You will be glad you got the reinforcements for finishing "No Soap Radio".

The first of the Bane bosses is across the bridge on Mount Epoch. Thrax Taskmaster Horga is a level 40 rifleman-type soldier. Since you probably cleared out most of the Bane when you destroyed the two jamming towers in this area, he may be somewhat lonely now. After grabbing your loot from the battle, notice the Rotting Forean Corpse (188, -8.9) that seems to have no purpose despite have a "T" symbol hovering over him. We are not sure what that's about, and a game master (GM) didn't know either.

The next boss is Thrax Oversser Lurge, a level 41grenadier-type soldier, who is at the entrance to the cave leading to the Chamber of Eternity. After punching his ticket, head into the cave system behind him, clearing Bane as you go.

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A Head...Here?

The final boss is Thrax Preceptor Zor (a level 40 engineer-type) who stands at the door to the Chamber of Eternity. We found it to be an easier fight after luring him out of the tunnel so we wouldn't take the hits from his turret so readily.

The entrance to the Chamber of Eternity and the chamber itself is very nice artwork, so make sure you enjoy the walk. [You've likely cleared all the Bane in this instance by now, so stop and smell the roses…, er, wild mushrooms in this case.] Once in the chamber, get the logos Future which is required for access to the Trinity Bridge on Plateau.

Return to Lt. Danchekker to turn in "Breaking The Chain of Command". Return to Professor Anand to receive your reward for "The Chamber of Eternity". We hope this guide has been helpful in your journey through the Guardian Prominence instance.

Here is a list of the rewards available per mission.

"The Fate Of The Callisto"

Dynamo Bio Armor Helmet

Dynamo Hazmat Armor Vest

Dynamo Motor Assist Armor Vest

Teleract Reflective Armor Vest

"The Chamber of Eternity"

ChiTech Direct Repair Tool

Teleract Cryogenic Dispenser

Shinobi Incendiary Shotgun

AccuMax Electronic Torqueshell Rifle

"No Soap Radio"

Teleract Incendiary RPG Launcher

ChiTech Leech Gun

Animatics Incendiary Net Gun

Animatics Pulse Shotgun

"Breaking the Chain of Command"

Phoenix Radial Repair Tool

Teleract Flame Thrower

Eclipse Rifle

AccuMax Torqueshell Rifle

We hope this guide has been useful to you! See something we missed or that we could add? Email me and you'll get full credit! Also be sure to stop by our forums to let us know what you think!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016