Green, Yellow and Red

by: Taea

Deep in the Bane controlled part of southern Valverde Plateau stands a secretive enemy facility known as Maligo Base. After slogging through the muck of Ustor Yard, you are ready to break in to this Bane stronghold and find out just what it is they are doing in there. Prepare your early level 30’s squad for a crazy 2+ hours of alien-killing excitement, in an instance littered with loot filled crates. Experience and money make this an excellent leveling and credit producing instance.

Entrance into Maligo Base requires that you first complete the Ustor Yard Instance. As you exit Ustor Yard, you will find yourself on a high bridge at the perimeter of Maligo Base. Directly in front of you lies a new waypoint to acquire, which will make travel here much easier in the future. Take the opportunity now to teleport back to a base for any supplies you may need, then step through the portal into Maligo.

The only mission you will carry into Maligo is One Way Trip, which carries over from the Ustor Yard instance. When you first step into Maligo, you will receive a Radio Transmission from HQ called Showdown. The AFS has some more info on the supposed teleportation device being built here. The Bane officers have special keypasses that allow them to travel between the levels of Maligo, so you need to acquire one of these passes to fully explore the base. Just ahead you’ll notice a laser beam force field. Do not cross through the beams yet. Peer through and see if you can get a bead on the Named Bane just inside (a Sniper would be excellent for this job). If you can take Watchman Zyrutha down early, you won’t risk losing him later as he cowardly runs away from you into the depths of the facility (if you do lose him, you’ll need to explore the north and west tunnels to locate him). Watch for the Howlers that will come running through the beams at you and your party. In fact, be prepared for mass amounts of dogs throughout the whole instance. They roam in packs, and are very hazardous to the health of your squad.

As you near the laser beams, you will get another Radio Transmission with Self Preservation. The Security CPU in the northern part of the base must be destroyed before you can safely proceed through to the second level. Step through the laser beam force field, and loot the body of the named Thrax to obtain the keypass. Showdown will update by radio transmission with a reward of 4500 credits and choice of new helmet. You learn from Command that the Bane have been testing the effectiveness of their new transporting device by sending AFS prisoners through, and not all of them are going to make it. You’ve got to get to the wormhole device and save the prisoners.

Proceed directly west across this room into the large open area ahead. The outer walls are crowded with Bane, so move carefully as you clear the enemy. The green pit in the middle is surrounded by Nitroglazers that need to be cleared. Take the western exit at 166,-63,-181 into a control room filled with Technicians and Thrax soldiers. In this room and throughout the facility, watch out for the floating eyeball bots that can port in reinforcements. Target these Sentinels quickly to keep the Bane numbers under control. Exit this Level 01: Control Room to the North, into the Level 02: Service Corridor. Keep to the left until you get to the room at 200,-71,12 where you will destroy the Security CPU, then flip the Green colored switch.

Maligo’s Colored Switches

That’s the dangerous way to go. For an alternate route with a few less enemy encounters, rewind back to the laser beam force field. After you loot the body of the Named Thrax, take the north passageway to the right after the laser beams (you’ll pass sleeping Bane in their pods, and a few dogs and soldiers here and there). Take the path that makes a sharp left turn and follow along on top of the catwalks all the way west. You’ll meet up with the path that will lead you north to the room at 200,-71,12 where you will destroy the Security CPU, then flip the Green colored switch. The person throwing the switch will see a cutscene of doors opening. You will notice several force fields blocking the hallways, each marked by a different colored panel. The switches will open and close the colored doorways and force fields.

Make your way south out of this room, right at the first junction, the next left, then the next right to arrive at the Yellow switch at 271,-63,-42, and flip it. Move ahead and to the north where you encounter a named Linker, Harvester Quorvyn at 285,-62,-16. You can’t proceed as doors are shut, so you need to backtrack to the south, west through the Yellow switch room, and loop back up to the now open Red Switch room at 233,-63,14. Destroy the CPU here, make sure you have flipped the Red Switch, then return to the Green Switch Room. Flip the Green Switch one more time (Note: at this time the Green Switch set to green, Yellow and Red set to red), and run toward the Yellow Switch area and into the now open final CPU room at 288,-63,-6. Destroy this CPU and Self Preservation will complete by Radio Transmission with 6200 credits and choice of new boots. Now that you have crippled the security systems, your trip to the upper level should be much easier.

Move your squad back down to the southwest toward the teleporter at 34,-62,-183. Make sure you flip the switch against the wall to activate the teleporter, then step inside to move to the upper level.

You're now finished with the Lower Level of Maligo Base. Look for Part Two - the Upper Level and Wormhole soon!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016