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West of Plains Post in Torden Incline stands an AFS base hollowed out of the hardened lava flows. Nyxroq Post contains a waypoint transporter, a Hospital tent with a medical vendor and a slew of surly AFS soldiers that want you to do all their work for them. Down to the west is the small Mires Post with a waypoint to aid your travels to the close by Mires tunnel, and the science stations in Pax Oasis. You won’t find any happy people here, so you’ll have to take satisfaction in the large amount of work you’re about to do.

Hard Driven: Lieutenant Epp is looking for help inside the medical tent. Reconstructor Bots are sterilizing any AFS soldiers they come in contact with, and they need to be stopped immediately. To get them to stop, you’ll need to examine their hard drives to see where the sterilization command comes from. You need to take out 10 bots, which are plentiful around the Raksha area, or north of Nyxroq. Gather your 10 hard drives and return to Lieutenant Epp for 5600 credits and choice of new boots.

Reprogramming Evolution: Lieutenant Epp has gone through the hard drives, and now knows that the Bots are receiving instructions from inside the Comm Tower. You’ll need to enter the instance, proceed to the top control room and reprogram the computers. You can use our Comm Tower Guide for help in completing this mission. A successful completion will net you 5400 credits and choice of Electric Rifle, Electric Chaingun or Incendiary Leech Gun.


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The Nyxroq Post Landscape

Aid Packages: Listen up, soldier! Lieutenant Epp just received word that a medical shipment was destroyed by terrorists, and someone needs to take supplies to 2 of the region’s bases. Coordinator Maila is at Mires Post at -331,225,-430, and Salvage Master Orto is in Control Point Ortho at 351,260,17. Return to Lieutenant Epp for a small gift of 4350 credits and choice of Modification Recipe.

Finding Pheromones: Coordinator Vash stands next to Lt. Epp, and he has an idea for synthesizing some Atta Pheromones. What’s he wanting to do with them? He doesn’t really say, but it leaves a lot to be imagined. The Atta are found in the Ojasa Highlands west of Raintree Post, and the drops are random. When you have gathered enough you can return to Vash to pick up your 3900 credits and Bio, Mech or Reflective Armor Vest.

A Carrot on a Stick: Now Coordinator Vash wants you to test his pheromone mixture on some unsuspecting Bane. The mixture should draw Atta to the area to hopefully attack the Bane. The Pheromone Bait Receiver can be found at -383,242,-34. When you’ve placed the bait, you will be directed to Science Officer Brandeis in the Pax Research Camp near Mires Post at -498,206,-446. She’s impressed that old Brann Vash passed the dangerous mission off to you. Well, the experiment was a success and she gives you 4050 credits and choice of Laser Shotgun, Laser Cannon or Electric Injector Gun.

Battered Lashers: Just down the hill from Mires Post waits Science Officer Collier at -404,168,-414. She needs someone to slaughter a bunch of tentacled Lashers. Lashers can be found near Incline water ponds, either right here in Pax Oasis or around Raintree Post. Once you’ve killed enough of them, return to Collier for a reward of 4050 credits and choice of Modification Recipie.

Intercept and Exterminate: Major Nicholson is out near some crates and sandbags at -171,234,-219. He wants to take out some of the Pirolja Midja Brann Freedom Fighters, or terrorists as he calls them. He has information from one of the captured that their base is to the east, and the leader is called Miaqo. Take out the leader and gather any information you can. The Brann unit is hiding in the hills behind a bunch of Magnomix at -63,253,-393. Be careful as you approach the camp, as the whole unit will swarm and quickly take you down. Try sneaking around the sides and take out several of the Brann before charging in. If the named isn’t up, wait around a few minutes for a respawn. After the leader goes down you can harvest the crate in camp to get a Data Disk, then return to Nicholson for a reward of 5600 credits and choice of Modification Recipe.

Interrogation: After taking down the terrorist camp, Major Nicholson assigns you to question their prisoner and figure out why the group is fighting against the AFS. Nicholson has permission to use “extreme interrogation methods” against the prisoner, but he offers you a crack at him first. The prisoner is in a nearby tent at -166,235,-233. At this point you are presented with an ethical parable: choose to be kind to the prisoner or beat the crap out of him. We’re kind hearted here at Ten Ton Hammer, so we chose to use “verbal persuasion techniques.” The captive is surprised by your compassion, and provides you with the details of a plan that could bring great harm to the AFS. Take the information back to Nicholson for a reward of 2800 credits and choice of consumeable items.

Short Fuse: Major Nicholson has looked over the plans, and discovers that there is a bomb set to go off in a nearby tower. You’ve got to run out there and defuse the explosive before it can do any harm. Run out to Lookout Tower around 907,246,-83 and find the crate outside that contains the device. Grab it and run back to Major Nicholson who thanks you for you service with 4200 credits and choice of Modification Recipie.

Relay the Terrorist Information: Nicholson applauds the great work you did dealing with the terrorists. The information you were able to retrieve needs to be taken to Field Commander Foletto immediately. You’ll find Foletto in a nearby bunker at -247,232,-207. After looking over the information you give him, he rewards you with 2800 credits and choice of consumable items. He immediately offers you Relay Terrorist Info to Hanna which involves you making a run out to Raintree Post at -176,276,279. Hanna is glad for the information and gives you 2800 credits and choice of consumables.

End of Part One

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016