by: Taea

A canopy of giant, pink raintree flowers sways gently overhead as the harsh sounds of a war rage below. Deep in the tropical garden-like forest area of Torden Incline stands a tiny AFS encampment known as Raintree Post. With only a lone lookout tower, waypoint transporter and somber artillery guns the post may seem hardly worth your effort. You’ll find, however, that there is quite a bit of combat and mission experience to be had here.

Report to Field Sergeant Hanna and Relay Terrorist Info to Hanna: Field Sergeant Hanna lounges near the waypoint at -176,276,279. These two missions from Nyxroq Post are the reasons you wandered out here in the first place, so turn them in quickly. You’ll receive some credits and consumables from Hanna for each mission. She then hands you Relay Terrorist Info to Colonel Deiley, which involves a quick trip to Ortho CP for a few more credits and consumables.

Raintree Canopy

The Four Horsemen: Sgt. Hanna reassures you that the Incline Four Horsemen has nothing to do with the Bible. These are simply an elite Bane recon team that roams the forest causing as many problems as they can. The 4 members of the team are Taskmaster Puuk, Thrall Yquog, Overseer Turquar and Thrall Bruunk. You’ll find the two Thrax, one Caretaker and one Lightbender roaming anywhere around Raintree, but we always seemed to find them in the Atta land around -426,276,203.

These 4 named are a pain to take on solo. Always try to get the Caretaker down first to prevent healing of the other three. You can also take the local fauna to your advantage, and try to pull one at a time away from their fight with Atta or Ticks. Keep in mind that even if you die after each kill, you can always come back to them and continue killing until you have one of each taken out. After your long task, return to Raintree and grab your 5600 credits and choice of new helmet from Field Sergeant Hanna.

Operation Airstrike: Hanna talks about a Bane station off to the east manned by a Taskmaster named Tzykyl. The AFS would love to just send in some artillery to destroy the area, but the raintrees mess with the radar systems. You are going to have to go out there and place a beacon for the rest of the team. To be sure he dies, you’ll have to assassinate the named Thrax yourself. The beacon to be activated is found at 164,270,226. Next head toward a Bane area where Taskmaster Tzykyl patrols with friends at 194,261,352. Standard Named hunting rules apply, and watch out for wandering Flaregashers in this area. Once you’ve taken him out, head back to Field Sergeant Hanna at Raintree for 5600 credits and choice of Conical Healing Disc, Shotgun or Sonic Launcher.

High Tech Boom: Scrapper Shand is another crazy Brann who longs for the cold touch of salvage. The Stalkers and Predators in the area have the best high tech salvage you can find. Pinnacle Badlands is a pretty reliable area to find Stalkers and Predators, especially just outside the northern Ortho CP gates. The salvage drops randomly, so keep killing until you have all 4 pieces. Head in to Ortho CP and find Salvage Master Hamis at 355,260,42 to turn in your finds and collect 3900 credits and choice of Rifle, Fire Net Gun or Fire Polarity Gun.

Finding Samantha: Way up inside the lookout tower at -151,298,265 hides Samantha, an AFS soldier who is giving up on the fight. All she wants is the war to be over, and a big cup of hot chocolate by a fire. There are three possible answers you can give her; two of them are pretty funny, and you’re welcome to try them. However, only the “hot cocoa” answer is correct and will advance the mission properly, giving you 3000 credits and choice of new helmet.

Samantha gushes about how nice you are, and gives you a note to take up to Medic Rahish in Ortho CP. Take the waypoint over to Ortho, and find Medic Rahish at 350,260,13. Unfortunately Samantha has been cut off from psych pills. He can make up a few placebo pills, and see if they’ll help her get better on her own. Rahish will need a few dozen Lasher Tentacles, which contain a mild sedative in them. Lashers are found near ponds of water, and are plentiful back in the Raintree area. Once you have enough of them, return to Rahish for the next step. He places the tentacles in a special case, and sends you out to a specific lava pool to dunk them in for a few minutes of cooking.

For some reason, only the lava at 379,269,224 will work for this mission. Jump into the lava, only a second is needed, then head back to Ortho once more. Everything is ready, and Medic Rahish hands you the special cup of hot cocoa for Samantha. Take care not to spill it as you take the waypoint back to Raintree, and up the elevator to hand the cup over to Samantha. For being so kind to her, Samantha gives you 6000 credits and choice of Laser Pistol, Launcher or Virulent Injector Gun.

Monster Atta Guarding Nothing

There’s one final special mission to accomplish in Incline, before you move on to instances or other zones. There is a long winding path West out of Pax Oasis. Along the trail you’ll run into pockets of Atta, until you reach a hollowed out area with a promising looking Eloh Cave at the end. The cave entrance is guarded by one final Imperial Atta Soldier (at around -692,234,-268) with nearly unending regen, and took a Sapper a long time and lots of Ice Polarity Gun Canisters to destroy. If you do get this big bully dead, run up to the cave entrance to discover… your echo. This great hidden area of Incline currently seems to have nothing up its sleeve. The cave has a lock of sorts on it, but no Logos surround the cave door, and nothing seems to trigger it to open.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016