by: Taea

In the north-central region of Concordia Palisades lies a former Bane base named River-base Krimm. This Control Point is built like a wagon wheel, with pathways spanning across a river. The AFS recently gained the upper hand here, and are using the opportunity to study the Bane technology that was left behind. Under near constant attack, and with 2 force fields to secure, those using this base must be prepared to rise to its defense at any moment.

All quiet on the Krimm Front

This Control Point offers only the basics. One medical vendor for repairs and ammo replenishment, Assault and Defense Commanders for Token collection missions, and a waypoint for travel to other points on the map. Several NPCs here offer missions in the surrounding area.

Kill the Light

Captain LaFontaine in the center of the base has been studying some of the left behind data. She found that a squad of Lightbenders was sent into the nearby Warnet Caverns, for reasons unknown. You need to head north east to the Warnet Cavern Instance to find Brazix and his orders at 261,28,230. You’ll complete the mission by Radio for 2700 credits, and receive Kill the Light Part 2. Brazix has just set a bio-bomb inside the cavern, and you must disarm it. You’ll find and disarm the bomb at 163,33,298. Now you can return to Capt. LaFontaine in Krimm for your reward of 2850 credits and choice of weapon or healing disc.

To The Rescue

Capt. LaFontaine has another mission for you. You are to travel to Firebase Tango and find Colonel Genkens, then escort her through the Fithik Trench to the entrance of Devils Den. Take the waypoint to Firebase Tango (or run if you don't have the waypoint yet) and receive your first update around 189,113,-73. Jump down into the trench and follow Colonel Elle Genkens south, killing any enemies that get in your way. Don't worry, this NPC is quick and fights back! Once you get her to the Devils Den entrance at 156,73,-566, she'll zone away into the instance. Return to River Base Krimm to receive your reward of 3000 credits and choice of new helmet.

Trophy Case

Sergeant Mullen up in a bunker along the wall has a mission for you to take out some pesky Warnets. Head northeast toward the Warnet Caverns, killing warnets and taking 15 trophies. Next head inside the Warnet Caverns Instance to kill another 15, and take out Chelliak at 57,98,-82, and Tozid at 286,49,51. Return to Krimm with your trophies and Sgt Mullen will reward you with 1900 credits and choice of weapon.

Bloody Booty

Sgt. Mullen has another mission for you. East of Krimm is a Thrax Lieutenant named Barbrix who just took out 2 squads of soldiers, stomping on their heads. With your Logos abilities, you may have more success in a fight against him. You better run, because you must complete this mission before the CP falls to the Bane. Barbrix wanders with his squad around 456,119,141. Take him out, collect his boot and return to the base for your reward of 2850 credits and choice of new footgear.

Attack on the Gate


Sergeant Barrasso in another bunker in Krimm has started going a little nutty after his long tour at the base. He’s got it in his head that he can scare the Bane away with scarecrows. The scariest things he knows of are the Miasma inside Warnet Caverns. Head northeast to the instance, and collect 5 Miasma essences. Find Joahg at 148,74,116 for Pulsing Miasma Meat. Return them to Sgt. Barrasso for 2850 credits, and choice of gloves.
He’ll immediately offer you another mission called Fear Caper, which involves planting his newly created scarecrows at strategic points around the base. You plant the scarecrows by “using” the red staffs in the ground at these 4 locations: 177,108,386 - 199,113,437 - 294,112,267 - 238,113,211. After placing the final scarecrow, return to Sgt. Barrasso for 2850 credits and choice of boots.

Playing the Game

Note: This mission will only pop up when Krimm is blue flagged, and Ft. Dew is red flagged. You must complete the mission before either CP changes hands, or you will fail. Use of portable waypoints purchased from your local vendor will make this mission much easier to complete. Private Robertson is a sneaky guy that likes to pilfer stuff from his buddy in Ft. Dew. Since he’s stuck on duty here, you’re going to help him play. Take the waypoint to Viands Village and run to Ft. Dew. Fight your way into the Bane controlled base and find the hidden object as selectable loot on the ground. Cast a waypoint to quickly return to Krimm and receive your reward of 3150 credits and a new pair of pants.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016