Let's All Hide in this Cave Together

by: Taea

Staging Point, also known as Alpha Threshold on the waypoint map, is a small camp in the southeastern area of Concordia Palisades. The AFS use this spot as a re-supply point and assembly area for their operations into the Bane strongholds of Skive Base, and the Treeback Camp Instance. Inside this cave structure you will find a waypoint for ease of travel, a footlocker for storing your gear, and a medical vendor for repairs and consumable purchases. Staging Point is a hospital point, so you will be able to respawn here in the case of your death.

Approaching Skive Base

Skive Base, in the valley to the southeast, is swarming with Bane. As you approach the base, you’ll run into groups of Thrax infantry, and plenty of Hunters and Howlers waiting to stop you in your tracks. This area also houses 4 Named Thrax Technicians that are part of the 8 mini bosses required to complete the Palisades Targets of Opportunity mission.

The AFS soldiers stationed here offer several missions that will take you into the thick of battle. Are you ready for the challenge?

Info Repro
Captain McShay needs information about the Bane base to the south, and you’ve been volunteered for the job. Go south and inside the Skive Base walls, and look for the consoles containing the data chips. Supply Data is found at 571,133,-789, Topography at 718,133,-647 and Deployment Data in the machine at 686,115,-517. When you have retrieved all 3, return to Captain McShay for your reward of 3150 credits and choice of gloves.

Trick and Mortar
Field Technician McCain has been studying the Thrax Technicians. She believes each of them carries a small device containing the security passcodes that will allow access to the enemy mortars. You need to kill Thrax Technician Specialists inside the base until you receive the tech codes. Run over to a control console at 575,124,-617 and use the codes to reprogram the mortars protecting the base. Good job, soldier! You’ll see the mortars have stopped firing. Take the Tech Codes back to Field Technician McCain for your reward of 3150 credits and choice of gloves.

Grid Disruption
Field Tech McCain has more work for you. Through more of her research, she has determined the biggest flaw that Skive base has; it’s underpowered. You may be able to weaken the Bane’s position by disabling 5 of the Supplemental Generators inside the walls. You’ll find the small generators at these 5 locations:

  • 663,114,-535
  • 546,114,-571
  • 559,132,-659
  • 727,132,-658
  • 625,161,-802

Once you have destroyed the generators, return to McCain for 3150 credits and choice of weapon or repair tool.

Big Risk
Field Commander Twitty hasn’t seen a more capable soldier than you in quite a while, and he’s entrusting you with a risky mission. An AFS strike team is ready to assault the base, and all they need is a safe LZ for the dropships. The plan is to infiltrate the base and take over the Bane’s own existing landing pads. Grab the flares he gives you, then run down to the southwest portion of Skive Base. Place your first flare at LZ Alpha (759,134,-638), and the second on LZ Beta (756,134,-675). At this point you will receive a radio transmission to complete Big Risk with a reward of 3000 credits, and an order to keep the LZ secure for the incoming dropships.

That Stalker Packs a Punch!

Supporting Your Local Strike Team
Immediately after securing the LZs, another radio transmission will come in offering Supporting Your Local Strike Team. The AFS strike team is inbound, and it’s your job to keep the area secure, and escort them safely to the rear of the base. This mission is very dangerous, so as long as at least one Strike Team member makes it, you will succeed. Escort the team to the very southern portion of the base, up to the Treeback Camp zoneline. Watch that Stalker as you near the end! Just past the stalker are sneaky Bane hiding in side areas, and on platforms above. If you make it to the end, you will receive a reward of 3150 credits and choice of weapon. Note: At the time we wrote this guide, this mission was bugged and would not complete. The strike team stops just before the Treeback Camp zoneline, and will not proceed. This bug should be corrected in a future patch.

Grim Duty
Captain McShay is sending you out to retrieve the dogtags from some fallen soldiers in the field. An elite special forces team have been lost in a dropship crash near Skive Base. This mission includes an ethical parable choice. Your first stop should be the coordinates for Corporal Barbeau at 500,117,-640. You learn from him that the team knew too much, and the dropship was sabotaged by someone in HQ. Barbeau is the only surviving member of the squad. If you choose to follow orders and "Attack Barbeau", you'll spend the next 15 minutes of your life attempting to take down his incredibly regenerating health points, while avoiding his launcher fire and the surrounding Bane soldiers that wander in and out. Our level 24 Sapper was finally able to get his health down with multiple lighting strikes, and a huge amount of polarity gun ammo. After killing him and retrieving his dogtags, continue on the the other body locations.

  • Corporal Murdoch at 473,115,-464
  • Captain Smithe at 458,118,-543
  • Private Santana at 533,114,-529
  • Lieutenant Beck at 341,112,-466

When you have all the dogtags, return to Captain McShay in Staging Point to earn your reward of 3000 credits and choice of weapon.

If you choose to Abandon the Mission, a radio transmission with Following Orders will come in from HQ, yelling at you to continue your original mission. If you do decide to follow orders and kill Barbeau, mission completion will only give you 2850 credits and then your choice of new weapon. Instead, ignore this radio transmission and speak to Barbeau again to receive Secret Extraction. You need to jet up to Cumbria Research and talk to Corporal Hutchinson at the dropship pad at -822,139,657. He's happy to hear that Barbeau is still alive, and promises to send a dropship to his location to get him out. Hutchinson praises you for being "one of the good ones" and not just blindly following orders. You'll only receive 1500 credits for completing this portion, but you'll feel good about saving a fellow soldier.

Nearby Logos

Symbol Name Area of Palisades Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Tomorrow Outside the Staging Point cave and to the left 833.8, -402.4
Yours Inside the Skive Base, take the first left then first right which will lead outside. 681.0, -800.3

Key Kills

Monster Name Area of Palisades Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Sinatrix Entrance to Skive Base, before the force fields 595, -457 and wanders the area
Mirtanz NW of Skive Base 400, -535
Lawfoid NW of Skive Base 385, -405
Davinx NW of Skive Base 435, -295

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016