by: Odysseus

When Mires is suffering from too much lag, take a break and run an instance. The instances in Mires don’t suffer from the lag that the open zone has. The Fluxite Mines is a fun instance to run, and there are both indoor and outdoor settings in the instance. Snipers really work well in outdoor settings, so recruit a sniper for your squad. They will be especially helpful at the end with the dreaded mortars. The enemy is level 27-29 in the instance, so make your own choice about soloing or joining a squad.

Before you enter the instance, make sure you have the “Supplies in Flux” mission from Corporal Cooper (who is in Outpost Condor Medical Tent). Corporal Cooper will give you several missions to run in the Fluxite Mines area, but you have to run them one at a time. [Some people refer to missions to the same area that are handed out one-at-a-time as FedEx missions. Others use the term “wash-rinse-repeat” to describe these missions.] The “Supplies in Flux” mission is given as one of the last FedEx-type missions from Corporal Cooper.

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Where are the Engineers in this Picture?

Also, if you are still holding the completed “The Truth About Tahrendra” mission and cannot find Specialist Tran in Outpost Condor, as per its mission description, you will be pleased to find her in the Fluxite Mines instance. Be sure and turn in that mission when you see her (if you have completed it).

There are two ways to get to the entrance of the instance. One way is to run from Outpost Condor along the north edge of the map until you come to a long tunnel that leads to a bridge that, in turn, leads to the entrance of the instance. If you take this path, you will visit the same Thrax grenadier fellas in the Fluxite Mines area (from earlier FedEx-type missions) before the long tunnel and the Bane boss (a level 33 purple Thrax rifleman named Honjerhyn at -412, 257, 878) on the bridge. The other option is to take the transporter to Bailey’s Blunder, and run north to the instance.

Once inside the instance, you will meet Specialist Tran, and she will give you the mission “Hacking the System”. Enter the Main Passage, take the first set of stairs and go left at the top of the stairs. Once you reach the Main Computer Operations Room, you’ll need to protect her for three minutes while she hacks the system. As the countdown timer nears zero, a boss hunter named Taskmaster Nartib (lvl. 28) will arrive to remind you that you forgot to sign the guest register before entering the computer room. After you zap him, take a look at the Linkers who occupy the Command Chairs. Most mainframe operators we know knit sweaters/scarfs/socks, read romance novels or eat fast food the majority of the time. In the future, mainframe operators apparently are required to have a rather shocking neural interface to the mainframe.

Specialist Tran is fired up about her completed hacking job (thanks to your overwatch skills), and you can choose from CryoGen Hazmat Armor Boots (blue), a Pathogex Reflective Armor Vest (blue) or Audiodyne Reflective Armor Legs (blue) as your reward. You will then get the “A State of Flux” mission from Specialist Tran. Her description of that mission mentions the *dreaded* Tesla Coils, but they are spread apart, and we found them to be little more than static. While you are in the Mining Chamber dispatching Bane and the Tesla Coils, look on the ground to find the small-ish Bane Canisters. You will need to loot these canisters to obtain the Raw Fluxite needed for the “Supplies in Flux” mission.

You will eventually make it to a fluxite conveyor system, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot go for a ride on the conveyor belt :-(. The path to the left of the conveyor system leads to Mine Foreman Esoobac who carries the shutdown code you need. The path to the right of the conveyor belt leads to a Brann named Anuj. Note where he is, but do not accept his mission at this time. There will be more on Anuj later in this guide.

Once you get the shutdown code from Mine Foreman Esoobac, use the Keypass Scanner on the computer. The “A State of Flux” mission then requires you to stop the conveyor system. Look directly under the Keypass Scanner to find the Computer Terminal needed to stop the conveyor system. If you cannot see the Computer Terminal, blast the floating brains (officially called a “Brain Console”) underneath the Keypass Scanner, and then you’ll be able to see the keyboard clearly. The mission complete message comes via radio, and you can choose from Phoenix Mech Armor Legs (blue), Astra Graviton Armor Boots (blue) or a Vextronics Electric Pistol (blue). Note that the mission completion message has a typo stating “Operations Completed: 2/3”, but you should not be worried about the typo.

Headquarters then sends you the radio mission “Capturing Supply Lines” which will direct you to the landing zone. When passing through the Ore Prep Chamber, stop at 351, 105, 484, and look to your left to find a cave. This cave leads to the logos Neph. This is the only logos in any of the three instances in Mires.

Clear the Ventilation room, and head towards to the Vapor Chasm. Once inside the Vapor Chasm (which is a really cool lava room if you ask me), dispatch the various Bane including Overseer Yzzil who is on the third bridge just before the Dropship Area.

The mortars in the Dropship Area seem tougher than they are marked (lvl 27-29). Be aware that the Thrax Engineers will try to revive the mortar as soon as you destroy it, so be sure you discourage them from doing that. If you have a sniper in your squad (or if you are a sniper), most of the mortars had clear line-of-sight along the pathway leading up the mountain. This could provide a one-shot one-kill opportunity. After destroying the last mortar, HQ sends you the radio completion message, and the rewards to choose from are an AccuMax Rocket Launcher (blue), an AccuMax Cryogenic Net Gun (blue), or an AccuMax Pulse Pistol (blue).

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Where are the Engineers in this Picture?

There is a Flight Control area at the top of the hill past the last mortar. Feel free to explore that space, but while there are Security CPU Units in the room they seem to have no purpose. [There are also assorted switches and computer terminals throughout this instance that also seem to have no purpose.] There are no Bane in the Flight Control area.

Now that you’ve cleared the Dropship Area, run back and speak with Anuj. It may seem senseless to double-back for that mission when you could have picked it up on your way, but, as of this writing, it is only way to ensure the Brann survive at the end. The first time we ran Fluxite Mines, we picked up Anuj’s mission on the way, but when we completed it in the Dropship Area, two of the three Brann ran straight into the first mortar and died. Okay, that was weird. Anuj had a second mission, but after we accepted it, he ran straight into the first mortar, and (you guessed it) died. You will then be left to wonder: “What’s the point of my escorting you Brann here if you are just going to run straight into the mortar and die?!?” Also, since Anuj doesn’t respawn, you will fail his second mission when you leave this instance.

The second time we ran this instance, we picked up Anuj’s first mission on the way and then planned to clear the Dropship Area before completing that mission. We figured the Brann would stay put while we were clearing the mortars since they were no longer in “follow” mode after we entered the Dropship Area. When we went to take out the first mortar, the three Brann stayed in place until, at the last moment, two of them joined in the mortar fight. With the mortar’s last gasp, it killed both of them with one shot before we killed it. Okay, this is really getting annoying. So the only way to keep them alive, and we confirmed this with the game support folks, is to clear the Dropship Area, and then run the Anuj missions.

Once you’ve run back to Anuj, pick up the “Making a Run For It” mission. With the Brann in tow, double-time it back to the Dropship Area to complete the “Making a Run For It” mission. Anuj will then give you the “Flashback” mission which has a good story relating to the Tahrendra Base instance. The rewards for both of the mission are pitiful, and hardly seem worth all the trouble, but we wanted to complete the story line.

In the Dropship Area there is a transporter near where the first mortar was that will take you back to the beginning of the instance. After you leave the instance, be sure to see Corporal Cooper at Outpost Condor to turn in “Supplies in Flux”.

RadarX Note: If you are wondering what the purpose of the building above the landing pad is for, so are we. There are a few Bane in it and appears to be a control tower but don't look too hard, you are done with the instance.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016