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If you thought Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa’s Torden Plains was inhospitable, you'll likely find Torden Incline to be downright hostile thanks to on going battles and volcanic activity. Plains Post is the first stop you'll make in the Incline zone sitting right at the entrance to Plains. Your mission progression will lead you here and provide a few simple objectives that will not only hand out some good experience but give you the lay of the land.

You first enter Incline from Plains via the tunnel northwest of Mt. Hellas. Upon zoning into Incline, you’re greeted by the welcome sight of an AFS Mech, and a small grouping of tents that comprise this area’s base for the AFS. Note: When Patch 1.5 hits the live servers at the end of February, Plains Post gets upgraded. The map’s Dropship pad is moved near the waypoint, the hospital spawn point becomes a PvP safe zone, and the whole base is surrounded by a protective wall.

A Preview of the new Plains Post

Standing near the waypoint at 122,238,-252 is Captain Caruthers with the Incline Targets of Opportunity mission. Completing this long mission line takes patience, but you will be rewarded with lots of experience and, of course, a clone credit.

Head over to Receptive Liaison Sage at 137,233,-268 to complete the Report to Liaison Sage mission that you received in Torden Plains. Sage has a short list of Logos he wants you to acquire while you’re in the region. Logos Near, Teleport, Clarity and Death, Create and Hide are all out there waiting for you. True to form, however, you’ll have to find a few other unmentioned Logos, without any guidance from him. Liaison Sage also gives you your next Receptive contact in the Mires zone: Report to Liaison Maddox.

Fried Atta: Munitions Expert Sal waits at 165,232,-283 for someone to make a delivery inside the Ojasa Atta Hive. Sal has made the hottest flame thrower ammo ever for the troops inside. Sadly, someone should have told her that Atta are immune to fire. With a successful delivery you will earn 3750 credits and choice of EMP Bombs, Adrenaline Boosters or Grenades.

Gunnery Sergeant Obahmi at 158,233,-269 has been expecting you. Talk to him to complete the Go to Incline, Young Soldier mission from Plains, and pick up your 2500 credits and choice of consumable. Gunny Obahmi then orders you to Deliver Mire Station Field Report to Commander Foletto quickly. You’ll find him easily, as Obahmi says, “since his big mouth spews out obscenities louder than the bombs explode. Just follow the trail of weeping soldiers.” The trail leads west to Nyxroq Post, inside the bunker at -248,232,-204. Hand over that report, soldier, and make it snappy because Commander Foletto “ain’t got all day, despite the near-endless puke green sunshine on this crap-hole.” You’ve proved useful, so you get 2700 credits and choice of consumables.

Helping Parsons: Private Parsons is chillin’ at 165,232,-283. Apparently Parsons has a problem with his attitude towards officers, and has earned himself a few extra duties. You wouldn’t want the pitiful Private getting his hands dirty, so it’s time to help him out. Travel north to Control Point: Ortho and find Supply Sergeant Otto inside the armor/weapons merchant building at 324,260,17. Take warning now, Otto is not all there. Hand over your requisition form from Parsons, and wait for your mission to update with the next task. This part is very buggy, and you need to make sure the mission progresses correctly. Once you have your new orders, look down and harvest Mires Pass and Plains Post Supplies from the crate at his feet.

Travel southwest down to Mires Post and find Lt. Gerry behind some boxes at -331,222,-446. Deliver the supplies and have him sign your form, then pop back up to Plains Post and Private Parsons again. Hand over his supplies and get a signature on the form, then waypoint back to Ortho CP. Return the signed requisition form to Supply Sergeant Otto, receiving praise for a job well done, along with 2500 credits and choice of Med Packs, Power Chargers or Grenades.

Gerry Rigging: Private Parsons has one more thing for you to do. He has another box that needs to be taken down to Mires Post. Go back to Lt. Gerry in Mires Post and deliver the long awaited box of … screws. Apparently Gerry is a big fan of machine parts and he’s sending you out to collect some extender arm pieces from Warden Bots. You can find lots of these guys around Raksha Robotics Factory, so wander east of Plains Post/south of Ortho and start taking these guys down. They are a real pain in the robotic butt, and EMP bombs won’t help you. Fire based weapons will give you the fastest kills. After collecting 25 arms, return to Mires Post and talk to Gerry. Did you miss Crazy Otto at Ortho? Good, because Lt. Gerry is sending you with another requisition for Otto. Back up to Ortho you go to turn in the requisition and earn yourself 4200 credits and a new pair of gloves.

Darn Dirty Robots: Parsons, Parsons. Does he ever do his own work? Now he wants you to gather parts so he can build his own super battle robot (so that’s what Lt. Gerry is working on). This is going to be one huge creation, as he needs 30 Atta heads, 50 Bot Extender Arms and a Stalker Energy Cell. The Atta are found in the western part of the zone, the Ojasa Highlands. They are immune to fire and electric. You’ll find a good laser shotgun to be most effective in killing these. Stalkers are found just north of Ortho in the Pinnacle Badlands region, and bots are up in the hills above Nyxroq Post or around Raksha Robotics Factory. Gather all the pieces and head back to Parsons for 4500 credits and choice of new weapon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016