by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Deep in enemy territory on the eastern side of Concordia Palisades is the extensive and heavily fortified Skive Base. Protected by dozens of Thrax infantry, artillery, and a Stalker or two it will come as no surprise infiltrating this facility is challenging for anyone around level 20. If the task is so daunting, why would you want to get inside? Great question! Within this base is an instance called the Treeback Camp which will provide you and your squad with an incredible experience and some decent rewards.

Treeback is designed for players around 20 and requires a squad if you intend to finish it near this level. The instance may appear small from the map, but expect to have participated in a major AFS
assault and assist in killing hundreds of Thrax before the day is through. It does scale to the number of squad members so the more friends you bring, the more ammo you'll expend.

The first thing you'll want to do is head to Treeback Village and grab the mission called Treeback Beachead from Colonel Almos around -290.0, 178.0, -543.6. Next pop in to Ft. Dew for Treeback Field Report from Sgt. Longshanks, and A Bottle of the Good Stuff from Captain Tayros. Then head to the Skive Base and infiltrate it which is easier said then done. You'll need to get through two shields and make your way into the large building in the background. Head straight down the tunnel and at the very end you'll see the instance entrance.

Just inside you'll meet up with Field Lt. Bagby who will update A Bottle of the Good Stuff and reward you with some credits and choice of boots or legs. He also completes Treeback Beachead with 1700 credits and your choice of a Class III EMP Bomb, Class III Fragmentation Grenade, or Class III Standard Med Pack. Bagby will give you a new mission called Retake the Forward Base. Head out of the entrance area and you'll see a Field Medic standing near some sandbags. A trail to his right will lead you into a group of Bane security which you will have to eliminate. Access the computer terminal at -398.4, 105.7, 266.3 and keep the area secure until Bagby shows up a few moments later. This will complete Retake the Forward Base giving you 1700 credits and your choice of a Class III Standard Med Pack, Class III Concussion Grenade, or Class III EMP Bomb.

After completing Retake the Forward Base, Bagby will offer you a new mission called Treeback Research which will require you to simply meet up with Louden. Head east through a sizeable Bane encounter which is easier to attack at range thanks to shield bots. You'll end up about 75 meters from the energy shield protecting the base and speak with Louden who will update your mission. You'll now begin the missions Open the Gate and Check the Ridge which are on opposite hills to the north and south. Heading up the north hill to the bunker (try not to kill the Howler's) Check the Ridge will update. You'll find a Commando Squad Leader inside at -126.7, 120.3, 217.0 which will begin Howling Revenge. Now you can kill all the Howler's you want.

Killing the Howler's will complete Howler's Revenge (you'll find more later in the zone if you killed some accidentally) and you can return to Louden to complete Check the Ridge which oddly enough gives you Class VII rewards. Head up the path winding the north hill and assault the bunker using the machine at -206.8, 116.4, 50.6 to shut down the forcefield and return to Louden. It's time to infiltrate the base itself but make sure to speak with Lt. Galloway who completes Treeback Field Report with 1800 credits and choice of vest, and gives you a mission to take out a few named Bane called Cut Off the Head.

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Just inside the gates a dropship will swoop in and unload a few AFS Mech's and soldiers, one of which is Commander Kendrick. Kendrick will give you a mission called Sabotage which will require you to take out some power conduits. Now there are a ton of missions, so just for review you should have the following at this point:

Cut off the Head
Howler's Revenge (if you haven't finished it)

As you stand inside the forcefield gate and hug the left wall you'll find a path leading up a hill. It basically runs around the western edge of the map with towers at certain intervals. In these towers you'll find small targetable generators which are your power conduits so destroy them. Continue east from the last tower and you'll find a small Bane controlled pen which you'll need to assault and retake. After some reinforcements inside arrive, walk out and the Security Chief for Cut Off the Head should spawn around 276.8, 142.2, 290.3.

Now that Sabotage is complete, it's time to backtrack and finish Cut off the Head. To the northwest, inside the Treeback pen around 114.0, 122.4, 391.6 you'll find Researcher Amuaggor who has a LOT of friends so tread carefully. Once you've eliminated him, look for the Hunter Lord Cromak wandering around south towards the forcefield around -25.8, 104.4, 144.4. Next, head back to Lt. Galloway at the entrance to the forcefield who will complete Cut Off the Head and give you a final mission called Finishing Move.

All there is left to do is kill the Base Commander in the southeast corner of the map around 222.5, 128.8, -179.1. You can essentially follow the road that leads through the map if you get confused. He resides in a bunker up on a hill and is surrounded by a sizable group of infantry. Kill him and his friends and you will have completed your last objective and can walk away satisfied everything important in here is dead and an Area Opertaion is done.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016