Diffuse a Bomb, Be a Hero

by: Taea

Warnet Caverns is an instance for those in the mid-late teens, found in Northeast Concordia Palisades. Because they seem to love dark and damp caves so much, the AFS is attempting to establish operations in the cave system, but are struggling against the prolific Warnet population. Along with the flying bugs are a bunch of the pesky Miasma, and a few Bane infiltrators. You can reach Warnet Caverns by taking the Waypoint to Lake Elinor, then running along the cliffs above the Lake to the Cave entrance.

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Joagh Lurks in the Caverns

Before entering Warnet Caverns, make a trip to River-Base Krimm in Palisades to pick up a few missions. Sergeant Barrasso has started going a little nutty after his long tour at the base. He offers you Scarecrow, to go do a little Miasma hunting for him. Captain LaFontaine has discovered that a squad of Lightbenders was sent into the Warnet Caverns, for reasons unknown. She wants you to Kill the Light. Sergeant Mullen needs help to fill his Trophy Case with Warnet parts.

As you enter Warnet Caverns, you’ll first see the Field Medic for the instance. Take this chance to repair your gear, and buy any supplies you’ll need. Standing near the medic are 3 AFS Information Specialists (ie: scientific non combatants) that just look like they need a special friend to take them somewhere. Information Spec. Sides needs to get access to the data stored in the remote research stations, but they haven’t come online yet. He needs you to Reset the Research Stations, and clear the area for the scientists to make it through. Make your way down the tunnel and start killing the warnets you come across. Remember that warnets are immune to electric attacks, but physical and laser weapons will do just fine. Each warnet you kill will add to your Trophy count of 15.

Make your way to the ramp up at 65,77,82 and head to the passage that takes you south into Research Base Camp. As you enter the open cave room, you’ll have a lot of warnets to kill to your right and to the left. Clear out all of them, and make your way to the upper platform at 53,98,-82. A level 19 warnet named Chelliak is here for you to kill, and will update your Trophy Case mission. Once Chelliak is dead, open the nearby crate for a prize, then follow the mission indicators on your map to the 3 research station terminals, and reboot them. Info Spec Sides runs in to complete Reset the Research Stations with a reward of 2700 credits and choice of injector gun, gloves or helmet. This mission also completes an operation for the Palisades ToO.

Note: at any time after you leave the first Research Base Camp, random Lightbenders can pop out and attack you. Be prepared!

At this point you’ll see Info Spec Brumley run up to 68,87,-31, asking for an Escort to Remote Station 3. Head back out of this room to the north, and take the tunnels east. You’re going to find your first miasma to collect essences for Scarecrow. The nasty Joahg twins, level 18 and 19 miasmas stand ready to attack you at 148,74,117. Kill them to get a Pulsing Miasma Meat from the larger guy for Scarecrow. Continue east through the Lower Passage tunnel at 172,66,124 to The Dig Site, where a few more miasma and warnets wait. You receive an update for getting Brumley here safely, and will be able to complete the mission for 2700 credits and choice of Legs, Helmet or Shotgun.

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Metal Container for the Queen Lure

Info Spec Brumley has confirmed that there is some kind of Logos disturbance in the caves, possibly tied to a Warnet Queen. You need to Create the Queen Lure to draw her out and see what is causing the problem. Find the nearby metal container at 142,36,49, and grab free loot in the crate at 142,36,52. Run back out the way you came and head back toward the Research Base Camp near the beginning of the instance. Along the way you need to kill more warnets to collect the parts for your lure. Info Spec Gooding waits for you at 35,97,-83 to create the Lure and complete that mission with 2700 credits and choice of leech gun, boots or legs.

Now that you have your lure, Info Spec Gooding tells you to Kill the Queen. You are to run to her lair and place the lure. Once she is out in the open, kill her and retrieve whatever Eloh artifact has got her all in a tizzy. Head out of her and to the east, this time taking the Upper Passage toward Bug City in the far east. Look up, because you will need to destroy the Hanging Hives in order to get Tozid to spawn at 282,49,41. Kill Tozid for a Trophy Case update, then open the nearby crate. Leave bug city to the north, following the eastern wall down into the large, open cavern in the northeast. Waiting to greet you at 236,28,255 is Brazix, a level 19 Lightbender that holds Brazix’s Orders for Kill the Light. You’ll receive a radio transmission to complete the mission for 2700 credits, and another transmission offering Kill the Light part II. The information in Brazix’s orders show that a Bio Bomb was placed in the cavern to infect all the Warnets, and you need to stop it. Follow the mission indicator on your map to the bomb’s location at 164,33,298 and diffuse it.

With the bomb taken care of, head back toward the entrance to this giant cavern, and place the Queen Lure at the glowing red staff in the ground. Drop down into the Lake bed and kill the level 19 Queen Warnet Matriarch and friends that appear at 275,1,334. Loot the Queen’s body to recover a Goo Covered Object, which is your Eloh Artifact update. Note: at the time of this guide, placing the lure is broken. You should drop straight down into the lake bed and move forward to make the Queen spawn. You should be able to then kill and loot her normally. Return to Info Spec Brumley all the way back at the beginning of the map for your reward of 3800 credits and choice of net gun, leech gun or pistol. Congratulations! You have completed the instance. Exit Warnet Caverns and return to River-Base Krimm in Concordia Palisades to turn in and complete Scarecrow, Kill the Light part II, and Trophy Case.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016