This build is designed for Conquest Structured Player versus Player


The Terrormancer relies heavily on bursting conditions on an opponent while they’re feared. This allows them to deal maximum damage while their opponent is unable to do anything. With a variety of ways in which to cause Fear, it’s relatively easy to chain the skill back to back to keep opponents away from you. To be effective however the build requires excellent use of positioning.

Weapon Sets and Skills

Skill Variants

  • Flesh Wurm over Signet of Spite
  • Spectral Wall over Signet of Spite
  • Both of the above variants offer significantly different utility. Flesh Wurm allows you to teleport short distances which is great for kiting but it is a little buggy. Spectral Wall is brilliant when fighting against melee players.


Trait Variants


Sigil Variants

Runes and Amulet

  • Rabid Amulet
  • Superior Rune of Krait

Rune Variants

Play and Usage

  • Condition Cleanse: Two of the Terrormancer’s strongest skills are Putrid Mark (Staff) and Dealthy Swarm (Dagger). The reason why they’re so strong is because they remove conditions you are affected by and place them back onto your target. You should save these skills as much as possible to ensure your target suffers heavily when you use them.
  • Utilising Marks: Your Staff’s Marks are incredibly powerful but you often see many Necromancer’s use these before they see any opponents. Don’t do this. Only use your Marks when you know a target will trigger them as these are key to overwhelming your opponents with conditions.
  • Fear Spike: The primary method of killing an opposing player as a Necromancer is Fearing them while they have conditions on them. You can do this by using Reaper’s Mark or Doom once you have loaded them up with conditions. Using both Fear’s back to back is also a viable approach.
  • Signet Use: Signet of Spite is incredibly powerful when combined with your Marks but it is easily dodged. Ensure that you only use your Signet when your opponent is Feared, that way it is guaranteed to land.
  • Positioning: A Necromancer has few if any methods of escape. As a result, you’re a damage sponge and at times a liability to your team. If you don’t position yourself properly you can die in seconds leaving your team with a man down. You should always try to be as far away from a fight as possible and positioned so that you are near obstacles or ledges you can leap up/down from. Only when under heavy fire should you use your Flesh Wurm teleport or Spectral Walk.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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