Auric Basin is the zone that follows directly on from Verdant Brink. It has much less verticality but still requires you to obtain Hero Points across all levels. With 11 Hero Points available, some are gated much more. You’ll need:

1. Basic Gliding

2. Adrenal Mushrooms

3. Bouncing Mushrooms

4. Exalted Markings

5. Nuhoch Wallows and/or Ley Line Gliding

Please also note that your zone will have to successfully complete the Meta event at Tarir in order to access one of the Hero Points.

1. Young Mushrooms Hero Point (Tarnished Treetop)

Mastery Required: Basic Gliding

Difficulty: 2+

Directions: From Tarnished Treeptop jump down and glide to the floor below. With a friend you can easily bring down the Champion mushroom.

2. Toxin Cured Hog Hero Point (South of Tarnished Treetop)

Mastery Required: Adrenal Mushrooms and Bouncing Mushrooms

Difficulty: Soloable

Directions: Head south from Tarnished Treeptop down to ground level and you’ll see a hole on your right hand side. You need to jump down, interact with the corpse on the floor and then use the mushroom to bounce out. You then consume the bacon and suffer the poison for the duration. It’s best to consume the bacon once you’re back to full health as you can then survive it. I should also mention that once you eat the bacon, you can heal yourself but it’s only once every 8 seconds and it isn’t for very much. As a side note, I have been told that if you take a regeneration booster as well as a Mango Pie, you’ll be able to heal through the poison without the Mastery. Having tried this on my Guardian (with 12K HP) it wasn’t possible - I still failed (even when being splash healed). With a Chronomancer using Alacrity it might be possible but I’m unsure if ArenaNet have patched this out.

3. Suspicious Orichalcum Hero Point (West of Maguuma Shallows)

Mastery Required: N/A

Difficulty: 3 preferred

Directions: From the Northwatch Waypoint head directly south and interact with the node. The Champion Arrowhead will appear. He has two main attacks: a roll and a tail smash. The roll will almost certainly kill you and the tail smash also does huge damage. Keep your distance and be sure to break his breakbar so that you can deal extra damage.

4. Burnisher Quarry Hero Point (Northeast of Northwatch Waypoint)

Mastery Required: Nuhoch Wallows or Ley Line Gliding (or a Mesmer with those Masteries willing to portal you).

Difficulty: Soloable

Directions: If you have Nuhoch Wallows, interact with the one just near Tarnished Treetop. If you don’t but have Leyline Gliding, head northeast from the Northwatch Waypoint and follow the path. If you don’t have either you can always ask a mesmer to teleport you across.

5. Notice to Trespassers Hero Point (Northeast of Eastwatch Waypoint)

Mastery Required: N/A

Difficulty: 2+ (3 preferred)

If you're struggling to reach Eastwatch Waypoint you access it by heading south from Burnisher Quarry Hero Point and climbing the wall. 

Directions: If you head Northeast from Eastwatch Waypoint you’ll quickly reach the Hero Point by climbing a series of mushrooms sticking out from a tree.

6. Exalted Overlook Hero Point (South of Northwatch Waypoint)

Mastery Required: Basic Gliding

Difficulty: 2+ (3 preferred)

Directions: Head south from Northwatch Waypoint and follow the path south. Once inside Tarir, look out over the ledge and you'll see the Hero Point infront of you in the distance. Just jump off and fly towards it. 

7. Exalted Overlook Hero Point (Underneath Forgotten City Waypoint)

Mastery Required: N/A

Difficulty: 2+ (3 preferred)

Directions: Only available if you win the Auric Basin Meta Event, below the Forgotten City Waypoint (down the hole) is a tunnel. You simply follow the path to the Champion at the end. 

8. Notice to Trespassers Hero Point (Northeast of Eastwatch Waypoint)

Mastery Required: Mushroom Jumping and Basic Gliding (or Ley Line Gliding/a Leap/Experimental Rifle)

Difficulty: 2+ (3 preferred)

Climb up the mushroom's and at the top, turn left towards the large tree. 

At the top of the tree, aim towards the black spot on the stone (marked)

Directions: From Westwatch Waypoint follow the path south. When you reach a point in the road where 3 Mushroom's are on your left hand side, use them to climb up the wall. At the top, make your way forwards until you reach a large tree on your left. Climb up the tree and if you turn around, you'll see a large rock in front of you. On the corner of the rock is a black "spot". If you climb to the highest point on the tree and turn around, you can jump and instantly open your gliding wings. Aim directly for the black spot and you'll land on it, allowing you to jump onto the ledge. Alternatively, you can use a large leap (such as Dragonhunter Wings of Resolve) but it's tricky to do and requires perfect positioning near the end of the tree, or use an Experimental Rifle from Orr. Once on top, just run forwards and jump off the cliff edge, landing on the vine which you can then work your way across towards the Golem (follow the path). Officially, you're supposed to use the Ley Line Flight Mastery to bypass the vine, but this method allows you to avoid the need for it so early. 

9. Mordrem Flower Hero Point (South of Eastwatch Waypoint)

Mastery Required: Mushroom Jumping

Difficulty: 2+ (3 preferred)

Directions: Head south from Eastwatch Waypoint, following the path. When you reach the clearing, jump on the mushroom and just continue to follow the path into the cave. You'll need at least 2 friends to help you clear the Champion. 

10. Balthazar's Statue (Southwest of Southwatch Waypoint)

Mastery Required: Exalted Lore and Mushroom Jumping (or have someone teleport you in and stealth you). 

Difficulty: 2+ (3 preferred)

Directions: Head south from Southwatch Waypoint and follow the path west. You'll reach a vine covered gate that you need to bypass using Exalted Lore Mastery. Once inside, move to the second door in front of you to face the boss. He deals huge damage and will also set the floor on fire. You need to escape the flames using the mushrooms to bounce higher. Alternatively, have a thief stealth you in and interact with the Hero Point whilst hidden. It saves you fighting. 

11. Egg Cluth Hero Point (South of Chak Hollow Waypoint)

Mastery Required: N/A

Difficulty: 2+ (3 preferred)

Directions: From Chack Hollow Waypoint head south and cut through the tree line straight ahead and up the hill. Follow the path right and down into the cave. Be aware the Champion enemy within can kill in one hit and his tail projectile hurts!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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