Here's the detailed Crafting Compendium for our H1Z1 Survivor's Handbook. It contains all crafting components, subcomponents, and open-world resources (including best-known sources for where they are harvested from). This extended list includes all current and known craftables as well future ones that we should be seeing in the imminent and upcoming weeks/months.


All-in-One Cold Medicine - Found in the open-world.
Animal Fat - Acquired from harvesting animal carcasses.
Animal Pelt - (Coming Soon)
[Animal] Meat - Acquired from harvesting animal carcasses.
Branch - Acquired from harvesting bushes.
Canteen - Found in the open-world.
Canned Food (all types) - Found in the open-world.
Corn Seeds - (Coming Soon)
Deer Bladder - Acquired from Deer carcasses.
Duct Tape - Found in the open-world.
Empty Bottle - Found in the open-world.
Empty Syringe - Found in the open-world.
Fertilizer - Found in the open-world.
Ground Coffee - Found in the open-world.
Hyperpheron - Found in the open-world.
Metal Shards - Acquired from salvaged Scrap Metal.
MRE's (all types) - Found in the open-world.
Packet of Sugar - Found in the open-world.
Pocket Lint - (Coming Soon)
Salt Packet - Found in the open-world.
Scrap Metal - Found in the open-world.
Scrap of Cloth - Acquired from shredding cloth material (clothes, containers).
Spool of Twine - Found in the open-world.
Tarp - Found in the open-world.
[Vehicle] Car Battery - Found in the open-world.
[Vehicle] Head Lights - Found in the open-world.
[Vehicle] Motor - Found in the open-world.
[Vehicle] Sparkplugs - Found in the open-world.
[Vehicle] Turbo - Found in the open-world.
Water (Dirty, Stagnant, Clean, Purified) - Found in the open-world.
Wood Stick - Acquired from harvesting small trees.
Wood Log - Acquired from cutting down medium trees.
Wheat Seeds - (Coming Soon)
Yeast Starter - (Coming Soon)

Craftable Materials

Backpack Frame - 4x Plank, 4x Nail
Biofuel - 1x Animal Fat (requires cooking unit)
Cloth Sheet - (Coming Soon)
Charcoal - 2x Wood Log (requires cooking unit).
Ethanol - (Coming Soon)
Extracted H1Z1 Virus - 1x Empty Syringe (harvested from Zombie carcass).
Flour - (Coming Soon)
Gunpowder - 1x Charcoal, 1x Fertilizer
Leather - (Coming Soon)
Metal Bar - 1x Scrap Metal
Metal Bits - 1x Scrap Metal
Metal Bracket - 1x Scrap Metal
Metal Pipe - 2x Sheet of Metal
Metal Shards - 1x Scrap Metal
Nail - 1x Metal Shard
Sheet of Metal - 2x Metal Bar
Wood Plank - 1x Wood Log
Wood Stick - 1x Wood Plank

Storage Containers & Clothing

Backpacks (all non-crafted) - Found in the open-world.
Clothing (all types) - Found in the open-world.
Framed Backpack - 1x Satchel, 1x Backpack Frame
Satchel - 6x Scrap of Cloth
Stash - Use 1x Hand Shovel
Storage Container - 4x Wood Plank, 1x Metal Bracket, 1x Nail

Food & HEALTH Consumables

Blackberry Juice - 5x Blackberry, 1x Purified Water
Blackberry Pie - 8x Blackberry, 1x Packet of Sugar, 1x Flour
Coffee - 1x Ground Coffee, 1x Purified Water (requires and must be combined in cooking unit)
Coffee with Sugar - 1x Coffee, 1x Packet of Sugar
Cooked [Meat] - 1x [Animal] Meat (requires cooking unit)
Jerky [Meat] - 1x Cooked [Animal] Meat, 1x Salt Packet
[Meat] Sandwich - 1x Cooked [Animal] Meat, 1x Survival Bread
Purified Water - 1x Water Bottle (clean, dirty, or stagnant - requires cooking unit)
Roasted Corn - 1x Corn (requires cooking unit)
Corn Mash - 1x Corn, 1x Purified Water, 1x Yeast
Survival Bread - 1x Flour, 1x Purified Water
Survivalist Borscht - 1x Purified Water, 1x Salt Packet, 1x Roels Sliced Beats
Swizzle - 1x All-in-One Cold Medicine, 1x Packet of Sugar, 1x Purified Water
Yeast - 1x Yeast Starter

Tools, Equipment, & Medicine

Anti-Biotics - Found in the open-world.
Bandage - 2x Scrap of Cloth
Saline - 1x Salt Packet, 1x Purified Water
First Aid Kit - 1x Saline, 1x Bandage
Animal Trap - 4x Nail, 4x Wood Plank, 1x Wood Stick
Axe (Wood and Fireaxe) - Found in the open-world.
Bow-Drill - 1x Scrap of Cloth, 1x Wood Plank, 1x Wood Stick
Binoculars - Found in the open-world.
Bar-B-Que - 8x Scrap Metal, 3x Metal Pipe
Campfire - 2x Wood Log
Combat Knife - 1x Sheet of Metal, 1x Wood Stick
Compass - Found in the open-world.
Crowbar - Found in the open-world.
Deer Scent - 1x Deer Bladder, 1x Scrap of Cloth
Dew Collector - 1x Tarp, 2x Wood Plank
Ethanol Torch - (Coming Soon)
Flare (smoke) - 1x Fertilizer, 1x Packet of Sugar, 1x Scrap of Cloth
Furnace - 1x Metal Bracket, 8x Scrap Metal
Ground Tamper - 2x Wood Stick, 1x Sheet of Metal
Ground Tiller - 1x Wood Stick, 1x Metal Shard, 1x Metal Pipe
Hammer - 1x Metal Bar, 1x Wood Stick
Hand Shovel - 1x Metal Shard, 1x Wood Stick
Hatchet with Leather Grip - 1x Makeshift Hatchet, 1x Leather
Improvised Compass - 1x Metal Shard, 1x Purified Water
Lighter - Found in the open-world.
Machete - 2x Sheet of Metal, 2x Wood Plank
Makeshift Hatchet - 1x Scrap Metal, 1x Wood Stick
Rigged Light - 1x Car Battery, 1x [Vehicle] Headlights
Snare - 1x Metal Shard, 1x Sheet of Metal
Torch - 1x Animal Fat, 1x Branch, 1x Scrap of Cloth
TorchFork - 1x Duct Tape, 3x Torch, 1x Wood Spear
Wrench - 2x Metal Bar, 1x Wood Stick

Weapons, Explosives, Traps, & AMMUNITION

1911 Pistol - Found in the open-world.
308 Rifle - Found in the open-world.
AR15 - Found in the open-world.
Ammo (gun, all types) - Found in the open-world.
Arrow - 1x Wood Stick
Baseball Bat - Found in the open-world.
Barbed Wire - 4x Metal Shard, 4x Wood Stick
Exploding Arrow - (Coming Soon)
Flaming Arrow - (Coming Soon)
Grenade - (Coming Soon)
Improvised Explosive Devise - 1x Scrap of Cloth, 1x Land Mine
Impaling Trap - 1x Punji Sticks
Land Mine - 1x Gunpowder, 1x Metal Shard, 1x Sheet of Metal
Makeshift Bow - 1x Scrap of Cloth, 1x Wood Stick
Makeshift Shotgun - (Coming Soon)
Makeshift Shotgun Trap - (Coming Soon)
Molotov Cocktail - 1x Empty Bottle, 1x Moonshine, 1x Scrap of Cloth
No Brainer - 1x Metal Pipe, 1x Metal Bar
Pump-Shotgun - Found in the open-world.
Punji Sticks - 8x Wood Stick
Tin-Can Grenade - (Coming Soon)
Wood Spear - 1x Branch, 1x Metal Shard
Wooden Bow - 1x Scrap of Cloth, 1x Spool of Twine, 2x Wood Stick


Basic Shack - 20x Wood Plank, 10x Wood Stick
Basic Shack Door - 3x Wood Plank, 5x Wood Stick
Deck Foundation - 8x Metal Bracket, 20x Nail, 16x Wood Plank, 4x Wood Log
Large Shelter - 4x Metal Bracket, 8x Nail, 4x Sheet of Metal, 4x Wood Plank
Metal Door - 2x Metal Bracket, 2x Sheet of Metal
Metal Gate - 1x Metal Bracket, 2x Sheet of Metal, 2x Wood Plank
Metal Shed - 6x Sheet of Metal, 4x Wood Plank
Metal Wall - 2x Sheet of Metal, 2x Wood Plank
Shack - 16x Nail, 2x Sheet of Metal, 8x Wood Plank
Shelter - 8x Nail, 2x Sheet of Metal, 4x Wood Plank
Small Shack - 2x Metal Bracket, 4x Nail, 4x Wood Plank
Structure Stairs - 4x Metal Bracket, 8x Nail, 8x Wood Plank, 8x Wood Stick
Wooden Barricade - 4x Nail, 2x Wood Plank
Wooden Door - 2x Metal Bracket, 2x Nail, 4x Wood Plank


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If you see anything we're missing or notice a recipe that is out of date, please email us or comment below so we can add it to the guide. Thanks everyone. Hope you find this guide useful!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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