Between the Foreas and Bane bases in Concordia Divide, a vital control point changes hands regularly in raging battles. The Hydro Plant is a critical utility providing power to AFS personnel located in nearby facilities and must be defended at all costs. This particular defensive position is the largest you'll find outside the main base and offers merchants, a crafting station, teleporter but most importantly a series of missions for you to complete.

Assassination of a Caretaker - This mission begins with Major Beardsley in front of the Medical facility around -270.5, 56.8, 28.3 and he'll tell you about a Caretaker leader that AFS wants assassinated immediately. The caretakers name is T'Kar and he is located in a Bane building inside their main base. First you'll need to kill some of the Thrax infantry around the base until a key drops. You'll use this key to access the laser door and make your way to the bottom of the tower. Up a ramp to the right you'll locate T'Kar around 14.7, 81.6, -555.7. Kill him and return to Beardsley for 2400 credits and your choice of an Audiodyne Mech Armor Helmet, Dynamo Reflective Armor Boots or a Vextronics Pulse Shotgun.

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It's Hydromatic!

The Sky is Falling - This mission begins with Sergeant Yeager near the teleporter around -222.0, 56.4, 41.1. He simply wants you to infiltrate the Bane base and drop down a GPS beacon for an airstrike. Oh, and it's by the Predator launch bay by the way. Make your way south through the pass pretty much to the center of the Bane base. The Predator bays aren't really hard to miss but look for an orange icon around 68.9, 116.9, -689.3. When you've used it, step back and enjoy the fireworks. Return to Yeager for 3200 credits and your choice of Teleract Mech Armor Boots, Audiodyne Bio Armor Legs, or a Vextronics Pulse Chaingun. This will open up the mission Predator Prey.

Predator Prey - This mission also begins with Sergeant Yeager around -222.0, 56.4, 41.1 and requires the completion of The Sky is Falling. Yeager impressed with your success would like you to continue the fight against Predators. He wants you to take out a number of Predators and call in some reinforcements to assist in attacking a Predator launching pad. You'll need to head down the west trench to a hill around -495.8, 68.9, -683.7 and drop your beacon. You'll also be required to kill some Predators which can be done anywhere in the zone. Return to Yeager for 3000 credits and your choice of Prodigy Stealth Armor Gloves, Pathogex Hazmat Armor Legs, or a Pathogex Relfective Armor Vest.

Cleansing the Toxins Part 2 - This missions begins with Shaman Horea in Thoria Das village around 281.6, 170.0, 1095.2 and does require the completion of Cleansing the Toxins Part 1. After you've gathered your toxins in Part 1, Horea would like you to deliver them to Base Guard Kapler at the "Human power station." He of course means the Hydro Plant control pointa and you can find Kapler around -202.1, 56.6, 136.9. He'll give you 2100 credits and your choice of Audiodyne Reflective Armor Boots or Pathogex Motor Assist Armor Boots.

Through the Trenches - This mission begins with Lieutenant McDowell in the Delta Outpost at 476.1, 81.3, -338.3 but it's relevant to Hydrop Plant because it is one of the potential spots to turn this mission in. Private Qiong Bi needs to be located and escorted back and you can find them at one of the following locations ony your map: (250.6, -302.3), (211.0, -282.5 ), (-9.7, -206.2), (-71.9, -129.8), or (-91.7, -53.4). The spawn is completely random and could put you in the middle of a battle so be prepared to move quickly. You can escort Bi back to Lieutenant McDowell at Delta Outpost, Sergeant Zulke in the Hydro Plant (-289.7, 31.5), or Sergeant Spencer (80.8, -56.2) in the Foxtrot Outpost for your reward.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016