by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

On this barren and inhospitable planet, volcanoes and rugged terrain are the home to only a few living creatures. The only civilized form of life spurned from a former prison colony placed here long ago in this inescapable environment. What do the Bane want with this desolate planet? The AFS will eventually find out, but in the interim it's up to us to fight them at every opportunity and disrupt their activities.

Irendas Penal Colony (stop laughing) is a fairly large detention facility in the Torden Plains area of Areaki and represents your first stop on this less than friendly planet.  The zone is accessed through the Foreas Base wormhole located in the Concordia Divide and is designed for players at least level 20. The main building of the facility also holds the infamous Phanin Research Center which you'll be revisiting in a few levels.

When you first enter you'll want to pick up a few of the Logos missions from Receptive Liason Repp as you turn in Report to Liaison Repp from Palisades. Grab the Targets of Opportunity Mission from Sergeant Dekay, and a mission called Infesus Garrison Directive. Run down into the hospital wing to deliver the info to Lt. Commander Michan, and receive a mission from her called Infiltrate Infesus Garrison. This mission will take you into the Bane base in the north to bomb a generator.

Nearby, Dr. Finobee offers Rock and Rumble, which takes you into the same northern Bane base to kill a named technician, start a drillling machine, kill 4 sleepy bane harvest a new rock sample. You'll also get

Scout Atta Hive Entrance. Finobee just wants you to go check out the entrance to Atta Hive.  This is pretty easy, just head west using your map as a guide and make sure to take on of the stone paths rising off the ground into a mountain cave.  Return to Finobee for your reward.

Combat Ground Patrol: Plains: This mission begins with Major Silvia in the tent next to the landing pad at 345, 430, -170.3. The Major wants you to perform a combat patrol of the area visting a number of areas.  First is the Relay station to the far east.  It's a fairly large building and shouldn't be hard to miss around 885.1, 428.1, -115.9.  Next you'll need to find the AFS Medical Outpost to the northwest around 738.0, 412.6, 218.9 and be sure to grab the teleporter while you are.   Next is the destroyed AFS Outpost just to the west around 446.1, 433.9, 248.6.  Finally, you'll go to the AFS Control Point which is just north of Irendas around 164.4, 433.4, 268.5.  Return to Silvia for 4400 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Electric Injector Gun, a ChiTech Chaingun, or Olympia Stealth Armor Gloves.

Impact Site: This mission begins with Major Silvia in the tent next to the landing pad and requires the completion of Combat Ground Patrol: Plains. Silvia wants you to investigate a downed Eloh craft outside Irendas. Head south from Irendas towards a large very apparent Eloh artifact where you should update around -126,370,-637 (the Crush Logos is nearby). Return to Silvia for 4400 Credits and your choice of a ChiTech Endothermic Polarity Gun, Wellcare Stealth Boots, or Vitalius Sonic Rifle.

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Speak to Captain Reyko: Silvia wants you to report to Captain Reyko who just outside the tower north of the tent you are in around 323.9, 433.4, -60.5. For this milk run you'll get 2200 credits and your choice of Class IV Basic Med Pak, Class IV Fragmentation Grenades, or Class IV Res Trauma Kit.

Do-ya Wanna Manta? Well, do ya? Master Salvager Miru waits for you outside the barracks building at 201,433,-134. The Plains Devil Lord is your target, a nasty bright red Manta Boss that wanders aimlessly out in the wild. We found him around 499,437,191. Completing this mission will earn you 5000 credits and some new gear.

One Brann's Treasure: This mission begins with Mooch who likes to wander around near the AFS Mech training around 340.3, 433.4, -118.3.  He wants you to collect machine parts.  The parts are all over the place really but I found the highest concentration by heading out the east Irendas gate and following the trial through the pass.  Watch the ground for harvestables and keep in mind these also will drop off Predators.  When you have located 15, head back to Brann for 3450 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Cryogenic Injector Gun, Olympia Stealth Armor Legs, or Vitalius Motor Assist Armor Gloves.

Duck Hunt: This mission begins with Sergeant Major Ngyen who is training AFS Mech soldiers near 351.5, 433.1, -100.8. You just simply need to destroy Predators which can be tricky to find. The three locations I saw were: Just north of the relay station, the battlefield between Irendas and the control point, and near the Bane base far to the north. Once done, return to Ngyen for 4400 credits and your choice of a CryoGen Mech Armor Vest, Vitalius Cryogenic Netgun, or Pulsar Motor Assist Armor Helmet.

Pretty, Shiny Things: This mission requires the completion of Duck Hunt. Ngyen wants Thrax carapaces and lots of them. You'll just need to keep killing Thrax until you get 10 scalps and take them to Quartermaster Hacienda in the weapon/armor vendor tent around 288.8, 433.2, -101.5. Head back to Ngyen who will give you a reward, and a chance to run a new magazine mission.

A Divided People: This mission begins with Researcher Eroden just outside the large building in Irendas around 254.0, 433.4, -145.4. He wants you to find Engineer Tralos Tralos is nearby at 264.6, 433.1, -236.1 and you'll receive 2500 credits and your choice of Class V Standard Med Pak, ClassV Fragmentation Grenade, or Class V Advanced Med Pak. This leads directly to the next mission, A Tale of Two Brothers, that takes you into the Kardash Atta Colony.

Mine Layer Hunt: This mission begins with Colonel Whitaker in the tower around 321.8, 438.6, -45.1. He wants you to kill mine layers and smart mines. Head out the east gate and follow the path until you see it go between two mountains. Watch the ground for smart mines and the Mine Layers will come in Bane dropships every few minutes all around 581,424,-168. This is a regularly contested area but with patience you'll get it done. Return to Whitaker for 4200 credits and your choice of a Voltrox Bio Armor Helmet, Vitalius RPG Launcher, or Vitalius Gravitron Armor Legs.

Supplies Interception: This mission requires the completion of Mine Layer Hunt. Whitaker now wants you to retrieve a case of Bane medical supplies which I'm SURE they will give to you freely. You'll find Bane medical supplies near a crash site northeast of Irendas around 466.0, 434.4, 195.6 in harvestable crates. Once you have five, return to Whitaker for 3450 credits and your choice of Olympia Bio Armor Gloves, a Vextronics Electric Net Gun, or Vextronics Sonic Shotgun.

Hedgehog Down: This mission begins with Colonel Whitaker in the tower around 321.8, 438.6, -45.1. They've got a craft down and you are to go out and retrieve a data disk that was on the Captain of the ship and kill the Bane Overseer loitering around. You'll find the Overseer west of the Geyser Basin Control Point around -46.6, 433.1, 201.4. Kill him and loot the Captain's body before returning to Whitaker. You'll receive 4400 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Virulent Injector Gun, Wellcare Reflective Armor Gloves, Vextronics Pistol, or Titan Bio Armor boots.

Running Interference : Colonel Whitaker wants you to head to the eastern Relay station to upgrade the equipment there manually. Head to the equipment at 896.7, 428.1, -130.8 and interact with it. You'll get an ethical parable here called Interception as well. Once done you'll receive 3150 credits and your choice of CryoGen Gravitron Armor Gloves, a ChiTech Leech gun, or a Vitalius Electric Pistol .

Trailblaze Mt. Hellas Outpost: Finally, Whitaker hands you a box of repair parts, and sends you off to the Mt. Hellas post for delivery. Also, that Colonel Franks there seems a little shifty, so spy on him a little a see what's up. Speak to Franks, then sneak over and grab a copy of his personal log on the table at -544,450,453. Return to Irendas where, for your efforts, Colonel Whitaker will give you some credits and a choice of new piece of gear. He then offers you Operation: Termination. The information on the personal log was very suspicious, and you're now tasked with taking out a traitor. You need to place a beacon at 705,428,-19, and take out Lt. Phelps (who has a nasty armor regen), and his few buddies. Good luck with that! Whitaker will reward you if you are successful.

You will also find the following missions for Atta Colony here:

Bug Hunt (requires Scout Atta Hive Entrance)

Into the Hive (requires Speak to Captain Reyko)

A Tale of Two Brothers


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Repair South of Irendas Penal Colony 376, -419
Was Not East of the Irendas Support Facility 1080, 605

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016