Level 1 Missions are intended for the young player piloting a
rookie ship or a frigate. Once you've progressed past these ships, you might
want to start looking into more challenging (and better paying) level 2
missions.  The level 1 missions are still good for a quick credit or two, and they will
help you build standing as a new player, but if you continue on with these
missions as a player with a bigger ship, keep in mind that you might stumble
upon one or two of them that actually require that you pilot a smaller ship so
make sure you have a frigate handy somewhere.

Below you will find a walk through for various level 1 missions.  Feel free
to jump to whatever mission you need help with or browse for what is available.  If you have any questions regarding these missions that
aren't answered here then please

visit our forums
to ask and check back here as more missions will be added


Break Their Will

OBJECTIVE: Find the repair station at the location your agent gives you,
and attack and destroy it. It may or may not be guarded.

REWARD: 51,000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 53,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Your objective is to take out the repair station but
this encounter tosses a whole lot more your way. If you have a solid enough
defense for your ship, you can just complete the objective and warp right back
out for your reward. If your ship is a little light on defense then you'll need
to use a different strategy. Upon warping into the location you'll see power
arrays and the repair station in your overview. Everything is harmless until you
attack the repairs station at which point several groups of pirates spawn and
the defense stations will light up and attack you as well. The defense stations
do quite a bit of damage so it is better to stay out of range of those while you
take on the pirates. The rookies are easy to kill quickly, so get them out of
the way before starting in on the others.

When you have finally gotten all the pirates out of the way, take out the repair
station and then warp out to complete the mission. You really don't want to deal
with the defense batteries unless you have to!

Eliminate the Pirate Campers

OBJECTIVE:  Eliminate the ships roaming around the stargate near the
coordinates of your bookmark.

REWARD: 33,000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 38,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Once you've warped into the location, you'll find a huge
stargate and a group of pirates surrounding it. A window will pop up onto your
screen alerting you to the fact that they have noticed you and are coming in for
the attack. As long as you're paying attention and work quickly, these pirates
shouldn't be difficult to destroy. Just remember that if things get to be more
than you can handle, you can always warp out to rest up, then warp back in to
complete the encounter!

For Justice

OBJECTIVE: Kill the spy and return with the sympathizer.

REWARD: 91,000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 77,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Note: This missions requires that you are using a
frigate class of ship or smaller!

The spy you are after plays a little cat and mouse in this mission. You'll be
jumping through a series of acceleration gates. At each gate you'll momentarily
see the spy but then it will warp out before you can get target. There will also
be a rash of smaller pirates around each gate which you will need to take care
of before moving on. These smaller ships are fairly weak and not too much of a

At the final jump through the acceleration gate you will come upon the spy all
by himself. This is where being in a smaller ship is handy. He'll do insane
amounts of damage and the only way to avoid it and manage to destroy him is to
get as close as possible and attack. It might take a while to kill him but you
eventually will. Loot his cargo container to get the sympathizer and return to
the station to complete the mission.

Unauthorized Military Presence

OBJECTIVE:  Intercept the personnel transport ship and bring
militants to your agent.

REWARD: 127,000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 126,000 credits

MISSION DETAILS:  Note: This mission requires collateral. 
If you fail to complete this mission you will lost those credits!

This first location in this mission is a little deceiving. When you warp into
the location via the acceleration gate you see one pirate nearby. Attack and
kill it, but be prepared for a little more than half a dozen friends to join in.
This ends up being a long fight so use your shields sparingly and don't waste
time between targets.

The next location is a bit trickier. You'll immediately come upon a group of
enemy ships and while you are attacking those, another group will spawn a little
off in the distance. Be careful to not get too close to the second group or
you'll have way more than you can handle. Finish the first group, rest for a
moment then go after the 2nd group when you're ready. The 2nd group includes the
personnel transport so after you have destroyed the smaller ships, target the
transport and destroy it. The transport does not fire back. Retrieve the marines
from the transport, pick up your loot, and head back to the station!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016