by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Lower Eloh Creek is nothing more than a defensive position west of Alia Das and north of the Wilderness LZ. These are the frontlines of a major assault by the Bane, and provide ample opportunity for players to get into battle quickly. This will be the focal point of a number of missions from the Lower Eloh teleporter area, Alia Das, and Wilderness LZ. It is designed for characters over level 5 and unless there are a significant number of players clearing the area, you may find it extremely dangerous.

  • Supplies on the Double - This mission actually being in Alia Das. Dr. Elise Corman, inside the medical tent at 788.7, 369.9, needs medical supplies and now. She'll send you to a fairly dangerous area in Lower Eloh to grab them around 408.3, 115.8. This mission IS on a timer so make sure your teleporter points are have been visited and you'll do just fine. Return for your reward of 750 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Motor Assist Helmet or Dynamo Hazmat Armor Helmet.
  • Distress on the River - Field Sgt. Witherspoon who is at 501.1, 213.3 needs you to grab some field reports to assist the AFS. These are orders so we don't question why these people can't bring them back themselves.
    • First, find Surveyor Hugh Corman at the bottom of Pinhole Falls outside the cave around 296.7, 469.0
    • Next find Tribal Leader Oingin to the southeast outside the Damage Logos cave at 419.5, 376.6
    • Finally find Lt. Wood who is in a bunker on the lines near 385.8, 270.8
    • Return to Witherspoon at 501.1, 213.3 for your reward of either a Class 1 EMP Bomb or Class 1 Adrenaline Booster.
  • Snipe Hunt - This mission begins with Field Sgt. Witherspoon and requires the completion of Distress on a River. Your instructions are to kill 6 Lightbender snipers and retrieve a datapad from an Overseer. If you aren't level 8ish bring a friend for the Overseer (he brings friends). First locate the snipers in bunkers around (330.2, 199.4), (239, 246.9), (266.5, 346.6), and (177.5, 491.4). There are two Overseers that patrol the area around these bunkers and shouldn't be hard to locate. They usually have a large entourage which include regular Thrax infantry, specialists and shield bots. These officers also should count for your Targets of Opportunity mission so it's a good time to kill two birds with one stone. Return to Witherspoon for 900 credits and your choice of Vitalius Motor Assist Armor Vest or ChiTech Hazmat Armor Vest.
  • Hitting Em Where it Hurts - This mission requires the completion of Distress on a River and starts with Recon Specialist Jennings near the teleporter at 501.1, 213.3. She wants you to destroy 3 gas harvesters across the creek. Sound easy? Well it can be. They are located at (300, 255.2), (245.6, 396.9), and (322.8, 226.5). You can go to all 3 of wait for a respawn at one. Head back to Jennings for 600 credits and your choice of a Class 1 Advanced Med Pack or Class 1 Adrenaline Booster.
    • Rendezvous at the LZ - This mission begins with Field Sgt. Witherspoon and requires the completion of Snipe Hunt. Witherspoon wants you to deliver a report to the Wilderness LZ southwest of your position. Following the road will get you there and assuming it isn't Bane controlled Outpost Commander Randolph is near the medical tent at 164.9, 163.0 -98.3. Your reward will be a choice of a Class 1 EMP Bomb or Class 1 Standard Medpack.

    Logos Mentor Ensine - All the Logos in the Wilderness are marked on the map by the friendly mentor in Alia Das at 755.8, 556.7. You'll receive individual missions for all of the below except Attack, Target, Here and Movement, Around, Chaos which is located in Crater Lake Research facility.

Symbol Name
Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Time Lower Eloh Creek 791.9, 309.2, 73.9



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016