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Rock Spire

Earth Rifts originate from the elemental Plane of Earth, which is home to the golden dragoness Laethys. She is one of the six ancient Dragon Gods known as the Blood Storm. Laethys leads a cult of followers known as the Golden Maw, and together they seek to possess all the riches in the world.  Leathys is firmly set against Regulos since without the world she would have nothing to satisfy her lust for everything of wealth.

Rifts that open from the Plane of Earth spread the great sandy and rocky desert of that realm into the world of Telara.  You can find great stone spires filled with gems and precious metals that erupt from the ground around a Rift when it opens.  The creatures from that desert realm then rush in to take over the area and capture anything of value for their queen.

Earth Rift Locations

Earth Rifts can be found in many different zones in Telara, predominantly those where the rocky earth dominates the zone.  This means any zone that has wide open ranges of rock and stone will be subject to invasions from the elemental Plane of Earth. Therefore you should expect to find Earth Rifts in the zones of Stonefield, Scarlet Gorge, Droughtlands, and Shimmersand.

Earth Rift

An Earth Rift opening in the desert


There are a vast array of different denizens that come from the Plane of Earth.  These range from rocky elementals, desert scorpions, basilisks and many more.  There are also tunneling monstrosities that burrow up from the earth, and many that ravage the earth crust like Ogres, Cyclops, and Golems of all different types.

In addition to all of the invaders from the Plane of Earth itself, there are also many of the Telara based followers of Laethys, the Golden Maw, that will appear near the Earth Rifts. These followers bring a lot of magic based power to the generally melee based might of the Earth Rifts.

Usable Spawned Objects

Items that can grant you buffs while fighting an Earth Rift

When fighting near an Earth Rift you will occasionally see additional items spawn on the ground that can be clicked to activate. These items can appear in different forms and have different effects on you, the Rift enemies, or the environment itself.  Watch for them as they can be beneficial or even critical to completing the Rift.

The most common items that will spawn from the Earth Rifts are crystals that grant different buffs when used.  There are red, green, and blue crystals that can be activated.  Red grant extra attack power and spell power, while green grants a health HOT effect, and blue grants a mana regeneration effect.

There are some other items that can be found on some of the special Earth Rifts, such as the ones in western Shimmersand.  These items include alters that must be activated, obelisks that must be destroyed, and more.


While defeating Earth Rifts you will earn notoriety with either the Mendicant Order if you are a Guardian or with the Shale Collegiate if you are a Defiant player. Gekko is the quartermaster for the Mendicant Order and can be round in Sanctum, while Oyugun Dashbora is the quartermaster for the Shale Collegiate and can be found in Meridian.

Tanks should focus on this faction and start earning notoriety early with them for once they reach level 50.  This faction has a level 50 planar essences for sale once you are decorated with them that grants +Toughness which is a key tanking stat.

Earth Rift Zone Events

Each zone in which Earth Rifts open has a set of events that can start. Once the event starts there will be a zone wide warning and several objectives that you are required to complete to move onto the next stage of the event. Most of the time it is defeating a set number of invaders or closing a set number of rifts. Once that is done a boss will spawn someplace in the zone that needs to be destroyed. These encounters or events are different from zone to zone and are based on the zone's level of difficulty. This means that you should expect zone events for middle level players in Scarlet Gorge, and high level players in Shimmersand for example.

The culmination of each zone event is the defeat of a boss that will complete the event and earn you an achievement. The bosses and achievements are as follows, listed as the boss name and then the achievement you earn.

  • Stonefield – Graniteborn (Titan Killer), Bulgantis (Stone Crushed)
  • Scarlet Gorge – VX-27 Dredger (Disassembled), Kayahan (Gnarcissist)
  • Droughtlands – Enselthis (Desert Sting), Gul’tiesh (Ancient Undoing)
  • Shimmersand – Malan Ta’er (Sand Blasted)

An Earth Achievement

One of the achievements for defeating an Earth Rift invasion boss.

Artifact Collections

There are four different sets of artifacts that drop from Earth Rifts.  They are as follows:

  • Stone Vanguard Artifacts (from Earth Rifts in Stonefield)
  • Stone Harbringer Artifacts (from Earth Rifts in Scarlet Gorge)
  • Arch Invader Stone Artifacts (from Earth Rifts in Droughtlands)
  • Exarch Invader Stone Artifacts (from Earth Rifts in Shimmersand)
One of the Earth Rift Artifact Collections

One of the Earth Rift Artifact Collections


There are several achievements that can be earned from the Earth Rifts that open throughout Telara. The major achievements are listed below. There are other achievements that can be earned by completing the various Earth Rift based zone events mentioned earlier, and by completeing various quests or tasks around the Earth Rifts.

  • Stonebound Achiever - Complete the following four achievements
  • Stonebound Champion - Close 75 Earth Rifts
  • Stonebound Collector - Complete all 5 Earth artifact collections
  • Stonebound Defense - Defeat 500 Earth invasions
  • Stonebound Rescue - Defeat 100 Earth Footholds

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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