There are a total of 11 starting heroes in Marvel Heroes. They are the following:

  • Captain America
  • Black Panther
  • Punisher
  • Black Widow
  • Luke Cage
  • Human Torch
  • Colossus
  • Cyclops
  • Storm
  • Hawkeye
  • Rocket Racoon
  • DareDevil

All 11 play very differently and they all fufil a different role. Although some are better than others, as we’ve listed here, they are all a lot of fun. In this list, we provide a breakdown of each of the starting Heroes.

Captain America

The all American Hero, Captain America is a well rounded and powerful starting Hero. We rated him 24th on our list, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, he has a brilliant selection of costumes and he offers a lot of group utility. However, like most melee Heroes he lacks complete cmitigation for large and difficult encounters. His time to kill isn’t neccesarily as fast as others, but the main reason why players pursue Captain America is simply because he’s so much fun and his damage output his high. His mix of ranged shield attacks combined with melee acrobatics make him a dynamic and fun Hero.

Black Panther

One of my particular favourites, Black Panther, is a melee Hero that surpasses Captain America in many ways. He has high damage, loads of mobility and is capable of surviving for long periods of time. The only downside to Black Panther, similarly to Captain America, is that as a melee Hero you have to concentrate on the enemies you’re facing or you can quickly take some serious punishment.


I really disliked playing Punisher for a variety of reasons. He doesn’t look great, his play is repetitive and he lacks depth. On the positive side of things, he is a hardy Hero that can withstand lots of attacks. I’d honestly recommend you try others before him however, if you're looking for something seriously fun.

Black Widow

You’ll either love or loathe Black Widow. As a starting Hero she is strong but she’s also very reliant on burst damage and after that’s done, she’s much weaker than the likes of Black Panther. She’s particularly tricky to play at low levels, especially because she’s melee for the majority of the time.

Luke Cage

Similarly to Punisher, Luke Cage is neither exciting nor particularly interesting to play. He can be fun, considering he can throw a car, but I found most of his skills dull and his play repetitive.

Human Torch

Arguably one of the best Heroes in Marvel Heroes, the Human Torch is so much fun to play. He’s fast, his attacks are lots of fun, he deals high damage and he has great mobility. The visual effects from his skills are demanding on most systems, but it’s well worth it as his time to kill is high. He’s rank 6 on our Heroes List for a reason: he’s awesome.


Many people enjoy playing Colossus and it’s generally because he feels strong and huge. The downside is that his size makes him feel slow, even if he is valuable to a party. Some of the costumes available to Colossus look great and his Ultimate skill is a lot of fun. I actually prefer him to the likes of Thing and Hulk.


I wasn't overly keen when I played Cyclops although a lot of players I've spoken to swear he's a brilliant Hero. His visual effects are excellent, he has good range and it's never really unsatisfying to blast away at enemies using your eye lazers.


Storm is arguably one of the best Heroes in the entire game. She’s super easy to start out with, has good visual effects and deals lots of area effect damage. Alongside her skills, there’s also some good control effects such as slow. Storm is somewhat squishy but she has some good mitigation and is well liked by most parties.


My personal favourite out of all the Heroes, Hawkeye is lots of fun to play. His ranged attacks give him plenty of opportunities to kill enemies early and even when they’re up close, he can withstand some punishment. His skills are quite Stamina intensive, but he makes up for it with lots of area of effect skills and reasonably high damage. He isn’t rated as high as he used to be (23) but that’s primarily because his time to kill enemies isn’t super quick.  

Rocket Racoon

The default skin for Rocket Racoon is pretty ugly, but his Guardians of the Galaxy costume makes him look great. His skills, unsurprisingly, all revolve around his gadgets with many in the movie making an appearance. Some of his damage over time skills aren’t for everyone, especially his turrets, but they do add for interesting play. He’s one of the most fun Heroes to play.  


The last available starting Hero is DareDevil. I’ve always loved DareDevil (lets not talk about the film) and he plays great in Marvel Heroes 2015. The only problem with DareDevil is the fact that like most melee classes, he’s pretty squishy. Sadly, he also feels quite simple despite a combo-mechanic. If nothing else, DareDevil is worth playing because he’s cooler than Deadpool. There, I said it.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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