High on a ridge overlooking the Delta Outpost a sinister cavern awaits you and your squad. You'll want to bring more than a flashlight and some glowsticks for the gloomy Minos Caverns as you'll encounter a number of Warnets waiting to electrocute you.  A brave AFS reconnaissance team has been sent in to explore the area but we've lost contact so it's your mission to find out what happened to them.  You'll find beyond the swarming Warnets lies a deeper darker secret you may not be prepared for.

The Minos Caverns is a level 13ish instance designed for squads but can be completed solo as you approach 16 or 17.   There is a vendor just inside but bring a full array of weaponry as you'll find a number of creatures immune to electric and physical damage.  Before beginning your trip make sure to pick up the mission Retrieval for Recon from Lieutenant Sebastian in the Foreas Base command tower around -48.7, 121.0, 431.8. Also, if you haven't done it already, you can start the Forean Hybrid access mission with Elder Q'uoa in Thoria Das at 210,167,944. The Stolen History and Traitor on the Run portions of the mission require updates inside Minos. When you leave Delta Outpost from the east exit, you'll head straight down the trail avoiding the right branch and follow the sign left up the mountain. Running past a swarm of Warnets you'll find the cave entrance around 625.2, 158.9, -129.

Out in front of the cave you'll notice Corporal Foster who is apparently too important (read: chicken) to go in and search for his recon team. He'll give you The Destroying the Warnet Barrier to destroy 10 warnets nests inside the instance. Sounds pretty easy, so zone in. What differentiates this from other instances is there are no missions at the beginning. You'll see the medic and a few Warnets who will come after you if you walk in the cave far enough. Head south, clearing as you go and you'll come to a T intersection. To your right you'll be able to snag a quick Warnest, and you'll find Scout Horlo at -47,29,19 for Traitor on the Run. To the left you'll want to head east and south towards a large room killing Warnests as you go.

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Minos Caverns

The large room will contain your last nests and a handful of Warnets which should be dispatched. Follow the trail leading down (just jump) and you'll find a very lonely Recon Officer Tyler protected by a glowstick. Do not forget the Logos Those which resides at the other end of this small canyon. Tyler will update your Retrieval for Recon and give you a brand new mission Data Thieves. Apparently Recon Officers Karik and Zola have gone missing and surprise, surprise, the Bane have tunneled in and have a facility nearby. Head back up the trail and northeast towards the Bane area which begins around 148.7, 4.3, 50.1. If you want to avoid a little chaos take out the two security cameras before you walk in. All the doors in this hallway are opened by interacting with the red glowing item which will set explosives. If you turn left you'll find a doorway just down the hall which contains a number of chests with some pretty decent gear in them. Right here you'll also find a chest on the ground at 159,3,70 containing the Galactic Map for the Forean Hybrid access mission, Stolen History.

First you'll want to open the door to the left which will anger two Kael hanging around it. These are immune to physical damage, so electric and sonic weaponry is your first choice. They have no ranged attacks but their melee and close area of effect are brutal so stay alive by continually moving around. Once the Kael are down head right into the main room and clear it. Head to the north end of the room, open the door and head inside to find your two missing rangers around 296.9, 3.6, 113.9. This will update Data Thieves and they'll expect you to escort them out, but don't panic it's only to the beginning of the Bane area.

You'll now want to open the door on the southern end of this hallway and take out more Kael using non-physical violence. At the end of this hall you'll head up some stairs to a walkway. The left will take you back towards where you rescued the rangers, but the right (which is where you want to go) towards a ton of Kael. I found the easiest way to do this area was to anger a few Kael and pull them out into the large hallway. A group of Kael stacked up on you will AE you to death before you even realize what is happening. Fight your way through the Kael until you are in a large circular room and destroy all the equipment you see. This will give you the last update you require for the Data Thieves mission so it's time to head back to Recon Officer Tyler.

On your way back you might have notice a number of red dots in the caves. Apparently the Bane are unhappy with your intrusion and don't like the idea of you leaving so soon. If you want a less stressful, easier time, clear all the way to the entrance of the instance before returning to Tyler. When you do get to Tyler, now that you've done all his work, he's ready to leave. He'll complete Data Thieves and offer the mission Cave Extraction which will require you to get him back to the entrance. Once he's there you are done with this instance. Head back outside and turn in Destroying the Warnet Barrier to get your choice of Teleract Bio Armor Boots, a Vextronics Laser Chaingun, or a Luminar Gravitron Vest.

We hope this guide to Minos Caverns has been useful to you. If you see anything out of place or something that should be added please email me and you'll get full credit.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016