by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

While Mt. Hellas Outpost might sound like a military school for troubled boys who have become violent from too many videogames, nothing could be further from the truth. Mount Hellas is in fact a large mountain, with a sizable AFS facility carved into it and is heavily defended against any intrusion. This is not your typical outpost, and will provide not only complete safety from attack (unless you PvP of course) but every comfort you could expect from a large base including a few missions to complete.

This base is positioned for fast access not only the Atta Colony instance, but the Mires and Incline zones as well. From here you'll launch attacks against the Bane Drill Control Outpost and might even make your way into the Lightning Fields. The following missions are available to players for completion and are designed for characters around level 25.

No Miners Allowed - This mission begins with Colonel Franks upstairs around -527.2, 450.0, 441.1 and requires you to destroy some Bane drilling equipment and kill and Overseer. Head out of the base to the southwest towards the star on your map called Bane drill site. You will see a number of pieces of equipment and Overseer Qrang is at the western end of the path. Beware the occasional Strider that likes to pop in. Once you've sabotaged four drills and killed Qrang head back to Franks for your reward of 2400 credits and a choice of Class IV Advanced Medpack, Class IV EMP Bomb, and Class IV Incendiary grenade.

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Itching Powder: This mission starts with Colonel Franks upstairs around -527,450,441. He's sending you on a mission to sabotage the drilling process of Bane forces. First you'll release some Tick extract in 2 places near the Bane equipment. This will cause a diversion allowing you to place detonators on two pieces of their gear. You'll find the bait and equipment locations around -881.5, 445.2, -134.8. Once you have dropped bait you'll be able to place detonators on the equipment. Return to Franks for 4600 credits and your choice of a Teleract Gravitron Armor Helmet, Wellcare Hazmat Armor Legs, or a Vextronics Electric Rifle.

A Cold Dish: This mission begins with Xeniol upstairs around -536.7, 442.0, 423.6. Xeniol simply wants you to kill Overseer Quarm, it's just that easy. This mission is perfect to do in coordination with Itching Powder since you'll already be in the same area already. Head to the Bane Drill Control Outpost and on the western side of the lava bridge around -984.9, 431.0, -218.8 and find him with a few friends. Kill him and return to Xeniol for 4800 credits and your choice of CryoGen Mech Armor Gloves, a Pathogex Reflective Armor Helmet, or a Vextronics Rifle.

A Brother's Message: Colonel Franks is taking pity on Xeniol, who hasn't heard from his brother in a long time. There is a beacon out there from the ship his brother was on, signaling where you can find it. Head out into the Geyser Chimney region and look for the body at 70,430,330. Grab the data chip off the body, and be ready for a dropship full of Covert Soldiers to move in to attack you. Fight them off and hustle back to Mt. Hellas to hand your information to Colonel Franks for 5000 credits and choice of Electric Polarity Gun, or new helmet. There's definitely something fishy going on here.

Slappy's Tech Fun Pt. 1: Franks directs you to Slappy, down by the crafting tables. He needs you to Acquire Electrical Resistor Filters from crates out by the giant lightning rods in the fields. Collect five filters, and return to Slappy for a reward.

The Caffeine Conundrum: Say it isn't so, Colonel Franks! The coffee courier didn't show up, causing a caffeine crisis for the Corps. Those pesky Bane are always trying to disrupt the AFS shipments, and even the mood-boosting drink isn't safe. You need to find that missing shipment, and get it back to the post pronto! Make your way to the bunker at -129,444,389. Inside you'll find the remains of Courier Clark, may he rest in peace. Rummage through his things until you retrieve the Sack of Coffee, then beat feet back to Colonel Franks at Mt. Hellas.

Franks is grateful for your service, and sends you out to make a few deliveries. Don't worry, you aren't his secretary. You are a highly trained Receptive who just so happens to be the only person available to deliver - cups of coffee. 3 lookouts nearby have been up for hours, and need your out the main door of Mt. Hellas, where the first 2 watchtowers stand at -360,452,497 and -359,452,405. To reach the third post, run out the forcefield to the east, make a right, and go up the side of the mountains until you can reach the upper watchtower at -474,486,447. Return to Franks inside Mt. Hellas to complete the mission and receive a reward of 3750 credits and choice of Reflective Boots, or Bio/Mech Gloves.

Go to Incline Young Soldier: This mission begins with Colonel Franks upstairs around -527.2, 450.0, 441.1. He wants you to travel to the Incline and find Sergeant Obahmi who is located in the Plains Outpost around 155.6, 235.1, -265.9. This is a good mission to save up for when you visit Torden Incline and will point you to where your next set of missions in this zone begins. You'll be rewarded with 2500 credits and your choice of a Class V EMP Bomb, 2 Class V Advanced Med Paks or 3 Class V Concussion Grenades.


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Add In the Infensus Garrison 169, 742
Container To the southwest near the Bane Drill Control area -862, -466
Lightning South of the Mt. Hellas Outpost -622, 335
Looking South of the Atta Colony Instance -535, -212

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016