by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Credits: Taea for a ton of legwork and screenshots

The transition from Concordia Wilderness to the Divide might appear seamless but nothing could be further from the truth. The skirmishes you fought against the Bane were mere schoolyard brawls in comparison to the battles you'll find here. The first rest stop along the trail from Wilderness to Foreas Base is a simple outpost of nothing more than a watchtower and teleporter. The only thing of real importance you'll find here is Receptive Liason Brice who will hand out your Logos missions and send you on to Foreas Base.

Just a little further down the trail west you'll find the little Forean village of Nidu Dav. This out of the way settlement is surrounded by Bane but appears to be holding their own. You'll find at least one AFS representative here who will ask you to complete some missions. There is also at least one other defense mission that will require you to return.

  • Report to Liaison Noonan - This mission begins with Receptive Liaison Brice at -773.2, 179.2, 618.0. Brice, who hands out your Logos missions will ask you to report to the second Receptive Liaison named Noonan who resides in Foreas Base at -36.3, 119.4, 434.7. You'll be rewarded with a nominal amount of experience.
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Protect the Village!

  • Incoming! - This mission actually begins in Ranja Gorge with Scott Corman at -699.3, 170.2, -279.6. Corman wants you to deliver some data to Lieutenant Sanguine in Nidu Dav. You can find Sanguine in a hut on the south side of the village near -557.3, 162.3, 428.0. You'll have a reward choice of either a Vextronics Leech Gun or a pair of Olympia Reflective Armor Gloves.
    • Retrieving the Logos Information - This mission begins with Specialist Clifford in Nidu Dav at -572.2, 162.1, 447.9. Clifford is "busy with the Treehuggers" so he asks you to investigate some Eloh Ruins and report to base. Head to the southwest where you'll run into some light resistance and retrieve the Friend Logos in a shrine near -762.1, 365.2. Now it's time to continue your journey to the hard to miss Foreas Base and find Specialist Kerr in the medical building around 8.8, 116.1, 536.6. You'll receive your choice of Olympia Motor Assist Armor Gloves or a Vextronics EMP rifle.
    • Bringing the Battle Home - This mission requires the completion of Bane Battle Plans which begins with Lieutenant Sebastian in the Foreas Base command center around -49.1, 119.4, 437.8. Bringing the Battle Home continues with Base Commander Marquette around -42.5, 121.1, 425.9. When you deliver the Bane Battle Plans to you he grows very concerned about an impending attack on Nidu Dav. He wants you to report to Elder Taros, the lead Forean and offer whatever assistance you can. Speaking with Elder Toras at -459.9, 145.6, 494.4 will begin an attack sequence and you are required to repel the attack with no more than one Forean defender loss (so a friend might be a good idea). Expect soldiers, caretakers, and even a Predator or two to show up. Return to Marquette when you have successfully completed the mission for your choice of Olympia Hazmat Armor Legs or a Vextronics Shotgun.


    • Receptive Liaison Brice/Noonan - Most of the Logos in the Divide are marked on the map by these two Liaisons located in the Northwest Highlands tower and Foreas Base Command Center. You'll receive individual missions for most of the below.
    Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
    Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
    Asleep North of Northwestern Highlands -755.2, 173.7, 822.3
    Friend Southeast of Nidu Dav -762.1, 365.2
    Life South of Northwestern Highlands.Cross logbridge at -708.1, 148.0, 459.4. -765.9, 181.7, 524.7
    Transform Just north of Nidu Dav -470.8, 591.5

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016