by: Odysseus

Ojasa Colony is an interesting zone in Incline on the planet Arieki. There were concerns that it would be a lot of running like in Kardash Atta Colony (in Torden Plains), but fortunately the design of this instance is quite merciful. The geography is basically four quasi-circular areas that are interconnected via tunnels. Due to the way the tunnels connect the areas, you have to run them in order. You start in the first cell. The second cell has no mission objectives: only Atta and bridges at various levels. The third cell has two mission objectives. The fourth and final cell is the Queen Chamber where the final mission occurs. There is a bridge connecting the first cell to the Queen Chamber (which is the last cell) at 257, 110, 170, but the designers have blocked the entrance to the bridge so you cannot enter that cell from this bridge (so it is an exit-only bridge).

The enemy (Atta) are level 25-27. This instance can be soloed as a soldier at level 34 (and probably lower), and grouped at level 25 (or lower, depending upon group composition). Reminder that Atta are weak to laser attacks.

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Hello? Anyone here?

As of this writing, there are a couple of bugs to avoid in the Ojasa Atta Colony. The first is that if you fall into the water, you may not be able to find a way out. The only recourse is to logout, wait a minute or two, and log back in. You will log in just outside the entrance to the instance (and, of course, you will fail any unfinished mission you have picked up inside the instance). The second bug is that if you enter the Queen Chamber before obtaining the "Long Live the Queen" mission, the Brann vs. Atta conflict will not begin, and you will not be able to complete that mission.

General tip: never crouch or stand still when fighting Atta up close. They have a nasty melee attack that can be avoided if you are always on the move.

You will need to have the "Fried Atta" mission prior to heading into the instance. The "Fried Atta" mission is obtained from talking to Munitions Expert Sal at the Plains Post on Incline. The objective of "Fried Atta" is to take the canister of "Burn Your Eyes Out" flamethrower fuel to Explosives Specialist John in the Ojasa Atta Hive. Specialist John is near the front of this instance, and he will be your buddy as he will give you all of the missions in this instance. After you give John the canister, of course he would like to try out the new flamethrower fuel on some Atta. The "Fried Atta" mission goal segues to "Protect John". After fighting off a wave of Atta, you get the mission completion status. As a reward for completing "Fried Atta," you can choose a token gift of Class V Concussion Grenades, Class V Advanced Med Packs, or a Class V Res Trauma Kit.

The next mission Explosives Specialist John gives you is "Something Smells". The goal is to check out a rotting Brann corpse. The corpse is close by at (316, 83, 136). You don't really get to find out what you find on the corpse (the description is vague), but you are allowed to choose one of the following for completing the mission: Class V EMP Bomb, three Class V Cryogenic Grenades, or Class V Basic Med Packs.

The next mission is "Brann Bacon" which is to go and see what else the Brann are doing here. Before heading into the next cell of this instance, you get to meet your first level 25 Ojasa Defender with the white "boss glow" (which apparently indicates what a really good moisturizer they use). As you are wandering around, you will see many Brann corpses, and some of them are loot-able. One particular spot is at (156, 117, 207, he's upright and stuck in a rock). In the third cell (at 386, 122, 204) you find a Brann camp, and they are not too happy you have arrived. Dispatch them with your favorite weapon (which if done quickly will get you to the marvelous 250% XP bonus), and then find some rusty bins to loot at 399, 125, 215 and at 341, 123, 204. John has moved to the entrance of this third cell, so turn in your completed "Brann Bacon" mission with him there. The reward for "Brann Bacon" is your choice of Hellstrom Bio Armor, CryoGen Graviton Armor Helmet or Pathogex Motor Assist Armor Helmet.

The next mission is "Atta Ought To Do It" in which you are supposed to figure out what is agitating the Atta on the outside. The problem with this mission is that there is no mission marker telling your were to go. If you wander into the Queen Chamber, you hit the bug mentioned previously. Fortunately, you are reading this guide. Stay in the third cell and go to -104, 118, -375 and look at the Shocking Device that is hooked up to some Atta eggs. Hit "T" on the device and release two young Atta. They want to eat John, so go and shoot them and turn in your completed mission. The rewards to choose from are modification recipes (Regen Health, Regen Power and Regen Armor).

The last mission is "Long Live the Queen". Head towards the final cell area which is the Queen Chamber. You will get to fight an Ojasa Royal Guard Atta (lvl 27). It's not a hard fight, but draw the Royal Guard Atta as close to the entrance of the Queen Chamber as possible. If you get too close to the queen, then you trigger a fly-over cut sequence at the end of which you die, because the Royal Guard Atta has been hitting you while you were watching the fly-over sequence. If you kill the Royal Guard Atta first, then you can watch the sequence in peace.

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Echo! Echo! Echo!

After viewing the cut sequence, you get to choose whether to help the Atta or the Brann. Go down the hill to the left of the Queen, and see a small fight between the Atta and Brann. The first shot you fire will be your decision on who to help. I recommend not using a shotgun so you can specifically decide who to help without worrying about the spray of the shotgun choosing the side you didn't want. I chose to help the Atta. At the end of the fight, the remainder of the Atta in the instance turned blue for me on the radar scope which means "friendly". Of course, they still don't like John, so he will be fighting them when you turn in this final mission. Your reward options are: Vextronics Cryogenic Net Gun, Vextronics Incendiary Leech Gun or a Vextronics Rifle.

Take the tunnel back to the starting cell to exit this instance. Be sure to repair your gear at the medic before leaving as the Atta outside this instance will still be looking to kill you.

We hope this guide has been useful for you in completing the Ojasa Colony instance. See something we missed or that needs adding? Email me or stop by our forums to let us know!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016