by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Placed among the lava blasted rock in Torden Incline, a large outpost marks the only remotely civilized construction around. The Ortho control point is the central hub of this inhospitable area providing merchants, crafting and a teleporter. Yes, we did say control point which means this base gets hit by Bane forces on a regular basis. You'll find yourself around Ortho quite a bit while in Incline so be sure to grab up the missions offered here.

Battle of the Bots - This mission begins with Protector Starl inside the medical facility at 357,260,21. He simply wants you to eliminate some Warden and Reconstructor Bots and won't the world honestly be a better place without them? Just outside Ortho to the west you'll see the Raksha Robotic Factory and these things spawn all over the place near it. Once you've eliminated enough to complete the mission head back to Starl for 4200 credits and your choice of Modification Bonus Recipes.

Pillbox Pillager - This mission begins with Salvage Master Orto in the medical facility near 350,260,19. Orto wants you to gather some Bane supplies that are "in a bunker" so you will have to figure out what bunker he is talking about. Fortunately I can just tell you. North of Nyxroq outpost atop the hill filled with Bane mortars is a bunker around -341,248,66. The crates will take a few minutes to respawn but with a little patience you'll be done. While you wait you can open several Bane Lockers for free loot, and kill the named Technician Overseer Nyxroq who spawns here. Return to Orto for 5600 credits and your choice of Motor Assist, Hazmat or Reflective Vests.

Free Labbna - This mission begins in a tent with Colonel Deiley near 377,260,12. He wants you to free a nearby Brann camp from Bane occupation to free up some space inside Ortho. You'll need to take out the Overseer and destroy the security machinery within the camp. On a hill to the north you'll find the Brann encampment which consists of a handful of buildings. There is a machine to destroy and Overseer Luux will need to be taken care of as well. Return to Deiley for 5600 credits and your choice of Electric Rifle, Electric Chaingun or Incendiary Leech Gun.

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It's Never Peaceful

Turn the Tables - This mission begins with Colonel Deiley near 377,260,12 and requires you complete the missions Interrogation, Operation Intelligence Retrieval, and Relay the Terrorist Information which all begin in Nyxroq outpost. Deiley wants you place a beacon to call in a bunch of Pirolja Midja so you can ambush them. In particular you want to eliminate a named target called Milqui. This is a decent sized group of enemies so bringing a friend is advisable if you have trouble. Return to Deiley for 5800 credits and your choice of a Vextronics CryoGenic Leech Gun, Vitailus Pulse Chaingun or Teleract Motor Armor Assist Vest.

Operation Cauterize - Deiley now wants you to continue offensive action against the Pirolja Midja by placing a GPS beacon in their camp to call in an air strike. You'll need to head east up the mountains, past the lava flows to about 932,310,497 and interact with the beacon icon. Once this has been completed, quickly (to avoid the incoming air strikes) head back to Deiley who will reward you with 5800 credits and your choice of Cryogenic Injector Gun, Laser Cannon or Electric Rifle.

Wrong Way Wally - This mission begins with Coordinator Melsi outside one of the tents near 373,260,16. He wants you to find Salvager Thark who went missing to the southeast. He's not even remotely southeast so don't even bother looking. Way to the west of Ojasa Hive around -803,282,352 you'll find him. He'll complete this mission giving you 2800 credits and your choice of Advanced Med Packs, Armor Chargers or Fragmentation Grenades.

He’ll immediately offer you Retrieval of Goods, which involves killing nearby Atta to gather random drops of their missing gear. Get 10 pieces of salvage and return to Thark for 4200 credits and choice of Pistol, Ice Polarity Gun or Ice Net Gun. Finally you are asked to be a Caravan Escort for a Brann Salvager that needs to return to Ortho Base. If you feel like babysitting this guy through packs of Atta and other bad guys, on the long walk (no transports!) to Ortho, you’ll receive 5400 credits and a pair of new boots.

Nitroglazer Tank Supply - This mission begins with Protector Crasik around 380,259,37 in Ortho and is pretty simple. Kill ten Nitroglazers. You should find plenty just outside the exit to the west near the Raksha Robot Factory. There is also a great spawn point for multiple Nitroglazers at 169,274,1300 (this is the place to be to quickly complete the 50 kills required for another mission). Pick them off for your updates. Return to Crasik for 3900 credits and your choice of Stealth, Graviton or Motor Assist Armor Vest (sorry Biotechs, no soup for you).

Scout Recon - This mission begins with Salvage Master Hamis in Ortho near 357.260.1, 37.1. He wants you to place a GPS beacon in front of Raksha Robotics Factory which will be a little tricky because it is surrounded by Warden and Reconstructor Bots. Fight your way to the entrance (if needed, zone into Raksha to shed aggro then back out to sneak up to the beacon) and you'll find a glowing area to drop the beacon around 363.0, 237.7, -218.6 and return to Hamis. He'll reward you with 5600 credits and your choice of a Graviton Vest, Hazmat Boots or Stealth Vest.

Missing Merchandise - After completing a series of missions from Private Parsons in Plains Post, Supply Sergeant Otto at 324,260,18 has a few things for you to do. He needs a precise count of all the crates and barrels inside Ortho. Either Otto is a wee bit crazy, or the mission is bugged, as we counted all the crates and barrels on the post and got very different answers from what completes the mission correctly. Don’t bother counting, and just tell him there were 7 barrels and 64 crates. Otto thinks a crate is missing, so he sends you off to see if Private Parsons in Plains Post took it. Once you’re there, Parsons offers you whatever is in the crate at his feet. You can choose to return to Otto immediately and report him, or open the crate and get a few pieces of free gear. If you take something from the crate, return to Ortho where Otto thanks you for your help and rewards you with 2800 credits and choice of Bio, Mech or Reflective Helmet.

Ocular Enhancements: If you felt Parsons was wrong about stealing the crate, you can tell Sgt. Otto that Parsons did it. Your honesty (or stupidity, if you ask me) will earn you this new mission. The Lightbenders have these really useful "glasses" that could be repurposed for AFS use. You're going to spend the next 2 years of your life acquiring 50 of them off any Lightbender in the zone. Pick your favorite CP and camp out for awhile, picking off and looting any of the Bane Snipers that you can find, and try not to die too much in the process. Once you have all 50, Head down to Mires Post to visit the great machinist - Lt. Gerry. All the bits and pieces of Lightbender brain you left on the parts needs to be cleaned off, and Magmonix blood makes a great solvent. You'll find quite a few of these guys outside the gates of the Badlands CP. Killing Magmonix can be pretty difficult. One trick with them is to notice the HUD that pops up on your screen when you mouseover them; if their picture has flames surrounding it, they are Super Strength. No flames means they'll be an easier kill. Get your vial of blood and take it back to Lt. Gerry at Mires Post.

Gerry sends to you back to Ortho CP to see Otto. Phew, you're done, right? Wrong! Otto needs to have a case of machine screws delivered to Gerry, but he doesn't have any lying around. Did you know that Howlers all have machine screws on them? You need 40, so it's off on a Howler scavenger hunt. There is one area of the zone that has a reliable respawn of 3 Howlers with a Hunter, and that's at the entrance to a secret underground passage at 533,275,307 near Badlands CP. In case you were wondering, that underground passage is permanently locked, and doesn't seem to have any function yet in the game. Howlers are also found during CP assaults, so try popping back and forth from this area and the Badlands gates to kill any of the dogs you can find. After a few hours you'll have your 40 kills, and you can deliver them to Lt. Gerry at the Mires Post. Now you're done, right? Yes! Return to Otto at Ortho CP to claim your reward of 4500 credits and choice of spiffy new helmet. Oh, and next time, don't turn Parsons in, ok?


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Is On an island in the middle of lava 901, 218
It Northwest of Badlands Outpost 209, 530

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016