Bronze to Masters

Straight Outta Bronze

Getting out of Bronze

  1. There is no meta. Play what are you best at. Ignore the calls for Reinhardt, 2-2-2 and other gibberish.  Bronze is like team deathmatch.  There is no coordination, so play your best Hero. 
  2. Junkrat, Bastion, Torbjorn and other low tier heroes are viable here.
  3. If you lose a couple of games in a row, take a break.
  4. Never, ever, give up. I've seen incredible comebacks at all levels, but in Bronze they are even more common.
  5. MOVE! Don't stand still. EVER! Be unpredictable. A stationary target is an easy target.
  6. Stay alive. You don't contribute when you are dead.  Diving into 3 opponents on Winston is just suicide and a long run back.
  7. Learn the ultimate call-outs. What is the call-out when an enamy uses an ultimate? What is the call-out when your team does?
  8. Try to be aware of where the enemy players are at all times. Keep the numbers in your head... (I have 4 in front, Reaper is flanking right..where is the last enemy?)
  9. Learn the maps. You can only do this by playing. The more you play the more experience you will have with flanking routes, turret positions, etc.
  10. Practice. Practice. Practice. The more you play, the better you will become.

What Heroes Should I Play?

  1. Reaper - With is low skill ceiling, extra HP and shotgun blast radius he is easy to pick up and play. At Bronze levels he can single-handedly dominate a game and his ultimate is almost always worth two kills in low ELO. He doesn't translate well to higher ranks, but he's dynamite in Bronze.
  2. Lucio - If your team has no healer, or just a Zenyatta, pick Lucio. Just stay near your team and stay alive. At Bronze ELO his speed boost isn't as overpowering as it is at say, Diamond, but getting to a KoTH point first almost always generates some victory points. Save your Healing Boost [E] for when your team is taking group damage or when a tank really needs a top off. Don't forget to shoot. Lucio can do surpringly large damage at Bronze where players simply don't dodge your slow moving shots.
  3. D.Va - Incredibly hard to kill and since Bronze is all about staying alive and outnumbering your opponent this is a big deal. Her shield, mobility and high HP make her easy to pick up and play and very forgiving if you get into a terrible position. Her ultimate, though useless at high levels is almost always worth 2 or 3 kills in Bronze. She can clear points or payloads with ease.
  4. Junkrat - He's not recommended at higher levels, but in Bronze he is Godly. His damage tears apart Reinhardt's shields and his bouning orbs of death are often not dodged in the Bronze ranks. Riptire, his ultimate is always good for a kill or more. Find the high ground and lob grenades until your mouse finger hurts... then lob some more. Just don't expect to level much past Gold with JR as your main.
  5. Torbjorn on Defense - His turret is far more powerful than most Bronze players. Just remember to stay alive, have a plan and be constantly finding a way to make your turret positioning more useful. High ground is usually best, but there are some sneaky spots out there as well. His ultimate not only turn the turret into a howitzer of hellfire, but turns Torb into one as well. Get out there and shoot! Don't just stand by a turret and hammer. In fact, place your turret and then move where your next turret will go. When the first one goes down the opponents have to strategize how to take out the next. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
  6. Pharah - Bronze players rarely look up and most can't aim. You can play most maps completely uncontested.

Advice On Ranking Up


What tips do you have for getting Straight Outta Bronze?  Please share!

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017

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