Sevarog is a powerful but not particularly popular Hero. He has a relatively high skill ceiling and not only requires excellent rotations of the Jungle in order to build up his Passive (which bolsters his health) but to also secure kills and tank for his team. It requires a great deal of practice and you’ll often seen some Sevarog players do too much of one thing (jungling) and too little of another (tanking).

Sevarog is a melee Tank capable of stealing the souls of his enemies to make himself stronger. Sevarog can manipulate fights with different forms of Crowd Control and isolate targets.

What makes Sevarog particularly strong in the current meta is the fact that he not only has access to some of the best cards (which allow you to build damage and armor) but that he also, by default, can build health easily. This allows him to withstand lots of punishment, while still dealing a high amount of damage.

Unsurprisingly and due to his eventual size once he has increased his Passive stacks he’s an easy target and relies massively on his cooldowns to not only control the battlefield but to escape when needed. What I will say about Sevarog is that he absolutely relies on his team to follow in and although he can play aggressively, it’s best to flank rather than charge full-steam into the opposition.

Finally, the fact that Sevarog can fulfil the role of jungler and tank does give some much needed flexibility to your team and their drafting. It effectively allows you to stack more of one type of Hero instead of worrying about who will jungle or tank.

Updated: 25 October 2016



Excellent crowd control

Easy target due to his size

Can play both jungler and tank

Requires good skill to land his root reliably

Surprisingly good damage thanks to his card availability

Can be mana intensive

His root is exceptional

Needs excellent knowledge of rotating the jungle

Capable of obtaining high amounts of health

Difficult to play well


  • Waits in the dark with timeless patience.
  • Does not sleep.
  • Looks forward to the signs that herald his end.


Hammer (LMB) - Your primary form of attack, Hammer causes Sevarog to swing three times. Its final swing takes slightly longer than the two before, but doesn’t deal additional damage. It’s also important to note that this attack cleaves, allowing you to hit multiple enemies are once. Without it, your jungle clear would be very poor - just remember to rotate across minions so you kill them at the same time. 

Tip - Be concious of the fact your final swing is slower. Try to ensure you land this attack against your target or it's a fairly large loss of damage over time. 

Phantom Rush (RMB) - Your only form of escape, whilst doubling up as an engagement tool, Phantom Rush allows Sevarog to rush forwards 1000 units. It’s not a huge distance, but can allow you to close the gap, or to create some space between you and the enemy. What’s particularly effective about Phantom Rush is the fact you can glide through enemies, ensuring you can’t be body-blocked.

Tip - Phantom Rush pairs exceptionally well with Colossal Blow as it allows you to travel through enemies before turning around and hitting them backwards towards your team (or a Tower). 

Siphon (Q) - Fundamental to Sevarog’s play is Siphon. Not only do you have to use this in order to obtain your Soul Stacks but it’s also key to growing in size. Sevarog has four stages of his passive and you will need to use Siphon constantly to reach them. Be aware that for each increment of his passive (20/40/60/80 stacks) he gains +25 power. In addition to this, each stack from Siphon provides +3 health to Sevarog. Should you reach his cap of 80, you can still gain additional health each time you Siphon providing near limitless health (if you have the time). 

Tip - It’s imperative that early game, you see Siphon as an execute and a means of gaining your Soul Stacks. Each jungle camp should be providing you with three so be sure to line up your ability and use it only when enemies are super low health. 

Subjugate (E) - Providing Sevarog with a powerful root, Subjugate is incredible. Its range is long (I’d say a little over 1000 units) and it will hold an enemy player in place for 1 second. It doesn’t sound a lengthy period of time but it’s more than enough to allow you and your team to deal significant damage to an individual. What’s particularly effective about Subjugate is anyone affected by it is slowed upon its expiration for 3 seconds. 

Tip - If you’ve used Colossal Blow to knock an enemy back into a Tower and its fire, use Subjugate on them to root them in place. They’ll take full tower damage and likely die trying to slowly run away. 

Colossal Blow (Ultimate) - Probably my favorite Ultimate in the entire game, Colossal Blow brings damage and crowd control. Despite its small arc, it’s invaluable for not only clearing a wave (which it can do instantly) but for also hitting multiple enemies at once. All those caught in its radius are knocked back a considerable distance, while taking damage. It’s also important to note that per Soul Stack milestone, Colossal Blow gain +10 power. If you can, try to use this ability when you can send a high value target flying into your own team. Be sure to also follow up with Subjugate afterwards. 

Tip - Colossal Blow can clear a minion wave instantly. If a lane is pushed, don’t be afraid to use it to save a Tower. 

Skill Order

Due to the need for Sevarog to build his Soul Stacks, I’d highly recommend you concentrate on leveling Siphon as quickly as possible. It helps your farm, helps burst against enemy players and will allow you to gain card experience quickly.

1. Siphon

2. Subjugate

3. Phantom Rush

4. Siphon

5. Colossal Blow

6. Siphon

7. Siphon

8. Subjugate

9. Colossal Blow

10. Subjugate

11. Subjugate

12. Phantom Rush

13. Colossal Blow

14. Phantom Rush

15. Phantom Rush

Recommended Cards

Coming Soon!


Early Game (Level 1-9)

It’s imperative early game that you build all harvesters for your team (see our Jungling Guide) but to also secure the black buff every 4 minutes. On top of this, you absolutely have to rotate through the jungle to maximize your Soul Stacks but to also aid lanes to secure early kills. Unsurprisingly it’s a lot to juggle and it’s partly the reason why Sevarog is so challenging to play well.

Mid Game (Level 10-12)

Mid game is all about team fighting and using your Subjugate to secure kills. If you can, try to always be ahead of your team to soak any body shots, and use Phantom Rush to glide through the enemy team, to then knock them back into your own (using your Ultimate). You should still be securing the black buff as much as possible and tanking any towers you can push. Finally, be sure to avoid death as much as possible. Death timers are lengthy post level 10 and with how fast Towers can die, your team cannot afford for you to not be on the front line.

Late Game (Level 13-15)

By this point (if the game lasts this long) matches tend to hinge on a single team fight. It’s imperative you land your root, but to also protect your carries. If the enemy gets too close, knock them back. I’d also advise at this point to save Phantom Rush for disengaging rather than attempting to dive into the back-line. It’s often simply too risky in uncoordinated groups. Lastly, always make sure you have the blue-buff available and active. It makes an enormous difference to Sevarog late game when you need multiple skills back to back.


These god threat levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy gods can give you a headache. For the gods listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Sevarog. 



Dekker: Simply because of her ability to slow, stun and trap you, she's a threat. She can stop you using your Ultimate with a well timed stun and can easily prevent you retreating with Phantom Rush.


Grim.exe: His slow is incredibly annoying and when he's late game, the combination of damage and crowd control make it very challenging to fight against him. He can block your root and knock you back. 


Riktor: His pull combined with his Ultimate ability and silence can make life very miserable for you. In a team fight, he can single you out and there's absolutely nothing you can do to defend yourself. Your large hit box makes life easy for Riktor. 


Grux: Although you can comfortably build resistances against him, Grux and his pull are frustrating to fight against. If he pulls you out of position, you'll have to use Phantom Rush. That leaves you vulnerable to follow up attacks with no means of escape. 


Khaimera: Simply because of his burst and self sustain, Khaimera falls into similar territory as Grux. He can comfortably go toe-to-toe with you and will usually come out on top due to his self healing. 



This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Sevarog play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Your role is that of a Jungler and Tank. Be sure to protect your team when they need you but to level up as fast as possible off jungle camps. 

2. Always ensure you're at the Black Buff every 4 minutes. It's imperative you deny the enemy team it and secure towers where possible.

3. Landing Subjugate is key to playing Sevarog effectively. Its cooldown isn't short so it's imperative you learn how to land it. 

4. If an enemy is pushing your Tower, try to flank them and use your Ultimate to knock them into it before rooting them in place. 

5. Always try to root high value targets during any team fight. This buys your team time to focus them down.

6. Don't forget to pack a Harvester key and build them all as soon as possible. You should regularly be harvesting. 

7. Phantom Rush has a long cooldown. Never use it to engage if you cannot then escape if a fight goes badly. 

8. Building some attack speed helps massively during your early farm as your base swing speed is painfully slow. 

9. Sevarog can use Phantom Rush to escape through Dekker's Containment Fence. 

10. It's really important to hit your Soul Stack milestones as quickly as possible. If you can, grab the Blue Buff early to give lengthy sustain when using Siphon against jungle camps. Technically, you need 40 camps with Siphoning two whites every time. It's easily possible by 15 minutes if you rotate well.

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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016

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