by: Kertain

Far beneath the surface of the Irendas Penal Colony resides a dark secret kept from the world above. A vast research facility run by the Brann is researching methods to control the violent Atta who roam the Torden Plains. Lead by a man named Phanin they toil, but why? AFS intelligence has reason to believe Phanin is working for the Bane so it's up to you and your squad to infiltrate the research facility and take him out at all costs.

Phanin level ranged for squads around 23-25 and can be soloed near 26-27. The enemies aren't particularly powerful, but tend to travel in groups and carry heavy weapons like launchers and rifles. Be prepared to use a shotgun and some powerful AOE's.

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Phanin Research Map

How do you get there? You can access Phanin Research via the Hospital in Irendas Colony. Once you enter the hospital, head down a few levels towards the instance portal (following the signs) until you reach the bottom level. Before you begin it's important you grab 5 missions:

Do Bugs Feel Fear?

This mission is obtained after you complete the Atta Colony missions and is given by Agent Zim in Irendas Colony Hospital around

209, 425, -212

. You goal is to collect several “research” items the Phanin scientists are using to control the Atta.

Medial Supply Recovery

This mission is obtained by Dr. Finobee in Irendas Colony Hospital around

211, 425, -228

and requires you to gather Medial Supplies that are scattered through the instance

Proof of Collusion

Basically you need to find proof that Phanin is “in bed” with the Bane. You can obtain this mission from Researcher Erodan topside Irendas Colony(right outside the teleporter gate) at

253, 433, -147.

Into the Facility

You are to meet up with Sergeant Phenix inside the instance, once you complete this mission you are given another by Phenix. Captain Reyko topside in Irendas Colony gives you this mission around

323, 433, -60.

Reformist Justice

Grenloran wants you to kill Phanin and all his followers. Grenloran is standing outside the instance and is hard to miss around

99, 409, -282.

There are several levels in this instance, so stick with your team! Its easy to get separated and find yourself either above/below you squad mates. Also be prepared to clear out each floor, pretty much every enemy needs to be cleared out and every room entered and it is far easier to clear one floor at a time for obvious reasons.

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Hack the Gibson!

Once you enter Phanin you will see Sergeant Phenix, hand in “Into The Facility” and he will be kind enough to give you additional objectives. He would like you to Disable two Security Mainframes. As you progress through this mission, you will be required to disable more and more Mainframes. You will receive furher updates to you log as needed.

Be aware that disabling the mainframes are 100% necessary to work through this instance as each mainframe unlocks doors through the zone. You may very well have to backtrack to a locked door in an earlier portion of the instance. Each location needed for a mission is clearly marked on your map, although I will remind you that there are several levels and its easier to move room to room collecting mission objectives as you go.

As you work your way through the different levels make sure to pick up any Medial Supply containers you come across. You will find the most in the dormitory rooms (bunkbeds and storage lockers).

As you disable the mainframes and are granted access to different levels and rooms, you will come across research laboratories with the items needed to complete “Do Bugs Feel Fear” as before each item is marked on your map and can be “looted” the medical stations.

As you acquire the research make sure and kill “Head Researcher Mernash" and “Head Security Shendro” as you come across them. As they are keen on killing you, there won't be much option. Phanin himself is in the lowest level and the last large room you will enter. Make sure to check all the side rooms, because discovery of the Bane presence near Phanin himself is needed for “Proof of Collusion.”
The Bane are hiding in a small room towards the North-West corner of the bottom level. Kill Overseer Treshk to complete "Proof of Collusion."

Once you have collected the medial supplies, killed Phanin and his lackeys, recovered the research, discovered the Bane presence, and disabled all the mainframes (does it really sound easy?) you are done here.

Each mission will net you +54000xp and some nifty items.

We hope this guide has been useful for you but if you see anything we can add or out of place, feel free to email me. Also feel free to stop by our forums to discuss this!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016