Pinhole Falls Missions

Pinhole Falls is a waterfall to the west of Alia Das, aptly named because a small hole in a cliff drains water to a pool below. At the base of the waterfall awaits a series of caverns providing you with a few missions to complete and a Logos to find. You will be directed here from a few mission givers in Alia Das to assist the Corman miners in whatever unusual work they are involved in.

  • Migthy Miasma - At this point Dr. Munson will send you to the Pinhole Falls cavern around 363.8, 619.6 and find 6 miasma goo. These can be picked up by killing Miasmas which float all over the caverns. Return back to Munson for 1050 credits and your choice of a ChiTech Hazmat Armor Gloves or ChiTech Motor Assist Armor Gloves.
  • Miner Difficulties - Commander Rogers asks you to deliver some supplies to the miners in Pinhole caverns around 307, 436. You will be rewarded with your choice of a Class 1 Advanced Medpak or Class 1 Armor Charger.
  • Mama Miasma! - Mining Coordinator Richards (366.6, 516.0) wants you to exterminate some of the annoying Miasma floating around the caverns, and not the little ones either, the BIG ones known as Egg layers. These are all over the caverns but can be heavily contested by other players at times. Return to Richards for your reward which is 750 credits and a choice of an Eclipse Leech Gun or Vitalius Chaingun.
          • The Trouble with Treebacks - This mission requires the completion of Mama Miasma from Mining Coordinator Richards (366.6, 516.0). Richards now wants you to go up to the top of the falls and drop down a sonic eminator to run off the Treebacks. Gunfire would seem more effective but what do you expect from civillians? Head to the top of the falls near 287.2, 532.4 and plop it down. A Thrax patrol will spawn so you can dispatch them or just run. Return to Richards and receive 500 credits and your choice of a Class 1 Advanced Medpak or Restore Power Kit.w


  • Survey Says - Deep in the caverns you'll find Mining Technician Maxwell (332.7, 597.4) who has managed to avoid being killed by Miasma. He wants you to help him retrieve 5 data disks from different pieces of survey equipment all over the caverns:

    • Unit 1 - East of Unit 4 at 436.8, 561.2
    • Unit 2 – Continue down the cave from Unit 3 at 330.4, 522.7
    • Unit 3 – As you enter the cave take the left branch. 314.6, 549.9
    • Unit 4 – 364.3, 579.3 Near Mining Tech Maxwell
    • Unit 5 – Continue on from Unit 2 at 314.6, 570.3
  • Return to Outpost Commander Rogers in Alia Das (869, 384) for your reward which is 750 credits and your choice of a Astra Direct Repair Tool or Animatics Pulse Pistol.
  • Logos Mentor Ensine - All the Logos in the Wilderness are marked on the map by the friendly mentor in Alia Das at 755.8, 556.7. You'll receive individual missions for all of the below except Attack, Target, Here and Movement, Around, Chaos which is located in Crater Lake Research facility.

Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Damage Pinhole Falls area 350.8, 416.4
Area Pinhole Falls cavern 365.7, 212.0, 616.8



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016