by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

One of Tabula Rasa's unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create some more playable alts. One of the ways to earn clone credits is by completing the epic Targets of Opportunities missions in each zone.

The Valverde Plateau Targets of Opportunity mission begins with Lieutenant Colonel Doss inside Fort Defiance next to the Wormhole. This mission consists of 9 objectives. Each objective completed will award you with a different title, and gets you one stop closer to earning another clone token. A special note concerning Plateau: Unlike other zones, this TOO will require certain missions to complete objectives, so grab it first thing when you start the area. We've got the list of all 10 requirements, and what you need to know to complete them.

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Advanced Juggernaut
Beats on the AFS

Plateau Detective: Solve a CID Murder - This objective is completed by finishing a series of missions in Fort Defiance starting with Blue Flu. You'll need to be level 30 to begin and it's a fairly simple FedEx style series with just a bit of running around. For more information about how to complete it check out our guide to Fort Defiance Part 2.

Plateau Giant Killer: Kill 30 Kael - While Kael aren't abundant they aren't too difficult to find in this zone. You can sit happily at any of the Control Points, wait around just outside Wedge Rock Outpost, or head east of Camp Resistance to take out a group of them including Goliath. Remember these creatures are completely immune to both fire and physical so bring your approrpriate weaponry.

Plateau Assassin: Kill 5 Plateau Officers - You will need to locate and take out 5 named Bane found in various areas around Plateau.

  • Goliath: This creature is a part of the Giant Killer mission. He does roam but if you move just east of Camp Resistance you are usually very likely to run into him and a few guards. It is an all Kael unit so be sure to bring some sonic or laser weapons and don't get in the middle of them.
  • Inquisitor Krakatus: This Bane Technician is inside Derak Prison. This is located in the quarry just east of the southeast control point. You'll need to fight your way through a few groups of controlled humans but you'll find him located in the control room.
  • Prototype Juggernaut: This mighty beast spawns north of the central Trinity Bridge and thanks to recent changes might be a little difficult to take out. He is part of the A Bridge Too Far mission so combining them is a great idea.
  • Mox Alpha Male: This creature is the leader of the Mox and is not surprisingly found in the Mox cave near the Logos door.
  • Preceptor Vorvaak: This Thrax soldier patrols just north of the central Trinity Bridge and has a pair of friends. He can be taken out fairly easily.

Penumbra Agent: Become a Penumbra Agent - This objective requires to complete the Clean Slate series of missions beginning with Corporal Wainright who I personally found just outside Fort Defiance. You'll need to escort him to the second shield and realize he's not what he seems. Killing him will continue the series with Agent Perdu.

Plateau Sentinel: Kill 50 Maligo Elite Guardsmen - These souped up Bane not only pack a powerful blast but carry improved shield weaponry. Expect a tough fight taking these out. You'll find the most concentration of them to the south towards the Valverde Pools zone line.

Plateau Pathfinder: Find all Plateau Waypoints - You'll need to find all the teleporters in Plateau to update this particular objective.

  • Baylor Base at -646, -504
  • Northwest AFS CP -411, 376, 261
  • Northeast AFS CP 88, 370, 440
  • Southwest AFS CP -342, -242
  • Southeast AFS CP 103, -270
  • Mount Revereance -802, 471, 476
  • Wedge Rock Outpost 335, 369, 308
  • Valverde Chasm -97, 269, 184
  • Trinity Bridge 84, 333, 176
  • AFS Camp Resistance -622, 442, -204
  • Ustor Bridge 39, 425, -615 (requires you complete Ustor Yard Instance)


Plateau Operative: Complete Plateau Operations - Complete each of the instances which include Maligo Base and Ustor Yard to update your Plateau Operations objective.

Plateau Exterminator: Kill 40 Mox - This objectives requries you take out a ton of Mox which are easily found in the Mox cave west of Fort Defiance.

Plateau Mentalist: Gather All Plateau Logos - This will most certainly require a bit of running around but all the logos for this zone can be located:

Symbol Name Area of Plateau Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Before In the Eloh Bridge canyon -590, 159
Choice Mountain NW of Northwest Control Point -436, 539
Eloh In the brown river in front of Maligo behind the waterfall -290, -700
Empower In the Mox cave west of Fort Defiance. Requires Logos The, Choice, Not, and Yours. -441, 881
If Near the Trinity Bridge teleporter 89, 151
Only In a cave south of Septic Bog 677, -677
Past In a cave west of the Eloh Logos -121, -698
Strong In a cave at the bottom of the bridges canyon. -499, 20
The Near New Velon Village 376, 605
Vortex Once past the ramp to Maligo drop down into a cave. Requires Eloh, Empower, Only, The, and Strong Logos. -119, -324


Plateau Veteran: Complete Plateau Story Missions - The easiest way to complete all the story missions is to simply do every single mission you can find available to you. Once you've completed the requirements, this will update your objective.

After finishing this checklist, return to Lieutenant Colonel Doss for your reward of a large chunk of experience, clone credit (check your backpack!), and your title of Master of the Plateau. Good work, soldier!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016